Trick by Himitsu Magic
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Trick by Himitsu Magic ($150.00)

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Lockey - magic
Lockey Lockey Lockey Lockey Lockey Lockey

Lockey breaks all the traditional rules! It is an incredibly versatile prop that allows you to perform mind-blowing, lock and key mentalism routines that were previously impossible with other "Magic Locks". With the ability to choose the key BEFORE the lock, you can perform unbelievably unique effects like:

1. Prophecy
The magician first selects the key as a prophecy that predicts the lock the audience will eventually choose. This is something that previous locks could not do.

2. Gambling Game
The magician asks an audience member to choose one of 5 keys and hand it to the magician. They then choose a lock to use on a box full of money. In the end, only the magicians key will work to retrieve the cash.

3. Multiple Spectator Routines
This is great for mentalism routines using couples or friends. One spectator chooses a key and another spectator chooses a lock that goes through their ring. Thankfully the key chosen by the first person magically can open the lock to retrieve the ring.

  • Easy to do
  • Works 100% of the time
  • Can be performed anytime, anywhere
  • No angle restrictions
  • All props can be examined
  • Extremely versatile with numerous applications

Community questions about Lockey

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  • Matthew asks: So to confirm, after the key and lock match is made and the chosen lock opened, the key can be used on the other locks and they will not open? Also other keys will not open the chosen lock?

    • 1. Maelik answers: The answer is no. The key used to open the lock chosen by the spectator (without a small intervention by the magician) cannot be used on other locks. However, if handed back to the magician, all keys and all locks can be tried together in all combinations and there is no way the spectator will suspect anything. In summation, no the key selected cannot be instantly tried on other locks, but, once handed back to the magician, all 5 keys and locks are free for examination
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