Magic by  Sorcier Magic 

Instant Bow Tie Trick
Instant Bow Tie
Trick by  Sorcier Magic  - $49.95

Amazing Magical Appearance! For the first time on the market, a bow tie that appears from nowhere near the magician's neck. For this effect, it will be necessary to cover your neck for a second with a newspaper, a scarf or the like and a bow tie will appear out of nowhere. ...

Egg Holder Trick
Egg Holder
Trick by  Sorcier Magic  - $8.00

Have you ever wanted to produce an egg? How about ditching your fake egg and secretly obtaining a real one? That's ALWAYS an audience pleaser! Here's the ideal holder to hold an egg and for an easy production. In robust but light metal. Measures approximately 10 cm with a...

Clock of Mystery Trick
Clock of Mystery
Trick by  Sorcier Magic  - $125.00

This is an amazing effect inspired by Robert-Houdin. A pyramid-shaped watch-holder is shown. In the middle hangs a chain to which a pocket watch is attached. The magician removed the watch from the chain and makes it disappear with a manipulation or with a handkerchief (not supplies). With a...

Trick by  Sorcier Magic  - $49.95

A great prediction effect, for kids and adults! A wooden base is presented, holding five lollipops - each with a different color and taste. A prediction is fixed to the wooden base with tweezers. A child or spectator is invited to take a lollipop. After having discarded it,...