Magic by  Sorcier Magic 

Egg Holder Trick
Egg Holder
Trick by  Sorcier Magic  - $8.00

Have you ever wanted to produce an egg? How about ditching your fake egg and secretly obtaining a real one? That's ALWAYS an audience pleaser!...

Instant Bow Tie Trick
Instant Bow Tie
Trick by  Sorcier Magic  - $49.95

Amazing Magical Appearance! For the first time on the market, a bow tie that appears from nowhere near the magician's neck. For this...

Trick by  Sorcier Magic  - $60.00

A great prediction effect, for kids and adults! A wooden base is presented, holding five lollipops - each with a different color and...

Clock of Mystery Trick
Clock of Mystery
Trick by  Sorcier Magic  - $125.00

This is an amazing effect inspired by Robert-Houdin. A pyramid-shaped watch-holder is shown. In the middle hangs a chain to which a pocket watch is...