BDM Hands Off (The Perfect Safe Box)

Trick by Bazar De Magia
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BDM Hands Off (The Perfect Safe Box)

295.00 usd

Trick by Bazar De Magia (295.00)

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BDM Hands Off (The Perfect Safe Box) - magic
BDM Hands Off (The Perfect Safe Box) BDM Hands Off (The Perfect Safe Box) BDM Hands Off (The Perfect Safe Box) BDM Hands Off (The Perfect Safe Box)

A direct, clean and modern approach to the classic "Seven Keys to Baldplate" mentalism plot.

Created by Bazar De Magia, "Hands Off" is a gorgeous and practical magic safe box for professional mentalists and magicians. It's a high-quality prop with an essentially self-working method that allows you to focus entirely on creating a captivating presentation for this miracle-level effect. They hold the keys and they open the box.

Five identical keys are introduced. Each one is entered into the lock and, despite looking the same, only one can actually open it.

A valuable object, like car keys, a ring, or a phone, is taken from the magician (or an audience member). It's locked into the box by another audience member and the keys are mixed. Each one is distributed to a different person. You remain completely hands off (get it?) during all of this.

Now, one by one, you start eliminating participants that you believe don't have the working key. Instead of testing it on the lock or having them simply just hand it back to you though, you fully commit to your choice by dropping the key in the slot on the chest. There's no going back now .

You repeat this with three other participants. Each time, the room for error gets smaller and smaller, ultimately building the suspense. When you're down to just two keys, there is apparently a 50/50 chance you could completely screw up. Dropping the wrong key inside would mean having to smash the box open just to retrieve the item inside.

Thankfully, luck (and a devious method) are on your side. Because, when the participant with the final remaining key approaches the box, they are able to magically open it. The valuable item is retrieved and you receive a huge ovation.

"Hands Off" by Bazar de Magia is a professional quality prop designed for professional magicians. As the name implies, you never need to touch the chest or the keys. They open the box, making the whole routine super fair and clean.

No sleight of hand or electronics that can fail at the worst time. The method is super easy and essentially self-working. Just focus on your presentation!

  • Super easy to do
  • Diabolical new system is essentially self working
  • You don't need to touch the chest or keys
  • Everything can be handled by the spectators
  • Everything is always in full view
  • There are no key switches.
  • No sleight of hand
  • No electronics
  • No magnets
  • The Inside and outside can be examined

Customer reviews for BDM Hands Off (The Perfect Safe Box)



This is a brilliant product. From the spectator it seems impossible for the magician to know the correct key to open the box. Totally hands free and no gimmicks it will leave your audience speechless! It is not cheap but it is well made and will last for years. If you specialise in Mentalism then seriously consider this product as it will greatly enhance your professional image.


Community questions about BDM Hands Off (The Perfect Safe Box)

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  • Ben asks: How is this different from the previous BDM box by Bazar de Magia?

    • 1. Mark answers: I own the previous BDM box. Apparently, with this version the magician never has to touch the keys, i.e. hands off.
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  • Allen asks: is there a limit to how many keys you can use?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: No however this only comes with 5 keys
  • Allen asks: Follow-up question to the previous question, if multiple keys can be used. Can we utilize our own keys? Or do the 5 provided have to be involved?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You would need to use the 5 keys provided however you could get more copies of these keys cut
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