Magic by George Iglesias

Dollar to Bubble Gum Trick
Dollar to Bubble Gum
Trick by George Iglesias - $29.95

From the inventive mind of George Iglesias comes now his new creation Dollar to Bubble Gum! Inspired by his successful Dollar to Credit Card and Dollar to Credit Card 2.0, now George brings us this fresh magic trick based on a similar principle, but with a different twist! Show a dollar...

Dollar to Tic Tac Trick
Dollar to Tic Tac
Trick by George Iglesias - $29.95

Inspired by his successful Dollar to Credit Card 2.0 and Dollar to Bubble Gum, this time George brings us this new and fresh version, even smaller than before! This is perfect for impromptu situations and it looks even better in person than it does on the video! Show a dollar bill and...

Cup Zero Trick
Cup Zero
Trick by George Iglesias - $35.00

Another great idea by George Iglesias, comes to us, this time with an incredible NEW levitation trick that will blow everybody's mind! Imagine being able to float on stage a cup full of liquid in the mid air and many heavy objects full of their own contents... Now with Cup Zero it's possible! An...

Vanishing Microphone Kit Trick
Vanishing Microphone Kit
Trick by George Iglesias - $50.00

The New Vanishing Microphone KIT by George Iglesias is one of the new items of the exclusive line of Super Latex items by Twister Magic. A top seller at the recent FISM 2012 in Blackpool England! It is the perfect magic trick or comedy gag for Magicians, Masters of Ceremonies, Comedians,...