A Letter to Santa

Trick by George Iglesias and Twister Magic
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A Letter to Santa

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Trick by George Iglesias and Twister Magic (85.00)

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A Letter to Santa - magic
A Letter to Santa A Letter to Santa A Letter to Santa A Letter to Santa A Letter to Santa

Following the incredible success of A Trip to Cancun and A Trip to the Circus, George Iglesias and Twister Magic are thrilled to introduce A Letter to Santa!

This amazing effect is the perfect addition to any holiday magic show or kid's magic show either in-person or over Zoom! Filled with a ton of comedy and interactivity, you'll love performing this routine!

A Letter to Santa starts by allowing a child volunteer to pick one of six pre-written letters to Santa. Each one features different gifts such as a beach ball, a teddy bear, a beginner's magic trick set, a Monopoly game, a bicycle or a PlayStation. This letter is then mixed in with the others before magically vanishing from the pack and traveling up to the North Pole.

Next, a giant poster of Santa Claus and Rudolph is introduced and shown to the audience. It is then folded in half and the child is invited to reach in and grab their letter. But, when they pull their hand back out, they are surprised to see that they've accidentally grabbed Rudolph's red nose. The poster is then opened back up and Rudolph's nose is shown to be missing from the picture.

The poster is folded again and the child reaches their hand back in. But, this time, they mistakenly grab Santa's Hat. When the poster is unfolded, Santa's Hat is now also missing from the photo.

Finally, the magician puts their own hand in and grabs the letter. However, along the way, their hands gets trapped on something. They tug hard and eventually pull out Santa's belt.

The magician tries not to pay attention to this and quickly moves on to show the letter perfectly matches the one selected by the child earlier in the routine. However, all the other kids in the audience are eager to see what's inside the poster.

The magician finally obliges and unfolds the poster again to show an embarassed Santa whose pants have fallen down! This is sure to get a huge laugh!

A Letter to Santa features excellent quality props constructed with outstanding detailing and durable materials that will last you for a lifetime of performances!

What's in the Box:

  • 1 special poster
  • 2 sets of 6 plastic-coated letters to Santa (12 total)
  • 1 clown's nose (Goshman Sponge)
  • 1 Santa hat
  • 1 Santa belt

Customer reviews for A Letter to Santa



An awesome effect! It is a really great idea. But I do have a couple of issues with it. First of all, there is a part of this where you need to dribble the cards. It is quite difficult to dribble 6 cards singularly, and even more difficult when the cards are not stiff like normal playing cards. This makes the method a bit difficult. If the cards were to change to a more stiff card, I believe that would go a long way. My second bit of feedback is the poster; The edges were not straight so it's quite clear that there is more than one page. For the price I paid for this ($140 in my country) I would expect it to be a bit more refined.


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