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Informer Impression Pad Trick
Informer Impression Pad
Trick by Lloyd Mobley - $59.50

The Informer Impression Pad is an incredibly high-quality, high-definition “impression device” that is 12x more sensitive than any other pad on the market. It uses cutting edge technology to create crystal clear impressions and provide remarkable versatility and is endorsed by some of the best...

The Hoop for the Levitation Trick
The Hoop for the Levitation
Trick by Viktor Voitko - $475.00

The Hoop for Levitation has a diameter of 80 cm (31.5 inches) and is made from a polished aluminum tube. It can be used for any levitation or suspension. The Hoop turns your levitation into real magic! Hold the hoop in one hand and pass it straight over the floating lady, starting at her head,...

Darkwave ESP Deck Trick
Darkwave ESP Deck
Trick by Adam Cooper - $30.00

"This takes ESP Decks to another level." Real Magic Reviews The Darkwave ESP Deck from Adam Cooper is an insanely powerful magic and mentalism tool that is fully loaded with a ton of special features. This is like a complete mentalism or close-up act in one deck of cards! "A...

Puzzle Man Trick
Puzzle Man
Trick by Marcos Cruz - $29.95

An extremely simple, yet amazingly powerful, utility switching device that every magician can benefit from. While this box may look innocent, the potential it holds is endless. You can use Puzzle Man to change objects, shapes, colors, or even make predictions. With just a simple shake, you can...

Snack Chap Trick
Snack Chap
Trick by Marcos Cruz - $59.95

A super visual and incredibly organic feeling production effect that will shock your audiences. Imagine this, after showing two Pringle cans to be completely empty, you’re able to produce sponge balls, silks, etc. out of nowhere. But, that’s just the beginning. You then show the cans to be...

Punctured (Card on Ribbon) Trick
Punctured (Card on Ribbon)
Trick by Vortex Magic - $29.95

Erik Bedard breathes new life into a rarely seen classic of magic with Punctured, an insanely entertaining 8 to 10 minute routine with a powerful ending that your audiences are sure to never forget. Erik has spent years carefully honing Punctured at A-list celebrity events and on luxury cruise...

Clear Mystery Trick
Clear Mystery
Trick by Himitsu Magic - $39.95

The classic block puzzle has been taken to amazing new heights with Clear Mystery. Most magicians are probably familiar with the iconic building block puzzle magic trick where a magician completes a building block puzzle piece by piece. Once it’s finished, the performer comes across another block....

Rainbow Ropes Remix  Trick
Rainbow Ropes Remix
Trick by Murphy's Magic Supplies Inc. - $29.95

A classic remastered! One of Daryl’s most beloved routines is now available in two amazing new versions. With Rainbow Ropes, three different colored ropes are freely shown and tied together. Then, right in front of your spectator’s eyes, the knots manage to visually melt away and transform into one...

Echo Trick
Trick by Secret Factory - $300.00

Physically transmit thoughts into the mind of your spectators with this groundbreaking utility device. Echo truly blurs the lines between reality and magic. It can be used for thought transmitting, pre-show, dual reality, trance inductions and so much more. The possibilities are endless. Some...

Refills for Insta Square Trick
Refills for Insta Square
Trick by Magikraft Studios - $20.00

50 refill sheets for your Insta Square. NOTE: The Insta Square pad is NOT included in this purchase.

Insta Square Trick
Insta Square
Trick by Magikraft Studios - $60.00

A visual and instant Magic Square. This isn’t math, it’s magic! Imagine this, you pull out a pocket notebook with a blank grid and ask someone to call out a number. With just a quick magical gesture, the grid magically fills with a random array of numbers. This is an incredible moment in it’s own...

Symbol Pro Trick
Symbol Pro
Trick by Alakazam UK - $39.50

One of the best-selling releases of all time has gotten even better! Symbol Pro has been carefully adapted to play for much larger audiences while still conveniently fitting in your pocket. This new Pro version features bold symbols printed with eye-popping colors on a slightly larger 78mm x 108mm...

Change Bag Routines Book
Change Bag Routines
Book by Harvey Raft and David Lew - $10.00

Time-tested Change Bag routines straight from the professional repertoire of Harvey Raft and David Lew. The routines in this incredible book cover everything you need from detailed descriptions of the effects to stage directions, patter and even jokes. Get ready to learn about: Change...

Stay On Trick
Stay On
Trick by Ltd. ATTO Co. - $19.80

An incredibly unique and visual climax for your ambitious card routine. Your spectator’s signed card is returned to the middle of the deck, which is then shuffled and spread face down across a close-up pad. The cards are then flipped over to show the front and the pad is picked up from the edges....

Marked Jumbo ESP Cards Deck of cards
Marked Jumbo ESP Cards
Deck of cards by Tejinaya - $29.99

Extremely popular magic designed in a more powerful way! Here's our latest marked system -- you'll love it! This system enables you to perform completely new and unique ways to perform mentalism effects. The marked system of the Syouma Inventor has a very high reputation. Easy mentalism with our...

Pocket Nightmare by Max Maven Trick
Pocket Nightmare by Max Maven
Trick by Max Maven and Penguin Magic - $39.95

For the first time in 40 years, legendary mentalist Max Maven’s reputation-maker is available to you! This sold out instantly at Blackpool and our limited stock won’t last long. Pocket Nightmare is an amazingly visual card trick that is perfect for any close-up magic situation, and can even be...

UNOrthodox Trick
Trick by Alakazam Magic and Antonio Martinez - $38.95

One of the strongest close-up magic effects in the world is now even better with UNOrthodox! With this innovative new take on the Ultra Mental Deck, your spectator’s card will not only be the only face down card in the deck—it will be the ONLY CARD IN THE ENTIRE DECK! This mind reading miracle...

Rainbow Pro Trick
Rainbow Pro
Trick by MS Magic and Mirko Callaci - $129.00 NOW $98.04 (SAVE $30.96)

Looking to perform with bubbles and smoke? The answer is here! Produced by FISM Winner Mirko Callaci, a professional who has worked with bubbles for years. Rainbow Pro is a must-have for bubble and smoke users! Produce dense smoke inside a bubble Built-in LED (red/ blue/ green) Constructed by...

Food To Go 2.0 Trick
Food To Go 2.0
Trick by George Iglesias and Twister Magic - $50.00

After 10 years from his original launching, Food to Go 2.0 by George Iglesias has returned better than ever! Imagine being able to magically produce a real BURGER and FRIES from a food Menu! Or a PRINGLES can and a SNICKERS bar! Or a Set of HEADPHONES. Now you can customize it to any other objects...

Rose to Canes Trick
Rose to Canes
Trick by Shenzhen Jieli - $75.00 NOW $57.00 (SAVE $18.00)

Rose to Canes is the perfect opener for any stage show, although it can be used anytime in your act. A rose is shown to the audience. The magician takes the rose bud and instantly changes it into a red silk handkerchief. The handkerchief is held in one hand and the flower stem is held in the other....

Trick by Murphy's Magic Supplies Inc. - From $13.95

Dizzy Domino, What's Next, Spot Card. This classic has been known by many names. Optical illusion combined with a few secret moves and you can have a great routine. You fool your audience, then pretend to tell them the secret, then go ahead and fool them anyway in the final triple climax at dots...

Flower Pot to Blendo Trick
Flower Pot to Blendo
Trick by JL Magic - $250.00 NOW $190.00 (SAVE $60.00)

An amazing and magical change from one object to another! Show a flowerpot with beautifully colored flowers and then instantly produce a giant "flower" silk. Includes video instructions.

Color Changing Rose Trick
Color Changing Rose
Trick by JL Magic - $35.00 NOW $26.60 (SAVE $8.40)

The JL Magic version of this astounding effect is well made and easy to perform. A great value and a "must have" item for your magic collection! When the rose changes color, audiences are amazed! Silks not included.

Ring in Gumball Machine  Peso Addon Trick
Ring in Gumball Machine Peso Addon
Trick by Buzz Lawrence - $75.00

This is the add-on part needed to convert the coin receiver from a US Quarter to Mexican Pesos. NOT the Gumball Machine EFFECT: Magician borrows finger ring or small valuable object from a spectator and vanishes it utilizing one of several taught methods. The Magician can then produce a Peso or ask...

Time Machine Book Test Trick
Time Machine Book Test
Trick by Josh Zandman - $75.00

A built-in version of the classic Pegasus Page that happens in your spectator's hands from beginning to end! With the book in her hands, she remembers the page number she stopped at and thinks of a word on the page before closing the book. After sharing a fun little time travel theory, your...