AppeaRing 2.0

Trick by Wings Magic
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AppeaRing 2.0

84.95 usd

Trick by Wings Magic (72.25 - normally $84.95)

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AppeaRing 2.0 - magic
AppeaRing 2.0 AppeaRing 2.0 AppeaRing 2.0 AppeaRing 2.0 AppeaRing 2.0 AppeaRing 2.0

A ring instantly and magically appears inside of a box.

"AppeaRing 2.0" by Wings Magic is a luxurious and elegant tool designed to dazzle every audience. It's slim base not only amplifies the sleek look of the prop, but enhances the surprise and impossibility. Each reveal is as heartfelt and memorable as it is astonishing.

You don't have to worry about electronics failing at the most inopportune times either. An expertly-crafted, robust mechanical construction ensures "AppeaRing V2" works reliably every time.

The beauty of this tool lies in its simplicity. "AppeaRing 2.0" is super easy to use, allowing you to put all your energy into crafting a performance filled with the depth of emotion this tool is designed to evoke.

Make an everlasting impression with "AppeaRing 2.0" by Wings Magic.


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Community questions about AppeaRing 2.0

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  • Nicholas asks: How silent is the operation? When activating the mechanism while open, as shown in the trailer, is there any noticeable noise? Thank you.

    • 1. Nicholas answers: I ended up purchasing this from another retailer to get the answer I needed. There is an audible click when the mechanism is activated. This can be covered by snapping your fingers.
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  • Peter asks: Notice two times that..ring appears while box is open to spectator and then it appears when box is closed and then opened again...are these two dififfent appearing options available.

    • 1. Ben answers: I'm pretty sure the first is illustrative and the second is how it looks in real life.
    • 2. Nicholas answers: They are both possible, but you wouldn’t want to produce the ring with the lid open without covering for a split second with a handkerchief or your hand. Besides, there is an audible noise which is more noticeable when the lid is open during the production. This can be masked by snapping your fingers.
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  • Charles asks: Can this be loaded in front of spectator with a borrowed ring?

    • 1. Nicholas answers: No. The ring must be loaded prior to showing the box. I suppose it could be loaded during a show but it would take about 30 seconds.
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  • Ben asks: Can you steal a ring from the box?

    • 1. Nicholas answers: This is not possible. The ring is loaded prior to being produced from an empty box.
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