Magic by Marcos Cruz

Sweet Cash Trick
Sweet Cash
Trick by Marcos Cruz - 29.95

Organic and visual magic at it's finest! Surprise your audiences by transforming a candy packet into cash right in front of their eyes. You can...

Dots-Man (Automatic) Trick
Dots-Man (Automatic)
Trick by Marcos Cruz - 29.95

Combining the legendary Pac-Man video game with the classic Multiplying Dots effect, Marcos Cruz has created an innovative new take on an popular...

Eureka Trick
Trick by Marcos Cruz - 49.95

The magical coloring book has been the same for far too long. "Eureka" gives it whole new life with 5 effects jam-packed into one...

Crazy Farm Trick
Crazy Farm
Trick by Marcos Cruz - 49.95

A fun and exciting tale about a mischievous penguin that's perfect for children's magic performers. Easy to do. Great reactions. Get "Crazy...

Pandora's Box Trick
Pandora's Box
Trick by Marcos Cruz - 65.00

Pandora's Box is a super simple, yet remarkably powerful, utility switching device with unlimited magic possibilities for every magician. You can use...

Puzzle Man Trick
Puzzle Man
Trick by Marcos Cruz - 29.95

An extremely simple, yet amazingly powerful, utility switching device that every magician can benefit from. While this box may look innocent, the...

Traveler Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Marcos Cruz - 10.00

An incredibly easy-to-do card trick with multiple powerful endings! With Traveler, you can identify the individual cards in a deck of cards held in...

Zeta Cars Trick
Zeta Cars
Trick by Marcos Cruz - 34.95

A fun and visual way to produce four car toys. "Zeta Cars" by Marcos Cruz is a new innovation on the classic flower box. It's easy to do...

Snack Chap Trick
Snack Chap
Trick by Marcos Cruz - 59.95

A super visual and incredibly organic feeling production effect that will shock your audiences. Imagine this, after showing two Pringle cans to be...

Colors Rolls Trick
Colors Rolls
Trick by Marcos Cruz - 35.00

Surprise and delight all your followers on TikTok or Instagram, or your virtual magic audience with "Color Rolls", a fun new effect from...

Chameleon Trick
Trick by Marcos Cruz - 25.00

Marcos Cruz presents his new visual and surprising effect. Easy to transport and ready to use. Imagine holding a blue Halls package (mentho lyptus)...

Flavor 3D Trick
Flavor 3D
Trick by Marcos Cruz - 75.00

Bring food to life right in front of their eyes! "Flavor 3D" begins by introducing a flyer for a delicious can of Pringles chips. This...

Soda Perfect Trick
Soda Perfect
Trick by Marcos Cruz - 29.95

Now show your prediction in a refreshing way. Marcos Cruz presents his new, original idea, SODA PERFECT. Go outside and show your audience what you...

Heroes Hat Trick
Heroes Hat
Trick by Marcos Cruz - 39.95

A fun superhero adapation on the classic Ali Bongo hat routine. "Heroes Hat" by Marcos Cruz is an exciting and amazing addition to any...

Milk Box Trick
Milk Box
Trick by Marcos Cruz - 39.95

"Milk Box" from Marcos Cruz is a super fun and easy effect that's perfect for children's magic shows and family parties. Show a totally...

Paper Ink Trick
Paper Ink
Trick by Marcos Cruz - 35.00

A new twist to the classic effect, Water in the Newspaper. Marcos Cruz has come up with a fabulous and modern version! The gimmick comes ready to...

Trick by Marcos Cruz - 135.00

From the red carpet, now Marcos Cruz presents his new CINE POP! effect! Visual and magical! Add this to your repertoire and surprise your...

Trick and Treat Trick
Trick and Treat
Trick by Marcos Cruz - 29.95

Trick or Treat, is a book to tell a magical horror story every time you unfold the page a funny character appears, you can choose a sweet flavor and...

Surprise Bag Trick
Surprise Bag
Trick by Marcos Cruz - 45.00

A delightfully fun and sweet new approach to the classic Egg Bag using a bag of chocolates and Kinder Egg. "Surprise Bag" by Marcos Cruz...