Tornado (Smoke to Glass)

Accessory by Peter Eggink
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Tornado (Smoke to Glass)

149.95 usd

Accessory by Peter Eggink (127.50 - normally $149.95)

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Tornado (Smoke to Glass) - magic
Tornado (Smoke to Glass) Tornado (Smoke to Glass) Tornado (Smoke to Glass) Tornado (Smoke to Glass)

The classic "Smoke to Glass" is now easier and more practical than ever.

A glass (which can be borrowed) is placed upside down on a deck of cards. You then light a match and, with a snap of your fingers, the flame is magically extinguished. Yet, you were able to catch some of the smoke, which you blow it towards the glass. Impossibly, the glass starts to visually fill with smoke that seemingly materializes out of nowhere. Within seconds, the whole glass is filled with thick, white smoke.

"Tornado" by Peter Eggink is the type of visceral experience that feels like real magic. It's an astonishing visual that looks otherworldly.

Four years of r&d went into ensuring the "Smoke to Glass" is easier than ever to use. Beyond the core effect, you can use "Tornado" to amplify other card magic effects like color changes and the Haunted Deck.

With it's unique "stealth mode", the 6mm thin "Tornado" gimmick hides in plain sight. It perfectly blends in with a deck of Bicycle playing cards.

You'll receive the "Tornado Gimmick", smoke fluid, Bicycle card gimmicks (in red and blue),remote control, micro USB charging cable, and complete online instructions.

See "Tornado" in Action

Please Note: While both colors of Bicycle card are included, each one serves a unique purpose. The blue gimmick is almost exclusively used for the "Smoke to Glass" effect while the red gimmick is reserved for adding smoke to more traditional card tricks like "Haunted Pack".


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Community questions about Tornado (Smoke to Glass)

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  • Johnny asks: Hi, just a question about the note that Vanishing Inc kindly added at the bottom - does that mean that the blue gimmick cannot be used for Haunted deck at all? And likewise the red cannot do the glass effect at all? Or is it that they can both sort of do both effects, but not equally as well, and so each is more suited to just the one thing? Thanks very much.

    • 1. Chris answers: Most questions are answered in this video by Murphy’s
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  • Tom asks: Wondering about noise level when the smoke is initiated? How quiet and close up can you be to your spectator?

    • 1. Chris answers: Most questions are answered in this video by Murphy’s
    • 2. Nicholas answers: I bought it and it’s completely silent. Couldn’t be happier
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  • Tom asks: Also curious about how many “smoke performances” come with this? Will a resupply be available?

    • 1. Chris answers: Most questions are answered in this video by Murphy’s
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  • Gary asks: Customers are buying from you at least you could answer?

    • 1. Tom answers: While I understand the sentiment expressed above, I have to say, the murphy's video recommended is really comprehensive
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  • Alonzo asks: how does this compare to haze?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Very similar but this one allows for the smoke to seemingly go through the deck and Haze allows for it to appear around the deck
  • Mark asks: Is there any chance the blue and/or red card gimmicks will be available separately in the future? I managed to damage the blue card gimmick within about 30 minutes after viewing the instructional video. It still works but the angles are very limited. I repurchased "Tornado" and will much more careful from now on. The card gimmicks are fragile and will fail over time. They should be far less expensive to produce than the main gimmick.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: There are no plans that we are aware of the make them available separately I am afraid.
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