Parlor Magic NYC: The Best Magic Shows in New York City

Whether you’re an amateur magician that knows a few easy card tricks or coin tricks, a professional magician, or even just a big fan of magic, parlor magic is one of the best ways to experience a magic show. These types of shows strip away the glitz and glamour of a Las Vegas magic show, allowing you to enjoy amazing magic in an intimate setting.

If you live in New York, or are visiting NYC, you’ll be thrilled to hear that some of the best magicians in the world call New York home. So, there are tons of unique shows in New York City.

Parlor Magic NYC: The Best Magic Shows in New York City

Chamber Magic

NYC Chamber Magic parlor magic show poster

Known as the “Millionaires’ Magicians”, Steve Cohen has entertained countless celebrities from Warren Buffett to Stephen Sondhein, Woody Allen and even the Queen of Morocco. Each week, he welcomes guests from around the world into an elegant salon at the Lotte New York Palace for an astonishing magic show that is reminiscent of the parlor and salon parties that gave birth to the idea of parlor magic

“Chamber Magic” is considered by many to be NYC’s best magic show for adults. As NYC’s most magical experience, this must-see theatrical event features 90 minutes of mind-boggling magic, mentalism and sleight of hand—including Steve’s world famous presentation of the classic Think-A-Drink effect.

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Magic After Hours

Magician Noah Levine poses in Tannen's Magic Shop before his parlor magic show magic after hours

Hosted by magician and sleight of hand expert Noah Levine, “Magic After Hours” invites you to sneak into the world’s most famous magic shop late at night. Get an exclusive sneak peek behind the scenes at the life of a magician as Noah guides you through Tannen’s Magic Shop in New York City, explaining its rich history and sharing its deepest secrets. You’ll laugh and be astonished as unbelievable miracles take place right in front of you in this intimate parlor magic setting.

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The Magician

magician dan white holds a deck of cards at the nomad hotel for his parlor magic show The Magician

For more than 20 years, Dan White has been astounding audiences around the world with his incredible magic tricks. He has made 12 appearances on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, helped Kanye West develop special effects for his YEEZUS tour and even consulted on David Copperfield’s iconic Las Vegas magic show.

In 2015, Dan White partnered with magic shop theory11 to create “The Magician”—an intimate evening of magic, mystery and deception that takes place weekly at the iconic NoMad Hotel in Manhattan. This incredible parlor magic show has been a perennial hit, selling out months in advance and regularly welcoming celebrity guests.

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Monday Night Magic

new york city magic show monday night magic promo photo

As New York City’s longest-running Off-Broadway magic show, “Monday Night Magic” has been entertaining guests of all ages with astonishing parlor magic for more than twenty years. Taking place in the Players Theater, this weekly show is a wonderful tribute to the vaudeville magic shows of the early 20th century.

“Monday Night Magic” is one of the most affordable magic shows in NYC for kids and adults. Each week they feature a different host and a new lineup of world-class magicians. This includes many of the world’s greatest magicians, such as those that have performed on America’s Got Talent and Penn & Teller: Fool Us.

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Six Impossible Things

magician sits in front of a black hat as playing cards fly everywhere in a mess

With his Alice in Wonderland-inspired show “Six Impossible Things”, Magician Joshua Jay re-defined what is possible with a parlor magic show. Built directly into The Wildrence event space in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, “Six Impossible Things” was one of the most interactive and intimate magic shows ever created.

Produced alongside renowned mentalist Luke Jermay, “Six Impossible Things” involved the audience in ways unlike ever before. The entire interactive theater was designed exclusively to house the show. Guests would traverse through different rooms as new mysteries unfolded to present an “impossible thing”. When you went to “Six Impossible Things”, you didn’t watch the show, you were the show.

As you may have noticed, this is the only parlor magic show on this list using the past tense. Despite eager requests for another extension, Joshua Jay decided to bring the acclaimed show to an end in January 2020 after 18 sold-out months.

If you didn’t have a chance to see ‘Six Impossible Things” live though, all is not lost. Joshua worked with a professional film crew to capture this groundbreaking magic show. A complete recorded performance and an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the rewards and challenges of dedicating an entire space to a magic show will be available soon.

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