Magic by Mike Caveney

Mike Caveney Masterclass Live lecture
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Mike Caveney Masterclass
Live lecture by Mike Caveney - 75.00

An extremely rare opportunity to learn directly from a magic legend. Beyond being a lauded stage and parlor magic performer, Mike Caveney is also a...

100 Years of Sawing Book
100 Years of Sawing
Book by Mike Caveney - 125.00

A captivating exploration of magic’s most iconic illusion. We're thrilled to be the only magic shop in the world with the exclusive rights to bring...

Mike Caveney Wonders & The Conference Illusions Book
Mike Caveney Wonders & The Conference Illusions
Book by Mike Caveney - 240.00

For the past five years Mike Caveney has been working on a set of books that document basically everything he has performed during his career. When...

Classic Correspondence Book
Classic Correspondence
Book by Mike Caveney - 65.00

Each month in MAGIC magazine, Mike Caveney selects from the files of the legendary Egyptian Hall Museum a letter of historical importance. Sometimes...

Classic Correspondence (Vol. 3) Book
Classic Correspondence (Vol. 3)
Book by Mike Caveney - 75.00

Take a guided tour through the exciting annals of magic history with this third release in the award-winning Classic Correspondence series from Mike...

Classic Correspondence (Vol. 2) Book
Classic Correspondence (Vol. 2)
Book by Mike Caveney - 75.00

Classic Correspondence (Vol. 2) takes you on a fascinating journey through Magic's past with 24 more letters from Mike Caveney's beloved Classic...

St. George's Hall Book
St. George's Hall
Book by Mike Caveney - 85.00

During the first third of the 20th century, London was generally recognized as being the focal point of the magic world. It could be argued that St....

Masters of Illusion Book
Masters of Illusion
Book by Mike Caveney - 20.00

To coincide with the registrants of the Los Angeles Conference on Magic History visiting the Masters of Illusion exhibit at the Skirball Curtural...

Long Beach Mystics DVD
Long Beach Mystics
DVD by Mike Caveney - 20.00

In 1955, in the Southern California community of Long Beach, a group of young people started a magic club. In spite of (or perhaps because of) the...