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Book by Allan Ackerman
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Allan Ackerman: All In

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Book by Allan Ackerman (From $99.95)

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Allan Ackerman: All In - magic
Allan Ackerman: All In Allan Ackerman: All In Allan Ackerman: All In Allan Ackerman: All In Allan Ackerman: All In Allan Ackerman: All In Allan Ackerman: All In Allan Ackerman: All In

30 years in the making, the best material from a card magic legend is finally available in one incredible set of books

Few magicians are as passionate about card magic as Allan Ackerman. To him, a deck of cards is merely an extension of his hands. By dedicating his life to card magic, Allan has developed an unrivaled ability to uncover the small, yet vital, details that separate a good routine from a great one.

Allan’s most noteworthy collection of work—Las Vegas Kardma in 1994—is still revered by card magicians around the world. Since then though, all of his newer releases have come in the form of limited-run lecture notes that are difficult to find or the occasional video. Now, three decades later, Allan’s best new material has finally been compiled into one stunning two-book set.

"Rod the Hop and Steve Forte both took lessons from Allan Ackerman when they initially moved to Las Vegas. Why? Because they understood how knowledgeable he is and what an excellent teacher he is. Learn from both of them, by getting ‘All-In’. If you enjoy great card magic, a bet on Allan is a "sure thing."” Jason England

Across the more than 400 pages of these beautiful hardcover books, you’ll find nearly 90 professional routines and over 50 additional sleights and moves. Everything has been updated and edited with help from one of magic’s premiere authors, John Lovick. All of the crucial nuances and subtleties have been included alongside full-color photographs to enhance the learning experience.

As a lifelong student of magic, Allan is a sleight-of-hand expert and a walking encyclopedia of card sleights, subtleties and even mathematical principles. Tapping into that wealth of knowledge, All In features a wide variety of amazing card tricks with optimized handlings that appeal to all types of magicians and skill levels.

Both books are broken up into sections: techniques and tricks. In the latter, you’ll find novel, polished routines like “The Prequel and The Sequel”, which lets you have all the fun of MacDonald’s Aces without any of the dreaded set-up, or “Ungaffed Ted”, a non-marked deck variation on Al Koran’s iconic double thought-of card routine. There are even dedicated sections on ACAAN style effects (many of which are easy to do) and Memorized Deck Magic (which includes the astonishing “Thirty-Minute Memorized Deck”).

Move-oriented magicians will likely jump right into the sleights and techniques section just like Allan intended. You’ll be eager to start learning the dynamic “HP (Hidden Packet) Maneuver” that allows you control, load and even force cards. The “Multiple Slip Shuffle”—a slip shuffle that can be executed with up to 10 or 20 cards—is another highlight; as is the Rhythm Count and its multiple variations that will have you considering retiring the Gemini Count for good.

Both linen-bound books come in a gorgeous slipcase that will command attention in any collection.

Limited Edition Deluxe Version - Only 200 Available!

A luxurious deluxe version of All In is also available exclusively at Vanishing Inc. The elegant black cloth covers pair perfectly with the stunning matching slipcase to make this deluxe version a book collector's dream. Each one comes with a signed and numbered bookplate, marking its place in the extremely limited run of just 200 deluxe sets.

Allan Ackerman all-in deluxe book   Allan Ackerman all-in black version   Allan Ackerman signed card magic book

"As a fan of Ackerman's work, it is great to see a new substantial and beautiful collection. There is some really good stuff in here! Highly recommended to all fans of card magic." Denis Behr

“‘All-In’ presents us with another opportunity to savour the stunning card magic of Allan Ackerman. This new set of books by Vanishinginc will further consolidate Allan’s legacy. He is a great master of sleight of hand and creative thinking for cutting edge card magic. I am delighted Allan is still a major force and important figure in our craft. The new collection will inspire all of us who celebrate world class card magic.” Michael Vincent

“Do yourself a favor and buy this work before it is out of print. Allan is one of my all time favorite card men - he will fool you!” David Soloman

When it comes to the world of creative card magic, Allan Ackerman has put all his chips on the table. Any serious student of the art must grab a copy of All In today!

Contents of All In by Allan Ackerman

Volume 1

Sleights, Techniques, and Concepts

  • Marlo’s Bottom Deal Exchange
  • The Ultra rub-a-dub Vanish
  • OPOS Display
  • Olram Plus Display
  • The Blackjack Roll
  • The Oops Addition
  • The HP Maneuver and Applications
  • The HP Half Pass
  • The A-1 Move
  • The HP Center Load
  • The Fancy Pass
  • The HP Bottom Palm
  • The HP Force
  • Tweaking the Veeser Bluff Shift
  • Another Tweak on the Veeser Bluff Shift
  • The Full-Circle False Count
  • A Multiple Slip Shuffle
  • Brother John’s Cull
  • The Ultimate Gesture Cut (UGC) and The Joker Cull
  • The Bluff Swing Cut

Memorized Deck Magic

  • Thirty-Minute Memorized Deck and Bonus Cull
  • The Memdeck I Prefer
  • Introduction to Tetra-Red
  • Brother John’s Chinese Shuffle

Tricks and Routines

  • A Cull for R. B.
  • Acrobatic Anything
  • The A & D Sandwich
  • The A & D Follow-up
  • Finally Unassembled
  • Technicolor Progressive
  • The Prequel and the Sequel
  • Reverse 2001
  • No-Palm Travelers
  • Impromptu Tattoo You
  • More Mixed-up Blues
  • No Extras
  • Follow the Leader
  • Aces Over Kings
  • LJ visits BJ
  • A Bigger Surprise
  • The Splits
  • Another Ride on the Mass Transit
  • Predetermined Cutting
  • Impromptu Predetermined Cutting
  • Another Interlaced Vanish
  • The Never-Ending Elevator
  • The Royal Marriage Trilogy
  • Highland Fusion
  • A Cheap Thought
  • Jazzing with M. E.
  • Traveling the Crossroads
  • Easy Pocket Interchange
  • Almost Like Everywhere and Nowhere
  • Your Lucky Day
  • The Cipher
  • Thoughts on “Double Brainwave”
  • Twisting Maxi-Twist
  • Isolating the General
  • The Ten-Card Poker Deal
  • Four-for-Four Transpo
  • I Dance for the Devious–Two
  • A Logical Princess
  • Mayhew Poker Again
  • The Ultimate GM Poker Deal

Volume 2

Sleights Techniques and Concepts

  • M&H Multiple Shift
  • The Cliff Green Add-on
  • The Burnable Bottom Deal
  • The One-Handed AB Bottom Palm
  • The Misdirection Bottom Palm
  • The S.W.E. Fan Palm
  • The Bull Shift
  • The Spectator Shuffles
  • Some Thoughts on Blind #2
  • The Clip Add-on
  • A Little Finesse on “Surprise Monte”
  • HPC with Cards
  • An In-the-Hands Freeman Display
  • A “Quick 3-Way” Moment
  • A Fan Bottom Palm
  • The Auto Unload
  • New Math Addition
  • The CR Move
  • Some Thoughts on the Hofzinser Spread Cull
  • A Combination Cull
  • The Bottom-up Zarrow AKA The BUZ Shuffle
  • The Rhythm Count, Variations, and Alternatives
  • The Standard Rhythm Count
  • The Open Rhythm
  • The Fingertip Rhythm Count
  • Jack's Rhythm Count
  • The Optical Rhythm Count
  • The Rhythm Flushtration Count
  • The Jiminy Cricket Count
  • The Mirage Count
  • The Mirage 2.0 Count

Tricks and Routines

  • Impromptu Breakaway
  • Kings in the Corner
  • Kannibal Kings
  • A Double Jack
  • Twins
  • A Bag of O'Henrys
  • Re-bagged
  • An Added Dimension
  • Doc Tarbell on “Out of This World”
  • The 10-Card Trick
  • Revisiting Molly
  • Technicolor Splits
  • The World’s Greatest Card Cheat
  • A Prelude to the Collectors
  • The Extended Merlin
  • An Impromptu Finesse the Finessed
  • Lucky
  • The Power, AKA On Your Right
  • Small Packet All Backs
  • The Hotel Mystery
  • Grandson of Tetradism
  • The Mind Reading Trick
  • The Mix
  • A Sleightless Ernie
  • The Fifty-Two Trick
  • 1002 Revisited
  • Almost Perfect Transposition
  • Revisiting the Hofzinser Ace Problem
  • The Spectator Really Cuts
  • Consistent Cries and Whispers
  • Finally Matched
  • A Close Encounter
  • An Ungaffed Ted
  • Back to Hierophant #1
  • An Invisible Card
  • Searching for a Thought
  • Impromptu Searching for a Thought
  • Surprise Bluff Aces
  • The Blue Thought
  • The Spell of Sachs
  • Anyone Anywhere
  • Two Shakes
  • The Indicator
  • Lazy Man's Version
  • The Impromptu Indicator
  • Another Anyone Anywhere
  • A Diced CAAN
  • Another CAAN

Hardcover | Book 1 - 218 pages | Book 2 - 211 pages | Linen Bound


Customer reviews for Allan Ackerman: All In



I have a great many books on card magic and the All-In books are unquestionably the best card magic books I have.



If you're into cards, the name Alan Ackerman immediately gets your attention. There is no way that any of us can review the content, in depth, in this short period of time, but I'm sure every purchaser is finding that they truly got a book that is destined to be around for a long time.

John Lovick, to me, is one of the best writers currently in magic and this book shows why. I also like the clean layout and the good relationship of the pictures with the text.

I am currently working on some memorized deck material and the section here on that is quite good. There's not a lot available on the tetradistic stack and I was happy to see that covered

I am quite pleased with the purchase, as I am generally with all VI hardback publications.

We don't talk about value much in reviewing books, but I personally think it is quite important. I think that vanishing ink has priced this very fairly and made a wise decision in not pricing the deluxe edition like The Dead Sea Scrolls. Apparently there are many in agreement, as the deluxe edition sold out within the first day.



If you want a wealth of knowledge courtesy of one of card magic's most underrated figures, you need All In on your shelf. Vanishing Inc has yet again proven to be the gold standard of modern magic book publishing with a two-volume set of foil-stamped, clothbound hardcovers housed in a sturdy, attractive slipcase.

Of course, we can't judge a book by its cover; and thankfully, the material in Ackerman's books (co-written with exceptional clarity by John Lovick) is just as beautiful. You'll find a plethora of elegant, deceptive, and satisfying sleights and subtleties accompanied by a strong collection of clever card tricks that exemplify Ackerman's thoughtful approaches to some of magic's most popular plots. Expect takes on Oil & Water, assemblies, mental magic, gambling demonstrations, Sandwich tricks, and so much more; some of it dead easy, and some that will appease the sleight junkies among us.

If you love card magic, this book set is an essential addition to your library. Buy it. Now.



I hardly have words to describe this book set. It's an absolute work of art and labour of love. The attention to detail is just mind blowing. I have only had this for a few days, but I have read a large part of the book 1 and it is just amazing. I love card sleights and there are some really great and novel sleights described including new takes on the sleights. Allen Ackerman is a master at his craft and I am grateful that he is imparting all of this knowledge. I have a studied a few tricks in the book and they are excellent. The production values of the book set is top notch. I consider myself blessed to own this.



Finalmente e’ arrivata la mia copia di All-Inn di Allan Ackerman. Cofanetto di due libri rilegati in tela con tantissime foto a colori e con il segnalibro. Spettacolari. Un grande lavoro della Vanishing Inc , un cofanetto ad un prezzo ottimo. I due libri sono veramente molto belli, non possono mancare nella libreria di un appassionato di carte, consigliatissimo.
Complimenti ad Allan Ackerman per questi volumi che diventera' un classico e complimenti alla Vanishing.

My copy of All-Inn by Allan Ackerman has finally arrived. Box set of two cloth-bound books with lots of color photos and bookmark. Spectacular. A great work by Vanishing Inc, a box set at an excellent price. The two books are truly very beautiful, they cannot be missing from the library of a card enthusiast, highly recommended.
Congratulations to Allan Ackerman for these volumes which will become a classic and congratulations to Vanishing.



I am thrilled with the amount of information and quality of the books. This 2-volume set is done very well with lots of photos and great details. There is something for a beginner and there is a learning curve for more advanced tricks.

VI Monthly


After creating a routine, I write it up, with photos if necessary. This practice has been fruitful, as I’ve been able to go back and resurrect old routines and handlings without much difficulty. My writeups wouldn’t be of much use to others, as they are written by me and for me. I must say that both the sleights and routines I’ve tried over the last week delving into All-In have that feel — only they were written by someone else for someone else. I am currently working on two sleights and two routines from the book and find myself having to reinvent or reverse engineer each of them due to maddening vagaries in the descriptions and photos. Notably, at least in the material I’m working on, all of the photos are from one angle only, often creating a disconnect between what can be seen and what is described, with vital details missing. On the positive side, there is much in here that, rather than being variations on moves and routines I already know, are really totally new in concept, at least for me. For example, there's a bottom deal where the bottom card is surreptitiously moved to the top of the deck while dealing the card preceding it, thereby allowing what amounts to a bottom deal from the top of the deck! Love the concept, hate the description! I’ll be working this one out on my own. As frustrating as I have found the experience of learning from All-In, the work seems to be a compendium of really useful and imaginative not-to-be-found elsewhere material worth the time and the struggle. If only...


Community questions about Allan Ackerman: All In

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  • Lewis asks: Does this include is Gemini Twins?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It does not.
  • Jörn asks: I guess no video clips includes?

    • 1. Chadwick answers: Go to Allan's YouTube and you'll see quite a few performance clips of routines from these books.
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  • Roy asks: It isn’t clear i the “All In’ book promotion is for both books … or is it the cost per each book ? Please clarify ! Roy B. Canada

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It is the cost for both books.
  • Ken asks: Will there be more limited edition sets available or is the run sold out?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It is sold out and will not be reprinted.
  • Luca asks: I managed to get the deluxe edition as I know that this is a treasure item to study. I know that Allan has a lot of videos on YouTube but will be great to have those in the download account on Vanishing Ink in the future. Thanks

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Thanks for this suggestion!
  • Sam asks: I searched the table of contents and was astonished to find the Faro shuffle wasn’t listed. Did I miss something? Tricks might use the Faro in the method, but that’s hard to determine if not hinted at in the title. A big oversight IMHO if true.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Every sleight required to know if explained in the book
  • Phillip asks: Hi, You said every sleight is explained. I tried to work through the "No Palm Travelers" in the free preview and got lost at: "... execute a slip shuffle of the two cards above the break, and shuffle off about ten cards into the left hand." There a lot of different "slip shuffles" in the literature. I had no clue which was rereferred to ! So the good new is that particular "two card slip shuffle" is explained elsewhere? In the sleights section? True?

    • 1. Chadwick answers: Correct. I hope you didn't expect to learn everything from the free sample.
    • 2. Phillip answers: I should have read closer. I surmise it is explained in the multiple card slip shuffle.
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  • Thomas asks: The white ink used to print on the covers of the books seems to be very fragile. I have my set only for a few days and it is already very scratched (and I'm very meticulous with my books). Am I the only one ?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: We have not heard of this being an issue. Please contact customer support and they'll be sure to get you sorted!
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