Wayne Dobson's Legacy

By Wayne Dobson and Bob Gill
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Wayne Dobson's Legacy

A remarkable, three-book collection honoring the legacy and iconic routines of one of magic’s most prodigious performers and creators.

"Wayne Dobson has just done an AMAZING service for the magic community! His new three-volume book, Wayne Dobson’s Legacy, is jam packed with first rate, audience tested, A+++ material! What a legacy it is!"—Lance Burton

Wayne Dobson is one of the UK’s finest television magicians, a legend in the tradition of Chan Canasta, Al Koran, David Berglas, David Nixon, Tommy Cooper, and Paul Daniels. The international superstar has headlined everywhere from the most prestigious UK venues to the Las Vegas Strip. He cemented his place as a household name with three highly successful TV series, most notably the eponymous Wayne Dobson - A Kind of Magic, which brought in 11 million weekly viewers during its prime.

"Wayne is a master, both of magic and of being loved by those who watch him."—Derren Brown

It’s a tall task attempting to capture a life as remarkable and expansive as Wayne Dobson’s, particularly given his severe medical condition. But, thanks to tireless support from writer Bob Gill, who interviewed and workshopped with Wayne daily over a five-year period, “Wayne Dobson’s Legacy” manages to do so masterfully.

Wayne Dobson’s Legacy gives you unrestricted behind-the-scenes access to Wayne’s life, legacy, and most cherished magic secrets. There are more than 1,000 total pages split across three gorgeous, hardback books—each with its own distinct focus. You can purchase them individually or get the full three-book set with a beautiful custom slipcase.

"You’ve set the new standard for books on magic. These volumes are simply incredible. The look, feel, binding, design, layout, writing and of course, content is of the highest level. So well done."—Jeff Hobson

Originally, this project was supposed to be just a memoir. However, during the writing of Volume I, Wayne re-discovered a lost collection of notes containing 150+ routines and ideas intended for a fourth TV series, which was canceled when he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. This discovery inspired him to comb through all of his work and pick the strongest material to create a second, and eventually third, book for this incredible set.

“W-O-W! This truly unique set of books is a literary portal to the extraordinary by an artist who lived it - like no other. Wayne unleashes a beautiful trilogy that is masterfully done. It’s insanely insightful and awe-inspiring on so many levels. The material is a must for anyone who performs magic and the boxed set will grace any bookshelf. Great job, brother!"—Criss Angel

"Wayne has one of the greatest minds in magic, and this new three-book set is absolutely sensational. It's essential reading for anyone who loves magic." —Andy Nyman

When deciding which of the effects would make it to print for Wayne Dobson’s Legacy, Wayne followed a simple mantra: “If I was still working on screen, which of these routines would I perform?” The answers to that question are revealed in Volumes II and III.

"These extraordinarily readable, rewarding books contain more than the just the stuff of magic—they contain the stuff of living." David Regal

"This incredible trilogy is a unique and important contribution to our literature, having historical, inspirational and practical value. This is his legacy, and a great gift to present and future generations."Richard Hatch

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Note: these books contain adult language and themes and will be sold to over eighteens only.

Wayne Dobson biography

Volume 1: Memoirs

Before you dive into the tricks in Volumes II & III, you’ll be taken on a firsthand adventure through Wayne’s remarkable lifelong journey. Step into his world and discover how a childhood fascination with magic in a drab suburban town blossomed into an obsession that drove his rise to superstardom. Tucked between the lines, you’ll find invaluable pieces of wisdom that can help guide any aspiring performer to greatness.

Told in his own voice, this uncensored view of Wayne’s life is unlike the dry, data-dense biographies of magic’s golden-age heroes. You’ll be there step-by-step as he relives the highs of his career, while also not shying away from the challenges he’s had to overcome and still faces to this day.

During the darkest moments of his life, when his personal issues were thrust into the public eye and an MS diagnosis changed his life overnight, Wayne could have easily entered into a Hollywood-esque downward spiral. However, as you’ll learn, he instead chose to face adversity with humor and magic.

At his professional peak, Wayne was a role model and magic star. But throughout this inspirational story, you’ll discover he’s so much more.

He is a survivor. He is an adaptor. He is a leader.

View Volume 1 contents

Contents of Volume 1

  • Foreword (Andi Gladwin and Joshua Jay)
  • Introduction (Joe Pasquale)
  • My Story
  • In the Beginning
  • Early Days
  • Learning My Craft
  • Paying My Dues
  • On the Circuit
  • Rising Starr
  • Which Do You Want First?
  • The Royal Box
  • On the Box
  • Viva Las Vegas
  • A Kind of Magic
  • On the Road
  • The Show Must Go On
  • In Sickness & in Health
  • Coming Out
  • Squeaky Clean
  • Out of the Frying Pan
  • Wheeler Dealer
  • I Wish I Could Fly
  • Shit Happens
  • Closure

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Magic book

Volume 2: A Kind of Magic

Volume II starts with a touching foreword from David Williamson before diving into Wayne’s most popular, reputation-making routines. You’ll get the inner-workings to his best original effects, the routines that helped him achieve his international fame.

There’s something for everyone in this book. From the close-up magic miracles he performed on TV, like his poetic “Coins to Glass” or one-of-a-kind “Homing Death Card” routine, to his ingenious reframing of stage illusions like his take on the “Million Dollar Mystery” and, of course, his most popular classics like “Tossed Deck Pro”.

Wayne even shares every nuance of his go-to opening routine for winning over a crowd; his “Five Card Repeat”, which encapsulates how a pro’s revisiting of a tired classic can create a sparkling workhorse. This is the routine Wayne taught to Jeff Hobson, who pronounced it, “the very best opener for the stage magician, even today”.

For the first time ever, you’ll also receive the full script and workings of his infamous “Voices” routine that he performed during his Royal Variety Command Performance; a routine that many believe to be one of the greatest magic performances ever to grace the airwaves. Unlike other compilations of Wayne’s work, this book (and Volume III) stays true to his signature style. Instead of just explaining the basics of the routine, it dives into the necessary details and subtleties you need to truly learn the material. Given his limited mobility later in life, you’ll also get to see how he modified and reworked much of his material to be hands-off.

View Volume 2 contents

Contents of Volume 2

  • Preface (David Williamson)
  • Before We Begin
  • On Stage & Television
  • Opener & Five Card Repeat
  • An Englishman in New York
  • Banana Drama
  • Bottle Opener
  • The Crying Game
  • He Who Spelt It Dealt It
  • Invisible Deck 2.0
  • The Kid’s a Magician
  • Misdirection
  • Nailed
  • Silk in Cigarette Packet
  • Six Pack
  • The Spectrumalist
  • This Is Your Knife
  • Tossed Deck Pro
  • Vanishing Cigarette
  • Voices
  • Sponge Ball Vanish
  • On Stage & Television
  • Opener & Five Card Repeat
  • An Englishman in New York
  • Banana Drama
  • Bottle Opener
  • The Crying Game
  • He Who Spelt It Dealt It
  • Invisible Deck 2.0
  • The Kid’s a Magician
  • Misdirection
  • Nailed
  • Silk in Cigarette Packet
  • Six Pack
  • The Spectrumalist
  • This Is Your Knife
  • Tossed Deck Pro
  • Vanishing Cigarette
  • Voices
  • Sponge Ball Vanish
  • Wayne’s Stage Illusions
  • Box Jumping
  • Asrah
  • Card Illusion
  • Heads Off
  • Just in Case
  • The Passage of Time
  • The Pyramid
  • Room Service
  • Sawing Through
  • Close-up on TV
  • Coins to Glass
  • Cap & Pence
  • Continuous Do As I Do
  • Hanky Poo
  • The Homing Death Card
  • Flick-a-Flick
  • Razor Card
  • TV Shows
  • "A Kind of Magic"
  • “Wayne Dobson Close Up”

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Wayne Dobson's magic'

Volume 3: Dobson's Choice

Those who enjoy learning practical material are going to absolutely love Volume III. These are practical, professional routines that have been honed and refined in front of real audiences of all sizes. To put it simply, this is a book of workers. There are stand-up pieces like “Total Recall”, Wayne’s unique take on the Magic Square routine, and “Shopping List”, an impossible, hilarious, and entertaining 10-minute prediction routine filled with a surprising wine bottle production kicker they’ll never see coming. Wayne also includes his close-up classics like “3Sixty” and “Lucky Dip”, the trick that fooled Derren Brown (who also wrote the foreword) and immediately became one of the legendary mentalist’s favorite go-to tricks to perform.

You’ll also get detailed instructions for creating props that are either unavailable or extremely difficult to purchase.

View Volume 3 contents

Contents of Volume 3

  • Introduction (Derren Brown)
  • “Who Are You Calling Disabled?” (Bob Gill)
  • A Few Words from Wayne
  • Stand-up Creations
  • Eye Pad
  • Oddball
  • Odds On
  • Shopping List
  • Echo
  • Take a Seat
  • Total Recall
  • The Unnamed Card
  • Close-up Creations
  • 3Sixty + 1Eighty
  • Anniversary Tango
  • Autograph
  • Balls of Steel
  • Best Friends
  • Boston Blow
  • Bullshit
  • City Break
  • Compatability
  • Die Vernon
  • Dobbo Marked Deck Systems
  • Fifty/Fifty
  • Fluke
  • The F--k Trick
  • Heads Up 2.0
  • Houdini’s Diary
  • Houdini’s Watch
  • The Invisible Lie Detector
  • I've Got Your Number
  • Lucky Card
  • Lucky Dip
  • Open Face
  • Out of My Hands
  • Possessions
  • Rainbow
  • Second Chance
  • Startling
  • Stunning
  • Sweet
  • Synchronicity
  • The Man Who Knows
  • T.L.C.
  • Visionary
  • Vodka & Coke
  • White Lightning
  • Keep It Zipped
  • Fifty Shades of Gold

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“Wayne has the ability to dissect the essence of a gag, premise, trick, or joke and get right to the heart of it, quickly, for maximum effect with minimal means; no artful pretensions, or long-winded preambles. It’s as if he has decoded human perception and has found the shortest route to funny and fooling.” —David Williamson

Wayne Dobson’s Legacy offers a rare and intimate glimpse into the life of a magician whose impact on the world of magic is immeasurable. Take a peek behind the curtain and explore the secrets, techniques, and nuances that made Wayne Dobson a magic icon. From his amazing close-up magic to his hilarious comedy stage routines, this three-book set is a treasure trove for everyone from beginner magicians to seasoned professionals.

Hardcover | Linen Bound | Ribbon Bookmark | 6in x 9in | Volume 1 (377 Pages), Volume 2 (328 Pages), Volume 3 (314 Pages)

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Customer reviews for Wayne Dobson's Legacy



This book have really moved me, the story of wayne is incredible, his strength and showmanship is present through all the books, his material, suggestions and descriptions really let you know how much work wayne put through his career and the dedication he put in to make each effect as effective as possible



Apart from all the other great things people have already mentioned here, so much credit needs to be given to the person who co-wrote this book, Bob Gill.

There aren't many magic books that I read cover to cover, as my interest in books primarily focuses on knuckle-busting sleights and impromptu card tricks.

Whenever I read a magic book, I usually skip tricks that have been released as dealer items, stage and parlor routines, mentalism, and tricks that require gaffs or setup, etc.

But I have not missed a single page in this book. Bob did a wonderful job keeping me engaged on each page (most of the contents are written in third person, therefore I assumed Bob did most of the writing). I can't believe I read through the entire book, and it has inspired me to work on my own stage show.

This is, without a doubt, the best read I have had in the last few years.



I thoroughly enjoyed this entire series. The first volume is Wayne's memoirs and focuses on highs and lows of his career and personal life. This is one of the most honest accounts of a magic career that I've read and reminded me in some ways of Bamberg's Illusion Show. If you want to become a professional magician, you might want to read this as it might give you an honest look at what the highs and lows can be.

The second book focused on Wayne's professional routines. If you watch Wayne on video, you'll see the style -- often quick and direct tricks, full patter (though in Wayne's style and of the times that he did them), and reliant on word play at times. Sometimes the magical strength of effects is traded off by the short routining. This was a decision that Wayne made for himself and at times I was questioning his decisions and at times it made me question some of the decisions I have made in my routining.

I purchased the series for the first two books and did not have high expectations for the third volume. I read through it all -- but was a mix of ok to really good, and a few stood out: The coin to sugar packet is efficient and quite practical -- something I've started doing on a regular basis. The other standouts for me were Possession and Heads Up. Possession has a nice presentation built-in and Heads Up could be something fun that a better performer than myself could make great.

So happy I purchased these.



How many 5 star reviews does a book set need?
The first book 'memoirs' is my favourite. I saw Wayne at Blackpool Magic Convention very early in his career doing his voices act and he had the more than 3000+ audience howling with laughter within minutes of arriving on stage. The 'memoirs' book takes you on his journey, how he developed his ideas and perfomance style and the disasters and sucesses he met along the way. It provides an honest picture of how hard it was/is to become a seasoned performer. At the same time it is anything but an ego trip and Wayne is very open about his mistakes and frustrations. The second and third volumes contain typically well thought out and clever magic. Other reviewers have expanded on this in detail. Even though volume one is my favourite, I would still say if you can only afford volume one, keep saving.



I believe most have been said in the other reviews of this product and I wholeheartedly agree with all the 5 star reviews. This is a fantastic price of legacy from an incredibly talented individual. The book is very well written and there is so much to learn here. I plan to read through this a few times. The production values are just stunning and I am so happy to have this on my library shelves. I cannot recommend this more.



There are so many testimonials here about this book that it is impossible fore to think about what else to say. If you haven't purchased these books you are missing out on a lifetime of brilliant magical thinking. So many books these days show a trick to learn and perfect and thenove onto the next. For me I want to know the man behind the illusions and here you see the true essence of a genius. Just like another book Vanishing assisted a creator with just recently here you get to understand the man his motivations and his story ...warts and all. Wayne this is a beautiful 3 set volume..your legacy in magic if not already done so has been achieved here..don't rush out to learn everything at once about what is written here...savour every moment of the pages on offer and absorb the essence of Wayne's incredible thinking...then your magic will be taken to another level.

VI Monthly


This incredible trilogy is a unique and important contribution to our literature, having historical, inspirational and practical value. The first volume is an honest first person account of a hugely successful international show business career that took Wayne Dobson from humble beginnings to performing for the Queen at the London Palladium, opening for Engelbert Humperdinck in Las Vegas for two years, and then to his own highly rated three season television series in the UK. The second volume details the professional routines that were the foundation for his career with all the refinements that can only come from repeated performances for paying audiences. The third volume describes the many originations Wayne has created since retiring from full time performing, all based on his deep understanding of what makes a performance both baffling and entertaining. The historical and practical value of these is obvious. The inspirational value comes from the example of Wayne’s success in repeatedly overcoming incredible adversity while retaining his humanity and humor. This is his legacy, and a great gift to present and future generations.



This is pure gold. I've been a fan of Wayne's since I saw him live at the Desert Magic Seminar in Las Vegas in the early 80's. He killed. I saw him live in London. He killed. I saw him at Blackpool. He killed. The man is a creative and comic genius. You can read the other five-star reviews for details, so I won't bore you here. Just buy the set!


Scott R

These are some of the most exciting books that I have ever bought! Wayne Dobson is a genius! His magic is fun, exciting, and very humorous. Don't miss out on these books, they will not disappoint. I am still reading them, but I have thumbed through all 3 volumes, and they look beautiful!



The look and feel of the volumes is amazing; they present perfectly the wonderful and life-long effort put into the effects inside. I have purchased quite a few volumes from Vanishing Inc. and I would have to agree with the other reviewers that these may be the best work yet.

Put simply, if you purchase these volumes you could very easily start a full-time magic career; with the sheer volume of inventive, creative and well thought out routines ... not to mention the essays and biographical information included about Wayne and his time as a magician ... you dont have a 3 volume set of books, you have a Virtual Mentor (and one of the greatest I would say).

I had previously purchased Waynes stuff in the past, and I didnt mind a jot that some of it was recreated / reprinted here; these are an absolute joy to read and own. Thanks VI for producing such a lovely set of books and thank you Wayne for all your hard work and honesty.

Now, go out and 'add to cart' immediately.



These 3 books, in their slipcase, are one of the best looking sets of books Vanishing Inc has put out. The content is also very, very good.

I expected some of Wayne's basic effects that he has released over the years, but never thought he'd give so much away. Well, he did.

Effects such as The Spectrumalist (a $99 previous release), Eye Pad, Echo, as well as the full Fifty Shades of Gold manuscript.

I am about half way through the books, and they are a fascinating read. I met Wayne at Magic Live! a few years ago, and he was as cordial as ever, which makes me appreciate these books even more.

It's not often that someone releases their "Legacy" of work while still alive, but I am so glad Wayne has done so.

VI Monthly


I realize this is saying a lot, but I think these might be the finest volumes that Vanishing has produced. In terms of content, as an American I'm not super familiar with Dobson's work, and I am surprised and impressed with nearly every page.



In love these books best investment i made in 2023. Well second best sorry talk about tricks was also a winner.

Its rare that you get a magnum opus of this caliber. Thank you vanising inc for putting this out I continue to get GREAT Value out of these books. This truely is a legacy project. There is so many great ideas in this set you cant afford to overlook anything.

The quality of the books are high and the slipcase will protect your books for years it also looks great on a book shelf, i am proud to own this.

The one effect that stood out for me is the invisible deck 2.0 what a clever thinker Wayne is I have performed this a couple of times and it KILLS i once followed this up with a normal invisible deck after someone said but what if he picked another card and the two go great together, if you can watch Wayne on youtube you will see how good he performs this you can learn alot from his perfromance style he has the audience in stiches with basically their imaginations what a GREAT Teacher. Nailed is also super easy and has great comedy built in to it.

He who spelt it dealt it, is a masterpiece in audience management with very little work on the performers part, if you have some jumbo cards this will go straight into your act. The set-up is fairly easy and will win the audience over in no time.

I still need to read volume 3. i am taking my time with these volumes with the sheer ammount of magic that is released nowa days its difficult to navigate what is important.

One last thing these books take you back into the past, to a time when magic felt different, everything these days are flashy and abstract but these books will show you what success REALLY looks like and is a road map on how you can enjoy what you are doing, setbacks a part of life but Wayne teaches us to make the most of our time and enjoy our magic, I dare you to read these books and dont come out the other side feeling refreshed/changed.



If the name Wayne Dobson is associated with a product, it's a winner. If it concerns Wayne's life & career it's a no brainer must buy! I've followed Wayne since before his hugely successful TV series, A Kind of Magic, I've watched him live on stage, seen him at Blackpool, and, frankly, massively respect all things Dobson.Now, having received Wayne Dobson's Legacy, I can honestly say, this must be the bargain of the magic century! The contents, as you'd expect, are magical platinum...delivered in the highest quality, HEAVY-DUTY, cloth wrapped boxing. There's really nothing that can be said to describe this adequately...other than, if you know Wayne Dobson, buy this! You know you'll be buying some special insider knowledge from A Kind of Magic, other excellent material and the most inspirational of life stories. Vanishing Inc have done a truly wonderful job producing these gems...I can't praise this publication enough!

VI Monthly


I once saw Wayne Dobson tear a room apart in nothing but an interview. He was in his wheelchair and used nothing but his voice, yet many would say that this was the highlight of the convention. Imagine what he did before the wheelchair. When a pro like this tips his life’s work, be quiet and listen.
If you aren’t familiar with Mr. Dobson’s work, look up his performance of “voices” in a royal performance. It killed for a crowd of thousands using nothing put a pack of cards and some sponge balls. Of course, tragedy struck, and Mr. Dobson has slowly progressed to a wheelchair and only the use of his voice and his brain.
What a brain it is. He has continued to create, market, and yes even perform despite his physical difficulties. Most of the third volume is material that requires “no hands.” Not only is it sleight free, it’s hands free.
The first volume tells of his life, how he was able to start in Men’s Clubs, which are said by many to be one of the most difficult performing environments ever and move from that to one of the greatest TV shows in Britain, and how the news of his impending physical decline changed his life.
Volume two is all about the magic that Mr. Dobson did on TV. It includes close-up, stand-up, and illusions. This includes the five card repeat, voices, and lots of stand-up material from the show. Many of the exact scripts (including for “Voices”) are in the text. This, however, as tempting as it might be, is not so that the reader will simply use the scripts, but so that the artist will use the scripts as a “starting point” for what they might want to say in their own art.
The third volume begins with an essay in which Mr. Dobson speaks frankly about his medical issues. This is a wonderful example of addressing a difficult situation yet inviting the listeners into his world. The rest of this volume includes much of the material that can be done with little or no “hands.” It includes some incredibly good stand-up material as well as some great close-up. It ends with “50 Golden Rules” that are worth gold to the working magician.
The books are beautifully printed and designed with ribbon markers, very clear illustrations, and a wonderful slip case. An elegant design for a wonderful life’s work.
When a pro like Wayne Dobson tips his work, run, do not walk, to get your copy.



I have been waiting for this set of books for a long time. I stopped by Tony Dunn’s studio a year ago and he was just finishing the illustrations for this set, so I got to see some of them even before the gang at Vanishing, Inc.! He told me that this was one set I should review. It had some great material. I waited for a whole year to get a copy of this and,was it worth it? To quote a former vice presidential candidate, “You betcha!”

This book has all the best design ideas that Vanishing has shown in the past. Beautiful hardbacks with cloth covers. Impeccable illustrations and layout. Lots of very cool historical photos in the Memoirs book. There is absolutely nothing here that you shouldn’t love.

I suggest before diving into the books that you do as I did. Hit Youtube and watch as much Wayne Dobson as you can find. Watch his presentations. Watch his interplay with his volunteers. This is a true master at work.

The set consists of three books.

Memoirs - which is his autobiography. Fantastic reading here. He says he doesn’t want people to see how brave he has been. He just wants to share his magic. He doesn’t feel sorry for himself and there is no reason you should either. Despite the handicap of multiple sclerosis, he has continued to crank out great material even if he is no longer capable of performing some of that himself. His story of overcoming adversity would make a great Hollywood movie, like “My Left Foot". So. if you are looking for a book full of “woe is me”. move it along, folks. Nothing to see here. No self pity here at all from Wayne.

Book 1 - Memoirs - My Story

Wayne lets you know quickly that he was no choirboy. He needed to feed his magic cravings (didn’t we all?) and got the money wherever he could, including theft. I have read a lot of biographies of British musicians and it seems there were not too many avenues open in life for lots of them. Mainly factories or physical labor. The lucky ones formed a band and were able to make a living. Wayne’s story is different in that instead of picking up a guitar, he picked up a deck of cards. And we are so lucky he did. One thing that Wayne had that a lot of us wished we did was very supportive parents. I have run into so many youngsters that love magic but their parents feel it is a waste of time. Sometimes it is and sometimes it’s not. Wayne was one of the lucky ones.

This book is loaded with funny anecdotes. He loves to make people laugh. I was fortunate enough to see him at Magic Live 2013. He was rolled out onto the stage in his wheelchair to be interviewed by Jeff McBride. Jeff said that he has heard that Wayne had just completed a book on retorts to hecklers and Wayne verified that was true. Jeff wanted a demonstration so Wayne said to insult him. Jeff did and Wayne said. “that will be number 17. Let me look it up and read it to you. Number 17 is....” and the answer he gave was not one suitable for church groups. In the book, Wayne lets you know right up front that his language can be pretty, shall we say, rough at times. That is the way he grew up so we shouldn’t take offense. When he gave his answer to Jeff, the whole audience burst out into uncontrollable laughter. I was so fortunate to have been there. And yes, his language can become quite colorful so if you get offended easily, this is probably not the book set for you. But these are all words you hear pretty much everyday, so buck up and dive in. It’s quite a ride and worth every step of the way.

The book is loaded with anecdotes of his life experiences, both ups and downs. And he is hilarious. Sorry Wayne, I can’t help thinking of the bravery you have exhibited. So sue me.

You will particularly enjoy Wayne’s description of the Windmill Shuffle (which uses no cards but some sleight of hand enhances the experience.) Also, the big names he has associated with. And did I mention that this book will have you laughing out loud?

My favorite is actually the first photo in the book. It is a baby picture of Wayne with the caption “I couldn’t walk then either!” This one item alone let me know that I was going to enjoy this book immensely.

If this was the only book in the set, I would not have been disappointed but there are still two more volumes to explore, each one loaded to the gills with great magic.

I liked Wayne before but this book has made me truly love him.

Book 2 - A Kind of Magic - Live on TV
This a dream come true. Wayne, one of the most famous magic names on the planet has decided to share all his closest guarded secrets. Since he is no longer able to perform them, he has decided to share them with the community. Ever wondered how the huge buzz saw cut right through his body without hurting him? Now you can find out. There is just so much gold in this book, it is unbelievable.

The book is divided into three sections and I will give a few samples from each.


Five Card Repeat - If you have watched anything by Wayne on Youtube, you have no doubt seen this. He cut the six cards down to five which speeds up the process. A beautiful routine and, get this, zero gaffed cards.

Fans of Sam the Bellhop will love this. Wayne has a full deck story replete with lots of laughs along the way.

You like doing Card in Orange, try the Crying Game where it is loaded into an onion.

I have been having a ball with He Who Spelt It Dealt It. A small packet effect with no sleights that will fit into your pocket just right. For years, I have had a jumbo deck in my drawer and never figured out a routine to use it for. This is perfect but also perfect in regular sized cards. I threw mine into my pocket for a party recently and it killed.

The Kid’s a Magician - Great routine if you bring kids up as volunteers. The routine makes the kid a hero and will fit int your pocket or wallet making it the ideal routine to carry on your person at all times.

And of course his fabulous sponge ball vanish with a 3“ sponge ball. This vanish has been used by Lance Burton.

The one routine that contributed to his fame more than any others was his vent routine with audience members, Voices. This is one that cannot be taught from a book but he gives his views on everything. I have seen countless ventriloquists try to copy this routine. Some do a pretty good job but no one can touch the Master.

Wayne’s Stage Illusions
Wayne holds nothing back in describing his stage illusions. What he reveals here is unbelievable.

It starts off with a nice essay on box jumping.

He gives complete step by step instructions for both the Asrah and De Kolta chair with lovely illustrations of all by Tony Dunn. Of course, both have been given the Dobson touch.

The Pyramid - One of Wayne’s favorites, basically a doll house type illusion brought up to date.

We travel quite a bit so we have stayed at a lot of hotels and one thing they all have in common is luggage carts. Room Service was inspired by Steinmeyer’s Origami illusion. This gives you an idea of just how much can be hidden inside a base.

Close Up on TV

Here’s one for the coin guys (and girls). Coins to Glass. I have seen this type of routine performed by different magicians. Always a crowd pleaser, Wayne teaches his handling and his thoughts.

Hanky Poo - A no move packet monte card trick with a rhyming patter that uses jumbo cards. One gaff is used and you are told just how to make it .

The Homing Death Card obviously is Wayne’s version of the homing card with his touch.

I have some friends who are very good with coins and the Flick move has always fascinated me. He gives detailed instructions on mastering this. (Not nearly as hard as it looks).

Razor Card - another one that I have seen many versions of over the years and still a pleaser. A razor blade is put into a boxed deck of cards, shaken up and the cut up pieces are poured out leaving one card intact, the selection.

If you were fortunate enough to be able to see his TV series when it was on, the last section gives a blow by blow description of each of the episodes.

Book 3 = Dobson’s Choice - New and Improved Creations.

As his body failed, he wanted to keep on performing. Using the technique of Keep It Simple. this book is loaded with gems.

The book is divided into two section, To note a few items from each section.

Stand Up Creations
Echo - As his voice degenerated, he was unable to do his famous Voices routine, so he came up with this as a substitute. He has taken Card on Seat and turned it into a comedy masterpiece. You are not only given the story behind the routine, you are taught the routine in full.

Eye Pad - This does require a gimmick to be built but when the audience is expecting an IPad and you bring out a notepad with an eye on it, you are sure to get laughs.

Oddball - was inspired by Max Maven’s Kurotsuke from his Videomind series. This too requires making a prop but it is ingenious and so easy to do.

Max was also famous for his routines on TV that allowed the audience at home to move their fingers on the TV screen to end just where he wanted them to using a technique know as the Q force. This is Wayne’s version.

The Unnamed Card - this takes its origin from the tossed out deck and will play equally well with a small group or on a large stage. It is described at the sleeper effect of the book. Easy to do and it kills.

Close up Creations
3Sixty and 1Eighty - Card to clear box. This was actually released as a dealer item (as were several others in this book).

He offers two different approaches to the Anniversary Waltz card routine. Anniversary Tango is performed using gaffed cards while Compatability uses no gaffs and could even be done with a borrowed deck. It is accomplished using a mathematical principle that is well hidden.

Lucky Dip - a simple easy to do routine that fooled even Darren Brown - another one that was a marketed item previously. Possessions will teach you George Sands’ marvelous Prime Time force.

T.L.C. - This is basically a Mental Epic that you can carry in your pocket. Three black cards, each with one of the letters, T L and C. You are in a casino. One of your volunteers thinks of a number on the roulette wheel. which you guess before it is named. A second spectator thinks of any card and the last counts the change in his pocket. Unlike Mental Epic, this has no moving parts and will fit nicely in your pocket.

He finishes the book with “Fifty Shades of Gold” - 50 great tips on how to become more of a success in the magic field. There is truly some valuable info here and I would recommend both reading this and utilizing it.

I am grateful for Wayne sharing this material with us, for Josh and Andi at Vanishing Inc, for publishing this beautiful set and for Tony Dunn, who recommended that this is a book I should review. So thanks to all, and did I forget something?

Oh yeah, this book could not be recommended any higher. It needs to be on your shelf and I guarantee this will be a classic.


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