High Spots (15 Year Anniversary Edition)

By Caleb Wiles
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High Spots (15 Year Anniversary Edition)

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Book or download by Caleb Wiles (Book $29.95 or download for $22.46)

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High Spots (15 Year Anniversary Edition) - magic
High Spots (15 Year Anniversary Edition) High Spots (15 Year Anniversary Edition) High Spots (15 Year Anniversary Edition) High Spots (15 Year Anniversary Edition) High Spots (15 Year Anniversary Edition) High Spots (15 Year Anniversary Edition)

Celebrate the 15th anniversary of Vanishing Inc. with a special hardback anniversary edition of the book that started it all. After being out of print for years, this remarkable collection of refreshingly original and diabolically clever card magic is finally available again in a special limited edition version.

We take great pride in producing the finest magic books in the industry, and it all started with High Spots by Caleb Wiles back in 2009. This book was an instant smash-hit that laid the groundwork for us to eventually publish our own library of 100+ bestselling books. Commemorate this crowning achievement with an exclusive 15th year anniversary edition of High Spots.

This special edition book features a redesigned modern cover with a 15th anniversary logo that also appears on the spine. It marks the first time High Spots has ever been available in hardcover. This limited 15th Anniversary version is a one-time printing.

What Is High Spots?

High Spots introduced the magic community to the innovative genius of Caleb Wiles. It’s the type of book we love to read. No fluff or filler. Just fooling, entertaining, and practical showpieces that are a ton of fun to perform.

This includes beloved gems like “Reswindled”, which is Caleb’s take on “Reset” that is arguably worth the price of the book on its own. Paul Harris (the creator of the “Reset” plot) even called it his favorite version of the effect. “Semi-Automatic Luck Test” is also the type of deceptive and surprisingly easy-to-do effect you’ll love performing.

In total, there are 11 professional routines ranging from self-working to intermediate. Inspired by one of Caleb’s biggest passions, professional wrestling, this book is a ton of fun to read. Every detail is laid out to ensure you can start instantly amazing audiences with these creative and ingenious effects.


As a special bonus, The High Spots - 15th Anniversary Edition also includes Caleb’s “Rematch” download COMPLETELY FREE ($25 value). This amazing collection features updated and reworked versions of two of the most popular effects from High Spots (“26!”, “ReSwindled”), as well as an additional practical stunner called “All Signs to Point to Yes” where a card changes three times before you finally find their selection.

Contents of High Spots by Caleb Wiles

Offbeat Aces: A stunningly visual and easy-to-do production of Four Aces that occurs between three Jokers.

ReSwindled: Arguably the best version of “Reset” ever made. In addition to cards transposing, they also change into Aces. This is a simple, logical, and truly amazing addition.

26!: Your volunteer is subliminally influenced to shuffle one half of the deck into an order that perfectly matches the other half (no switches required!)

Word Perfect: A fooling piece of stand-up magic that works for audiences of any type.

Make a Wish: A birthday-themed card trick that is strong and practical enough for pros while remaining easy enough for beginners.

Blackjack Be Quick: A test-conditions instant location of a winning Blackjack hand from an audience-shuffled deck.

Crystal Cut: You’ll never want to perform the double undercut again after learning this versatile false cut and control.

Little Fella Grows Up: Convince your audience you’re a master card shark with this false dealing demonstration that doesn’t require any false deals.

iDeck: A fooling card routine with a unique and topical presentation.

Replicator: a stunning color-changing deck that is the perfect follow-up for “iDeck*

Here-a-Move, There-a-Move, Everywhere-a-Move Move: A finger-flinging, eye-popper using four regular Aces.

Semi-Automatic Luck Test: A self-working showstopper where a participant cuts and deals to the four Kings and the four Aces.

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Customer reviews for High Spots (15 Year Anniversary Edition)



This is a very enjoyable book for learning card magic. The format for each effect is well structured. The tutorial instructions are concise and can be clearly understood. The "Comments" section for each effect offers some insight to the effect presented by the author, Mr. Caleb Wiles. As well, the "Credits" section for each effect is in detail and extensive, and offers some historical background for the effect, if it was available to the author. I recommend the purchase of this book by any magician to add to his library. It is informative, it can assist with research, and its tutorial quality has value.



If you're familiar with Time Lord technology, this book is small on the outside but real big on the inside.

My favorite effect is "ReSwindled." I learned "Reset Revisted" some years ago and it has been one of my favorites. I've seen this performed before a live audience and it has a strong and entertaining effect on the audience. However, ReSwindled streamlines this effect. While this effect is for the most part, sleight of hand laden, the handling is smoother and far less knuckle busting.

As an extra bonus if you purchase this book from VI, you'll receive three downloads which includes ReSwindled. The video has a performance of the effect which if followed by the explanation. Both performed and taught by Caleb Wiles.

A feature I really enjoyed in this book, is the author gives credit where credit is due. At the beginning of each effect's chapter, he lists the required sleights and at the end of the chapter he includes a brief synopsis of where the sleight originated and by whom (who?).

I highly recommend this book to serious card enthusiasts.


Scott R

Such a great book! There are so many cool magic tricks in this book. I missed this book when it first came out,, and now that it is in hardback, I am absolutely thrilled. It's not a real big book, but it is a fair price for all this great material.


William Schmeelk

The effect is unbelievable and Caleb's explanation was made exceptionally clear by his use of two different colored backs. The additional tips by others also add significantly to the mystery and its effect on the audience. The explanation was brief but thorough and as long as needed to clearly explain the workings.



Perhaps one of the best "gambling tricks" I've seen. Lots of visual twists and turns. There are absolutely no "knuckle buster" moves. Everything is achievable and the instruction is excellent. The camera work and angles are also very good, so it is very easy to follow.

I really love the additional handlings, alternative endings and bonus. Very well done. Buy the book “High Spots”, too. You can thank me later.



I love this whole project. I am fairly new to vanishing Inc’s book line, I’ve mainly been doing downloads; so it has been a fun experience learning through books. The fact that is the first book they ever did is super special to me and I love the material! It’s hard hitting card magic with practicality for less set up time and more engaging with the participants.



High Spot is a nostalgic book for me. When I was in high school and obsessed with sleight of hand card magic (like I still am today!), Caleb's book was released and I immediately adopted a considerable chunk of its clever, workable material into my repertoire.

Let me be clear: even if this book only featured ReSwindled - Caleb's elevated approach to Paul Harris' classic Reset that improves upon the original in every conceivable way and even adds a kicker - it would be worth the price. As it is, you get a dozen pieces ranging from good to excellent, with standouts like Caleb's flourishy Crystal Cut, his take on the Sympathetic Cards called 26!, and his commercial colour-changing deck effect Replicator.

I've long since parted ways with my original copy of High Spots, and I'm grateful to Vanishing Inc for this limited hardback edition so I can have it back on my shelf where it belongs.


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  • Jan Hendrik asks: Is this book forever Out of Stock ?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Not yet! But once it sells out, this particular 15th anniversary edition won't be reprinted
  • Richard asks: Caleb made significant improvements to 26! and included them on his lecture video. Are these improvements included in the new edition of High Spots?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This is a reprint of the original. But as a bonus, you will get his video download explaining the improvements for free.
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