Where Can I Learn Easy Card Tricks?

When most people think of magicians, two stereotypes typically come to mind: pulling a rabbit out of a hat and card tricks. While many modern conjurors have moved away from using live animals in their magic tricks in recent years, our fascination with playing cards remains as strong as ever. Yes, nowadays, some lean in to mind reading, coin magic and even Zoom magic, but our love of pasteboards remains strong.

Magician in tuxedo performs a card trick at the Magifest Magic Convention

So, Why Do Magicians Love Card Tricks?

For one, learning card tricks requires minimal investment. No expensive magic props. No need to go to magic conventions. Nearly everyone already owns a deck of cards (usually Bicycle playing cards) and the most popular resources for learning card magic are fairly inexpensive. Many of the best beginner magic books are even available for free at the library.

Additionally, while tons of gorgeous custom playing cards have been released in recent years, playing cards are, for the most part, universally recognizable -especially the classic Bicycle Playing Cards. Even those who only use them for a casual card game know the basics of playing cards. Combine this familiarity with the natural deceptiveness of every card looking the same from the back and you have the perfect recipe for magic.

Pick a Card, Any Card

We wouldn’t be shocked if you thought all card tricks go something like this:

An audience member chooses a card. After everyone but the magician has a chance to remember the card the spectator selected, it is lost among the other cards. Yet, even after putting the card on top of the deck, cutting the deck, performing some fancy cardistry flourishes, and having the volunteer shuffle the deck, the magician is still able to miraculously find the selected card.

Magician Juan Tamariz performs a card trick for a large group of people at the Magifest Magic Convention Photo Credit: Steven M. Koch

While this concept has been the basis of many iconic card tricks, there is simply so much more to card magic than a “Pick a Card” / “Find a Card” trick.

Card magic has a vast history filled with a lifetime’s worth of incredibly easy card tricks that are simple to learn and even more fun to perform. Most of them don’t require any difficult sleight of hand and are sometimes even completely self-working (meaning they require no moves at all).

Where Can I Learn Easy Card Tricks?

A magician fans a deck of cards in his hands Photo Credit: Kobe Michael (Pexels)

So, you got your deck of cards and you’re eager to learn card magic. Now what?

As mentioned before, there is no better place to start than your local library. Head to section 793.8 (the Dewey Decimal categorization for books on magic) and look for beginner magic books like the Mark Wilson’s Complete Course in Magic, Joshua Jay’s MAGIC: The Complete Course, Magic for Dummies or the Idiot’s Guide to Street Magic. In addition to being an incredible resource for beginner card tricks, these beginner magic books offer a variety of other easy magic tricks to learn from coin tricks, to rope tricks, spoon bending, mind reading, basic sleight of hand and more.

You can get everything you need from the comfort of your own home using online magic stores like us. In addition to beginner magic books and DVDs, Vanishing Inc. also stocks an incredible variety of instant downloads that allow you to start learning card magic right away from your computer, tablet or phone.

10 Easy Card Tricks You Can Learn for Free!

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In this 80-minute crash course on card magic, legendary card magician R. Paul Wilson will teach you all the card magic tricks and card sleights you need to know to start performing.

Learn Card Magic Now

Books vs Video

A big stack of various softcover and hardcover books for learning magic Photo Credit: Pixabay

So, what’s better to learn card magic: magic books or magic videos?

This debate has been waged by magicians for decades. The truth is, there are distinct benefits to both.

Magic books often contain more tricks and intricate details than a video. They also require you to carefully examine the text and bring it to life in your hands in your own unique style, as opposed to simply mirroring what you see on camera (one of the most common mistakes beginner magicians make).

Video, on the other hand, allows you to see exactly how a move should look or a routine should flow. This has undeniably expedited the learning process for many aspiring magicians and can help provide the confidence you need to start performing.

We encourage you to utilize the advantages of both. However, we do want to stress that you should always try to learn from professional magicians. While we know it’s tempting to head to YouTube, we would not recommend starting your card magic journey here. While there are some incredibly skilled magicians on YouTube, there are also a ton of individuals who have not yet practiced or mastered the move or trick they are teaching. Relying on YouTube as your go-to resource for learning card magic could potentially lead to bad habits and inferior techniques that will impede your overall growth.

Top Resources for Learning Card Magic

Still not sure where to begin, we’ve compiled a list of the Best Resources for Learning Card Magic. We have everything you need to get started on your card magic journey!

Learn More

A young girl in a Pikachu dress has a huge smile on her face after seeing magician David Williamson perform a card trick Photo Credit: Ari Isenberg

There you have it, a solid framework for learning card magic. Remember, even though many easy card tricks don’t require sleight of hand, they still must be carefully practiced before you start performing. Beyond the basics of the tricks, it’s also incredibly important to learn how to make each card trick entertaining. With a little practice, you can turn a deck of cards into a powerful tool that can be carried with you anywhere you go.