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App by Yves Doumergue (49.95)

A multi-phase act in your pocket. Transform a phone into your secret weapon with "Algorithm" by Yves Doumergue.

Predict the location and order of the cards in a deck with 100% accuracy. Don't be surprised if you get a few invites to Vegas after performing this.

Phase 1 - The Setup
Your audience shuffles the deck and selects five cards at random. The "Algorithm" is then pulled up on a borrowed phone and your participant enters any four of the cards. Impossibly, after processing the magical data, the "Algorithm" is able to reveal the unknown card.

Phase 2 - The Build Up
The cards are shuffled again and a 2-player game of Blackjack is dealt. Three of the four cards are put into the "Algorithm" and, despite the increasingly difficult odds, it once again perfectly guesses the unknown card.

Phase 3 - The Payoff
This time only three cards are selected. Two face-up, one face-down. The statistical odds of the "Algorithm" being right are through the roof. But, of course, it is!

Phase 4 - The Surprise
As if the first three phases weren't good enough, the final kicker ending using the full deck will knock them right on their butts.

Key Features of "Algorithm":

  • Self-Contained: Use your phone or theirs, even if they're in a different timezone
  • Use Your Own Cards: No gaffs or gimmicks needed, "Algorithm" handles all the heavy lifting for you
  • Customizable Settings: Customize the layout, setup, and even all the finer details of the routine to perfectly suit your needs
  • Dedicated Training Simulator: The perfect tool for ensuring you can rehearse the most important steps and always perform with confidence
  • Expert Instruction: Yves and Gregory Wilson will walk you through everything you need to know in the written instructions and video instructions that also include Gregory's personal routine that can even be performed without the app

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Customer reviews for Algorithm



Love It ??
To me it’s an amazing new way to do that kind of effects .

4 or 5 phases if you want to do Greg’s routine.

All of them are killers !

Needed to watch all of The videos to really understand the Coding ( but it’s just because I’m old and dumb )

Then when you got it , and it’s so simple really .
For a normal brain i guess will take you 5 min .

But next day had an issue and didn’t work anymore ? ( again i’m old ans dumb )
( was sure I did something wrong )
So I contacted Them even know was late and they answered me within 3 hours after 9 pm !!! Thanks so much for that .

Since then ( and yes it was me of course , the Algorithm is flawless ) it’s works every single time .

It really feels like Magic because it’s just impossible .

Will perform it , it’s a worker , can be different cards every single time !

Again soooo Easy .

Hope Nobody buys it but me :)

My Tips for The Kings : if you don’t need them for other routines just remove them .
Another Great Purchase from VI !

And Thanks Yves for this great piece of Magic :)


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  • Jason asks: Is this a digital product? I live overseas and prefer a digital product over a physical product.

    • 1. Jim answers: It is digital.
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  • Dave asks: Is this for Android, or Iphone...or both?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This will work for both
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