Magic by Mariano Goni

Undercover Matrix Magic download (video)
Undercover Matrix
Magic download (video) by Mariano Goni - 9.95

Mariano shows three original reverse matrixes he actually performs in his close-up show, at the Houdini Magic Theatre.Few coin effects have the...

Signed (US Currency) DVD
Signed (US Currency)
DVD by Mariano Goni - 80.00

This is the most straightforward signed coin transposition between you and two spectators. The most powerful and memorable magic is that which...

Defiance DVD
DVD by Mariano Goni - 39.95

Mariano Goni is an underground magician from Spain who has developed an amazing thread system that allows you to do things never possible before. At...

Haunted Revolution Trick
Haunted Revolution
Trick by Mariano Goni - 14.95

We're very excited about this new release from Mariano Goni - the cleanest and most astonishing, examinable haunted pack in the world. This is ......

Nut Waltz DVD & props
Nut Waltz
DVD & props by Mariano Goni - 110.00

A truly magical routine... Originally created by Marc Jacobs and one of the favourites of Vernon, the walnuts and glass trick remained...

Music Madness Trick
Music Madness
Trick by Mariano Goni - 64.95

An impossibly fair and amazing song prediction. They look through a selection of more than 150 songs from the last 50+ years and think of one in...

Interceptor Trick
Trick by Mariano Goni - 59.95

A squeaky clean card to number effect using a normal deck of cards. "Interceptor" is a a specially designed app by Mariano Goni that...

Melting Point - New Edition Trick
Melting Point - New Edition
Trick by Mariano Goni - 75.00

You can astonish people with this miracle effect, with only a coin and a glass surface, a table, a window, etc. An easy to master method, now clearly...

Innovative Card Magic DVD
Innovative Card Magic
DVD by Mariano Goni - 34.95

Learn fresh tricks and techniques from Europe's Close Up magician Mariano Goñi, the mind behind the world famous "Melting Point" effect! In...