DVD by Mariano Goni
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DVD by Mariano Goni (39.95)

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Defiance - magic
Defiance Defiance Defiance Defiance Defiance Defiance

Mariano Goni is an underground magician from Spain who has developed an amazing thread system that allows you to do things never possible before. At Vanishing Inc. Magic, what we're looking for is PRACTICAL thread methods, because we have no use for cool animations that you simply can't do live. This is the real deal. If you want to expand your thread work beyond loops, this is a great tool. It allows you to float objects, keep your hands quite far from them, and perform in normal lighting conditions. 

With Defiance, you are able to harness the power to animate small objects in new and impossible ways. Each routine is modular, hard-hitting and contains multiple methods so you can customize each routine to suit YOUR personal performing style. The package comes with EVERYTHING you need, so you can start performing the impossible TODAY! Here's what you get:

The Incredible Spinning Card:
The magician throws a borrowed credit card several feet away and it hovers in MIDAIR without the magician or spectator any where near it. On the magician's command, he is able to cause the spinning card to fly back to him, as fast or slow as he wants! Includes how to get the spinning card to float through a spinning hoop.

In The Air Change:
Imagine showing a small piece of paper with a dollar sign drawn on it. The magician crumples the paper into a ball and it begins to levitate. The magician can walk away from the floating ball and go to his case to retrieve a lighter. He burns the floating ball to reveal a bank note in its place, STILL FLOATING IN MIDAIR! Includes how to use the In The Air Change to produce and float a borrowed, vanished finger ring at any point.

Floating Bill:
You think you know, but you have no idea. A borrowed bank note is crumpled into a ball and levitates. It floats inexplicably from hand to hand. You can then borrow a hoop earring or a bangle from a lady and pass it around the bill before handing the bill back to its owner.

Bonus! Floating Cigarette:
Mariano tips the most impossible levitation of a cigarette known to man. A cigarette floats on the middle of a crowded restaurant table. While in midair, the magician borrows a finger ring and passes it around the cigarette; both objects can be examined. Learn this ingenious method and how to construct the gaff in complete detail. The items required are easy to obtain via most craft stores.


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I am giving this an excellent review because I was lucky when learning the effects in defiance. I thought I was getting another close up effect that would sit in a drawer never to get used. Instead I got a pice that will be added to my stand up show. I bought this effect because it made me excited and it still does, however people should know that these effects are for a formal performance setting. These are not effects you can whip out at a moments notice or set up on the fly. They require a designated performance area you can set up ahead of time. (There is one effect out of the three you can do in a walk around setting.)

All that being said the effects in this product are phenomenal. I never thought I would put levitation in my show but this DVD has convinced me to. I hope everyone else that gets this DVD puts the time and effort to make these effects look extraordinary.


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