Haunted Revolution

Trick by Mariano Goni
14.95 Possibly discontinued.
Email me if it becomes available again.
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Haunted Revolution

14.95 usd

Trick by Mariano Goni (14.95)

Possibly discontinued.
Email me if it becomes available again.
Haunted Revolution - magic
Haunted Revolution Haunted Revolution Haunted Revolution Haunted Revolution Haunted Revolution Haunted Revolution

We're very excited about this new release from Mariano Goni - the cleanest and most astonishing, examinable haunted pack in the world. This is ... Haunted Revolution!

It looks like this. You hand your spectator a deck of cards to shuffle, (it can even be a borrowed deck). You ask another spectator to name a four-of-a-kind, for example the queens. You spread through the deck face up and upjog the four queens to show they are mixed into the deck. After the spectators can see they are indeed in various positions within, you return them into the deck and shuffle even more. You even spread them once more face up to show the queens are still mixed in.

After a quick demonstration of how a gambler may find four-of-a-kind, you place the deck face down on the table. Showing you have nothing in your hands, you cast your hands over the deck and the magic happens - the deck cuts itself in half. As if that wasn't enough, with another wave of the hand, four cards fly out of the deck. As your spectators turn them over they are indeed the four queens. Everything is fully examinable immediately.

Haunted Revolution is a real "start clean-end clean" hookup, and allows you to shuffle before, during and after the effect. Any named four of a kind shoots out of the pack!

There is also a single card version in which the spectator merely touches the card. It is never removed from the pack, yet the magician is able to command the deck to open by itself, and the selected card shoots out from the pack and once again, everything is fully examinable immediately.

  • No reels
  • No loops
  • Completely examinable
  • Easy to do

Your purchase comes with the necessary gimmicks to accomplish the effect, as well as the bonus effect 'Rotor Transfer' - the classic effect of a hummer card, simplified and with a killer ending - the magician transfers a flying credit card to his assistant with no skill required!


Customer reviews for Haunted Revolution



While this effect is well thought out and original, I'm sorry to say that unless your spectator is sitting directly across from you, no where near the table, then yes, this effect is good. I don't want to get into methodology here but the spectators in the video are either literally blind or they know how the trick is done.


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