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App by Lloyd Barnes and Owen Garfield (39.95)

Cognito - magic
Cognito Cognito Cognito

What would it look like if you could genuinely read minds?

Magicians and mentalists have debated this for centuries. They’ve searched high and low for ways to crack the code to this age-old question. While many have tried, few ideas have come as close to looking like genuine telepathy as “Cognito”.

This revolutionary magic app, which has been called “the best magic app of the decade”, enables you to harness the unimaginable power of divining a thought that only exists within a person’s mind. No writing, typing, speaking, pointing, forcing, etc. They think of something and you know it.

“Cognito” has taken a criminally-overlooked classic principle and reimagined it to thrive in a modern era. By implementing a variety of devious new methods, “Cognito” has made this principle completely invisible.

The spectator never says what they’re thinking of. They never write what they’re thinking of. They never point to or tap on anything. The only place that thought exists is in their own mind. Yet, they still manage to invisibly reveal to you what that thought is.

“Cognito” is incredibly versatile. You have a variety of different methods at your disposal. All of them are on display in the amazing presets that come with your purchase. As seen during the full performance in the trailer, there’s even some routines that are completely hands-off. One unbelievable concept even allows you to know what they’re thinking without having to peek anything.

Now, it is important to point out the subtle difference between a “free choice” and a “random thought”. While there is absolutely no forcing involved, the spectator does make their free choice within the framework of a routine. For example, if you’re doing a star sign routine, they’re going to think of a star sign. Other than that, they don’t give any other verbal or visible indication of what they chose.

While this might seem limiting at first, it’s actually the complete opposite. That’s because “Cognito” is fully-customizable. The built-in preset builder makes it extremely easy to do. You can truly create any effect with as many choices as you want. It has endless creative potential. The exclusive private Facebook group is also bursting with amazing ideas from other magicians that you can integrate with just a few taps.

Everything You Need to Know about “Cognito”

  • Know a thought that only exists in someone’s head
  • Super easy to perform
  • No memory work or mental calculations required
  • No internet needed
  • No forces needed
  • Comes with multiple effects built-in
  • Works in any language
  • Can be easily customized
  • Integrates with other magic apps
  • Works on both iOS and Android
  • Exclusive Facebook group access

"The best app of the decade." Craig Petty

"This is far more than an app, this is a tool that will open up a world of routining possibilities! First impressions... f$%@ing awesome!!!!" Michael Murray

"Cognito is genius. What an incredible tool with limitless possibilities. 11/10" Christian Grace

"The more you play with Cognito, the more powerful it becomes." Rory Adams

"Wait, what?!? Hahaha. Love it! So, so smart." Mark Elsdon

Please Note: “Cognito” must be performed on your phone. However, after watching the tutorial, you’ll realize that this is completely organic. Unlike other magic apps, the effects you perform are structured in a way that wouldn’t make any sense for you to use someone else’s phone.

Cognito is not compatible with iPhone 7 and previous models.


Customer reviews for Cognito



The effects that this app provides is very impressive. I've had the app for 24 hours and have performed 4 different routines on friends and coworkers - each one being unique. The 1h 22m video is helpful. But some points could be clarified a bit more. ACAAN isn't explained in the video and I have yet to figure out what the opening screen is for. Maybe I missed it. That's the only glaring issue I have with the entire app. I have used this approach for years with custom made cards with numbers from 1 to 60, this definitely takes the performance to another level. I expect this will be a trick I use at every venue. I'm a professional hypnotist and I use mentalism to build rapport with potential subjects. This is an easy way to impress and build rapport and blow their mind.





Overall an amazing product which amazing for anyone coming into magic as it is easy to master yet gets incredible reactions. I would highly recommend for all ages as it is easy to use and is a very powerful effect that will always be on your phone whenever you need to use it.





Great, it was so clear and I do not have any questions at all. Just I would really like that lloyd also would use an android divice because the bar lines are different, so I was a bit scare that with my android divice, the spectator could see how something appear from nowhere, because in my case, the lines doesnt have the days, its just black, si for other effects that I use my gallery, it can be weird. But maybe it is just a magician overthinking. But it is a great app





This is a great app. It does what is says it does. It's so easy and fooling!!! This is totally recommended!



Cognito is fantastic in every sense of the word. The customizability is endless, and the Facebook group has so many additional routines and ideas all the time. The app is well-developed, but not without bugs. I’ve come across, and reported, a fairly large bug a number of times, but the reports have so far been ignored. That part is rather frustrating, but I’m still giving it the highest rating because the developer is generally responsive and the app does its job well. It’s just that the particular bugs I’m concerned with must be lower on the priority list. I’ve been pairing this with another magic app called Hydra, and it’s a fantastic combination.



Great fun, practical and portable. I’ve added interim images to some routines to enhance my storyline. Great to perform to kids and adults. Routines can be intriguing, amusing and even ‘dark’. It’s also possible to create your own routine and even share it. Recommended (but don’t buy it if you perform in my area!)





What yo do just to get started.
You will receive several Emails.
1. Same email has two user log ins, but only one is active, this then goes to pay pal.
2. You receive the app this has a link for a PDF too.
3. You receive another with the nine tutorials.
Also in your vanish inc folder is two more downloads, one is the repeated PDF.
The PDF is repeated severall times, so are some off the videos repeated too.
Once you get this far phew.
There are only titles on three videos, which are two named as,
set up
Both off these are the same (repeated),
The rest are just random numbers.
One video without a title just a random number he explains how to get the app, and the videos, but you have to do all the above first, before you can watch this video,
Its Bonkers.
and with in the other videos are at the start, the updated set up versions, which as i didn't realise this, as i wondered why when i watched first vidro, the set up videos, why the horoscope didn't work, as this is what he explains in the numbered video, on how to reveal gemini star sign only,
(no idea how you do the other star signs) you need to watch the other video with a number header to understand the full set up only, for the horoscope.
Another video he is trying to explain how the app was invented, and he just rambling on about horse racing,
(its called the binary system),
Another part off a video is he is too wide, so i had to use a zoom to watch it, another part his voice had a delay on this video.
One off the routines
isn't reliable, sometimes it would give the correct reveal,
another time it would give the wrong reveal.
This is one with great pleasure I put in the Bin.



This is one of the better apps out there. I would give it more that 5 stars if I could. Also, join the FB group and you will get a ton more ideas and effects you can do with Cognito. Even if you don't, Lloyd teaches you how to create your own routines. And the routines preloaded in the app are also very good.



Nicely explained



You can start performing this out of the gate. However there is some set up that requires you to know your way around your device. Lloyd will walk you through it and the Facebook group is very helpful as well. if you easily get frustrated with tech get some one to help you.

The built in effects are cool but the power of this app really lies in it's customization. For those of us that are good in photoshop/pixelmator or sourcing images from the web, the possibilities are limitless.

You can straight up customize this for any occasion if you can create/source the images.

The facebook group is full of people uploading routines so you don’t even have to create any, just choose the one that best suits your style.

As for me I’ve already done Peanuts, Back to The Future and King of the Hill.




Cognito is absolutely amazing. In my opinion, for it's price is one of the best magic apps in the market. The power of this app is huge, and the option to create new routines, makes it even better.
There are a lot of updates with a lot of new things to improve Cognito, now you can even perform it using your instagram profile.
There's a Facebook group where people post a lot of new presets and tricks to do with Cognito, there are some amazing ideas.



Believe the hype this app is so so good.. the original act in its self is awesome then you add in the peekless part that makes it even better and the Facebook group is top notch with so many people and top magician's sharing there files and ideas that will make sure this app never gets old or boring. 5*'s



The app isn't perfect and has its bugs and quirks, but the effect you can perform with it, it can be powerful and puzzling even when the spectator tries to wrap her head around it. I love that this app tries to do well just one simple thing. The app has a bunch of routines already setup for you, but it also lets you create your own routines, which is what in the end you would probably want to do. The tutorial is extensive and in-depth (~90min). Clearly this works better when presented in an informal situation or– as suggested –during a pre-show.



I saw a 3 star review. Bad review. I have ever magic app out. This one is amazing. Guess he didnt watch whole video. 5 stars from me. The fact you dont have to look at phone is priceless. If you understand video it is totally custom. And this is coming from a guy that spends thousands a month on magic. This one is a keeper.



Bought this upon waking this morning. An absolute gem, so many uses, so customizable, everything the modern age of magic is gifting us in this new golden age and more. I have not put it down and will have to make excuses for not turning up for work today.



Very clever application of a mathematical principle! With this app, it's possible to get truly astonished reactions.
However, that depends on the participant in the trick telling the accurate state of everything relevant on the screen, and that happens only about 80% of the time. When the participant makes any mistake, the effect is simply a dud. There is no sure solution for that unfortunate situation.



Clever stuff and can be impressive. The issue fir me is that routines like this scream ‘app’. Worth doing to create a surprise but not viewed as ‘magic’ by many. Fun though



I don't usually write reviews, but overhyped stuff that doesn't live up to the hype is something i concern my self with, i tried to give this a chance , i've been doing this all day and watching the Facebook group ,i just knew the app was doomed from the start ,no amount of new ideas and routines will salvage this, first of all ,this app is not fool proof, you will fail many times and you have to instruct your audience to do too many unjustifiable things, you will keep changing parameters to try to work this routine out it just doesn't work, first of all, this app is based on one very old principle that every kid and their grandmother know ,the first inp method wouldn't fool anyone and the second one requires instructing the audience to think fast and check thoroughly and the third one is just buggy and is too obvious for anyone that knows technology , i admit that the first reveal is awesome but it's just a quirky thing and doesn't seem that impressive when you think about it, and i will give credit where credit is due ,the peekless peek is impressive, but other than that, i am really disappointed, I just can't believe i wasted my money on this, there are much better apps and methods to do what this app fails to do.


Community questions about Cognito

Have a question about this product? It's possible others do too. Ask here and other Vanishing Inc. Magic customers will be able to respond with assistance! Alternatively, email us and we can help too.

  • Tom asks: Okay. I'm sorry but this is a great example of what VI should not be letting through for marketing. It weakens integrity on all levels. While I understand this is a pre-order, just exactly what is this a pre-order for ???'s an app. Yeah, it's somehow in a mentalism arena..... but for what? Doing what? There is literally nothing indicated in the trailer as to what he's even doing, revealing or even talking about. Just a spectator being amazed (and at what, we have no possible clue because even that is out of screen shot). Knowing nothing about this product, I could have made this video. I mean this is worthless marketing. There isn't even a description of the effect either. Can we please raise our standards here? VI, can you please stop accepting thes kinds of worthless trailers and institute some standards for folks who want to sell their effects? It really does cheapen VI to be promoting this kind of worthless and deceptive trailer.

    • 1. Robert answers: Totally agree. And the woman's over the top reaction, which I doubt Houdini, Copperfield or Vernon could elicit, is really off-putting (and not even funny if that was the intent).
    • 2. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Hi Tom and Robert - Thanks for commenting. Many of your concerns are alleviated if you read the accompanying ad copy. After a final round of beta testing, Murphy's had to delay the launch by a week (ironically enough, to finalize some of the advertising materials). The app was actually supposed to launch last week (week of Oct. 11). Despite the promotional materials delay, the app itself was finished. And there was a select group of very eager magic app users that wanted to get their hands on it and didn't care about seeing a trailer or product photos. As such, Murphy's allowed early access. This basically enabled anyone who trusted in the basic explanation of the effect (that was featured in a private "Cognito" Facebook group) to purchase access to the app early. After being given a copy of the app to test, we determined that it met our high standards and would like to make it available to anyone in our Vanishing Inc. family that belongs to this group of avid magic app suers. When the app is officially released (expected: Oct. 21 or 22, 2021), this page will be updated with complete details and a new trailer. NOTE FOR ALL CUSTOMERS: If you are reading the answer to the question and the ad copy above does not have "Please Read Before Purchasing" in bold letters and the page is not listed as a "pre-order", then everything discussed in this question is no longer relevant and will not make much sense. This question was asked when a different early access version of the product page was available. If the page has been updated to feature the full product details and a full trailer, everything in this question can be disregarded.
    • 1. Robert answers: Totally agree. And the woman's over the top reaction, which I doubt Houdini, Copperfield or Vernon could elicit, is really off-putting (and not even funny if that was the intent).
  • Alan asks: How up-to-date a version of the iOS do you have to have to do this on your iPhone? How recent a model of the iPhone? Can this be done on an iPad?

    • 1. Tom answers: HI VI...Thanks for updating the description etc. It very much helped to even understand what this effect even is. Understanding the back story you mentioned makes sense. However, I still feel a trick should not be released or allowed to market on the site until a potential consumer can even understand what they're trying to market. I, of course, wasn't trying to imply that VI had low standards on all or most of the effects sold on the site. I, in fact, do believe the opposite. The fact you were willing to share my non-glamorous comment on the site does show your high standard of full transparency so thank you for that.
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  • Robert asks: Is this a shipping item or a download? I thought this is an app??? Little confused now because it says "shipping costs" upon checkout... can you please clarify it? Thanks, Robert

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It is an app but you receive a physical card with your unique access code.
  • Gerardo asks: Can the question be when is someone’s birthday? Like 1-365 chances?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Unfortunately not. That would be a bit too complicated.
  • Wolfgang asks: I've looked at the explanation twice now, and it never explains how and where to peek the indetity of the Card. Either I missed something, or this explanation forgot about the ller most essential information. Where do I get the peek??

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Hi there! Please email our Customer Support Wizards at and they'll be able to help you out.
  • Alan asks: I repeat my question, since no one has bothered to answer it and it is a pretty simple one that Vanishing Inc. must surely know the answer to: How up-to-date a version of the iOS do you have to have to do this on your iPhone? How recent a model of the iPhone? Can this be done on an iPad?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This works with iPhones that have iOS 12.0 or later. While it can work on an iPad, it will look better on a phone.
  • Yau asks: Is it purchase for a “real” product shipping to me or just a “code” email to me ?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This purchase provides you with the code needed so you can use the app.
  • Victor asks: If I purchase this app will I have any issues redownloading it if I were to get a new phone? Will my access code work again?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You create a log in so all you would need to do is log into the app.
  • Sharon asks: Would this be suitable for a determined 11 year old?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes! It's very easy to understand and perform.
  • Eric asks: I received a few video downloads and an activation code in an email for an app, but no app. Will the app be mailed to me?

    • 1. Jim answers: There should be a instructions in the e-mail. Check your spam. If it is not there, contact customer service.
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  • Kendra asks: Is there any editing in the performance and do you have to drag it out that long can it be short

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: There is no editing in the performance. Depending on the routine, you can make it a little shorter.
  • Nathan asks: Do you have to have a apple watch or a extra phone?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: No extra phone or apple watch is needed.
  • Jeffrey asks: Can you use the app on two devices? Say, iPhone & iPad? Because I want to perform for a group, I want to use the ipad. But for more casual occasions, the iPhone is more practical. Thanks.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: I believe you would be able to do this no problem
  • Tanner asks: Is there any way I can buy this as a code sent to me email instead of it getting mailed to me

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Please email our Customer Support Wizards at
  • Logan asks: Dose this work with all new phones

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes!
  • Andre asks: Is Cognito transposable in French language ? Thanks

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It is possible to make up templates that are in French. While the templates that you get have some English on them, most of them are universal images.
  • George asks: Does it work with Droid phones? Or is it only an I phone/apple?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Works on both iOS and Android
  • Prateek asks: If I use the code on my Android phone, but later want to upgrade to ios, can I use it again?

    • 1. Jim answers: I believe that it is account specific. So, if you log in with the same account each time, you should be fine.
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