Tarbell Course in Magic

By Harlan Tarbell
All 8 books for 242.95
Also available individually
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Tarbell Course in Magic

242.95 usd

By Harlan Tarbell

All 8 books for 242.95 | Also available individually

In stock

You hear this set talked about often, and it’s one you should own. But in the interest of honesty, let us tell you WHY you should own it, which may not be the reason you’re thinking of. 

There’s very little in Tarbell you can read and perform AS IS. It was written long ago, and the style is quite brief in most cases, covering a huge amount of material and not leaving a lot of space for each item. Tarbell is also not a series of books you can read cover to cover, page by page.  

But, they are CLASSICS for this reason: you can grab any Tarbell book, open to ANY page, and find absolute GOLD, absolute cleverness, and an idea you will have never heard of. Here, I’ll do it right now: I just opened to a page with THREE VERSIONS of a liquid production. That’s a trick I’ve always liked, and here are three ways to do it. 

If you can, get the whole set: that’s where the value is. You’ll have the most valuable reference tools in magic (and they look GREAT on a shelf).  

If you can only get one, get Tarbell 7. Here’s why: Tarbell was written by Harlan Tarbell, but Harry Lorayne “guest” authored # 7, and it came at a time when Lorayne was really connected to the New York magic scene. He put some MARVELOUS stuff in this volume, and this is the one volume I do read cover to cover because it’s so good. Lorayne’s writing is thorough here, and I find it easier to read than the other volumes.  

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The most respected course in magic! The classic volumes cover every aspect and interest in the art of magic performance. A must have for every magic library!  

8 hardcover volumes in all. More than 100 detailed lessons in all aspects of magic and magic performance. Totaling more than 3370 pages! 


Also available individually:

Tarbell Course in Magic - Volume 1

Included in this volume: History of Magic, Magic as a Science, Sleight of Hand with Coins, Coin Tricks, More Coin Tricks, The Thumb Tip, Impromptu Tricks, Bill Tricks, Mathematical Mysteries, Effective Card Mysteries, Impromptu Card Mysteries, Mental Card Mysteries, Card Sleights, Novel Card Mysteries, Restoring Torn Papers, Rope and Tape Principle, Handkerchief Tricks, Knotty Silks, Eggs and Silks.

Tarbell Course in Magic - Volume 2

Included in this volume: Pleasing Your Audience, Magic with Wands, Double Paper Mysteries, Magic with Coins, Cigarette Magic, Card Manipulations, Selected Card Mysteries, 17 Rising Card Methods, Egg Magic, Billiard Ball Manipulation, Handkerchief Magic, Rope Magic, Ghostlite Mysteries, Low-Cost Illusions.

Tarbell Course in Magic - Volume 3

Included in this volume: Routining a Magic Show, How to Make People Laugh, Intimate Magic, Conjuring with Currency, Modern Coin Effects, Fundamental Card Sleights, Card Mysteries, Card Stabbing, Novelty Handkerchief Magic, Color Changing Silks, Rabbit and Dove Magic, Illusions.

Tarbell Course in Magic - Volume 4

Included in this volume: Novelty Magic, Thimble Magic, Swallowing Needles and Blades, Unique Card Magic, Novelty Rising Cards, Card Transition Tricks, Mental and Psychic Mysteries, 10 Thumb Tie Methods, Chinese Linking Rings, Magic with Ribbon, Silken Trickery, Slate Tricks, Illusions.

Tarbell Course in Magic - Volume 5

Included in this volume: Unique Magic, More Unique Mysteries, Four-Ace Effects, Modern Mental Mysteries, Hat and Coat Productions, Oriental Magic, Original Oriental Secrets, Tarbell Hindu Rope Mysteries, Modern Rope Magic, Magic of the Bambergs, Magic with Bowls and Liquids, Illusions, Publicity and Promotion.

Tarbell Course in Magic - Volume 6

Included in this volume: Novel Ball Magic, Unique Card Effects, Novelty Magic, Rope Magic, Mindreading Mysteries, X-Ray Eyes and Blindfold Effects, Silk and Rope Penetrations, Escapes and Substitutions, Spirit Ties and Vest Turning, Modern Stage Magic, Stage Productions, Magic as Theatre.

Tarbell Course in Magic - Volume 7

Included in this volume: More Mental Magic, Card Magic, Rope Magic, Novelty Magic, Money Magic, Silk Magic, Illusions You Can Make, Late Arrivals.

Tarbell Course in Magic - Volume 8

Newest addition to the Tarbell Course, this volume contains original material on many aspects of magic performance, including tips, routines and more. For many years this was the "lost" volume, the one volume of secrets that was not supposed to be released to the public at large.


Customer reviews for Tarbell Course in Magic



For years I’ve seen these books being sold at magic car boot sales but had always dismissed reading a book over a DVD. After discovering vanishing inc passion for books and having sat at Blackpool listening to Steven Frayne lecture, I started to wonder are books the future. It’s often said if you want to keep a secret write it in a book as no one reads books anymore. I can’t agree more with this statement and upon reading these volumes I’ve found ideas, and tricks which I’ve paid three times the money for one effect that is based upon principles within these pages. Every trick I see today has some form of development from Tarbell. I bought Volume 3-8 and have not been disappointed. The whole chapter in Volume 5 on the Ace’s routines is worth its weight in gold. Truly this series of books is here to stand the test of time. If you are new to magic or a seasoned pro you’ll find something in Tarbell you will use. I’d recommend buying these books over the next marketed effect just because it’s shiny and new, break away from the crowd and start reading Tarbell today.

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There is a reason for these books to be recommended by many magicians, and it's because you can find reference to all sorts of tricks, from coins and card tricks to stage props and illusions. Some of the tricks will fit for you just as described in the book, while others will inspire you but might require additional work on the methods. You can definitely follow it as a course, going lesson by lesson, as it was initially planned to be. But you are probably going to look for the subjects you are most interested into, which is fine, but I would recommend that you go through the pages of all books. Also, some silk moves might work with ropes for example, so you should keep that in mind too.



Though the text is 100 years old it's a great foundation for any new magician not knowing where to start or the experienced magician looking for something different and would recommend for anyone. Most principles still hold true and having a hard copy in your collection is a must



Wow! You will NOT be disappointed! This is incredible, even though I've heard about these for so long it didn't give them justice. An absolute GOLDMINE! It has everything! Other magicians refer to these, you'll refer to them. Although book number seven is a little easier to read, it has an entire section on novelty magic which you won't be able to perform without said novelty items and an entire section on illusions which are make at home illusions but anyway, still highly recommended! I hope this helped.



If you can, buy them. No better book on magic can be bought.



This is a treasure in Magic ..... with all the DVD's And down loads , this is something the " Modern young " magicians should pick up ! Classic Magic in book forum , such a wealjth of information, grab a volume and learn a classic in magic . So many hidden gems in this course .... back in the day at our " Magic Club " our magicians would do a trick from this course .... wow. Would be the response...
Where is that latest trick from !!! The Tarbell course .... discover it ... Two thumbs up ???? ???? Classic magic ??



Without doubt the finest series ever released, make these notes your roots & you'll grow into a fine magician. The Tarbell Course in Magic is a wonderful resource!


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