Foundations: The Art of Stage Magic

Book by Eberhard Riese
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Foundations: The Art of Stage Magic

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Book by Eberhard Riese (69.00)

Possibly discontinued.
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Although the art of magic does not only consist of tricks and technique, roughly 99% of all magic books mainly deal with these topics. "New" tricks, techniques and moves, those seen by the lay audience, upstage all the other, behind the scenes, backstage elements, which are equally if not more important to a successful presentation.

And those important foundations are exactly what the current new publication of the German Sic! Publishing company sets forth.

Eberhard Riese, director of many successful magic acts, recipient of the 2006 Creative Fellowship of The Academy of Magical Arts and for many years editor of the German magic magazine "MAGIE", puts his cards on the table: expounding his experience and his knowledge of all the "other" aspects of the creation and development of a magic act.

Beginning with the finding of an idea, he describes everything which is important: the designing of a stage figure, the equipment, the props and effects, the selection of music (or patter), the focus and plot of a presentation and much more.

Numerous hints and tips which are really helpful to any artist aspiring to perform at their best!

Many examples are given from Riese's work in Stuttgart, so that one obtains a view into the working techniques used in the creation of many successful magic acts, among others those from Roxanne, Peggy Fox, Topas, Franklin, ChaPeau, Nils Bennett, Wave, Simon Pierro, Andy Haeussler, Dr. Marrax and other successful European magicians and Allied Arts performers, whose presentations were developed or improved with the techniques described in this book.

The book is a basic work in which no tricks are explained, but however, it contains everything you have to know for the magic and performing arts.

FOUNDATIONS is a book about the development and composition of a magic act.

180 pages, hard bound, with a foreword by Jim Steinmeyer, numerous photos completely in color.

Excerpt from the Book:

"Why This Book?"

"This book is most of all addressed to magicians who have already gained some practical experience as illusionists and wish to tackle a new act. It is intended to show them a possible route to an original, unusual magic routine. Only one route, mark you, and not the only one. Namely the route we have been following for years quite successfully in Stuttgart. I would like to pass others still so they can follow the same path - or any other!

These are the goals supported by this book."

Excerpt from Jim Steinmeyer's foreword:

"Something strange has been happening to Stuttgart. I first became aware of it years ago, when it became obvious to me, from many thousands of miles away, that this German city was turning out magicians - great magicians, creative magicians, innovative magicians - at a surprising rate. Perhaps it was something in the water? magicians from all around Germany were attracted there, made their pilgrimage and, like Lourdes, something miraculous was happening.

It wasn't until I had a chance to talk to Topas and Nils Bennett that I fully understood.

It wasn't "something", it was "someone", Eberhard Riese. here was the catalyst, the inspiration and teacher to great magicians. When I finally met "Ebs", the founder of the Stuttgart group, it was hard to believe that this quiet, modest man was really capable of such alchemy. And then I heard him talk about magic. (...) I believe that Eberhard Riese's careful work in magic is beckoning to us. Through this text, this wizard of Stuttgart will have the pleasure of reaching many more serious students. They will see him, and have an opportunity to make the most of their own efforts: creative, determined, and innovative."

Pages 180 - Hardbound


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