What Are Mesika Elastics and Magic Loops?

Yigal Mesika has been developing revolutionary magic for more than two decades. Join us for an exclusive look at the man behind some of the most iconic magic props ever made.

floating ring using a magic loop

Who is Yigal Mesika?

Yigal Mesika is an accomplished magician who has been perfecting his craft since the age of 10. Before his 18th birthday, Mesika was already a master of animation and levitation. Since then, he has traveled the world, visiting over 40 countries to elevate the art of levitation. Mesika has also lectured and performed at legendary venues such as The Magic Castle, Blackpool, EMC, Magic Live, and FISM.

An accomplished entrepreneur, Mesika is also the founder of Yigal Mesika Magic, the world’s leading brand in levitation. Committed to providing the best possible tools for those practicing the art of magic and mentalism, his inventions and creativity have inspired magicians worldwide. Mesika has designed and engineered iconic products like the Spider Pen, Tarantula 2 and Electric Touch. However, he is probably best known for perfecting and popularizing Loops, the revolutionary invisible elastic thread loops used on TV by magicians like David Blaine, Cyril, Dynamo and Justin Willman.

floating life saver

History of Loops

Loops are the brainchild of an innovative magician named Finn Jon who is often referred to as the “Father of Modern Levitation Magic”. In the mid-1980s Jon set out to transform how invisible thread was used. While many magicians had been looping long lengths of invisible thread to animate or levitate items for decades, he was the first to implement a more flexible and durable elastic thread. These loops of invisible elastic thread, which were originally called “Revolutionary Thread”, would eventually become more commonly known as simply “Loops”.

Loops are considered by many magicians to be one of the most impactful magic props ever released. As they are incredibly easy to use and can be carried anywhere, especially with the exclusive Innercircle carrying case, Loops are the most popular choice for magic tricks involving invisible thread like The Haunted Deck or Floating Bill. Their added durability allows them to also be used to move heavier objects for effects like the Haunted Sunglasses or Animated Spoon. The versatility of Loops is so vast, it took an entire Deluxe 2 DVD Set to cover the amount of magic tricks you can perform with these magic loops.

What are Mesika Elastics?

While there are a variety of invisible elastic threads available, Loops are specifically made with Mesika Elastics. This specially designed invisible elastic thread is considered to be the most flexible and functional on the market today by legendary magicians like Losander and Michael Ammar. Mesika Elastics can stretch up to 5x their original size and have been colored black and coated with a matte finish to diminish light reflection and optimize invisibility.

Mesika Elastics are the premiere elastic invisible thread for creating visual magic miracles. Due to popular demand caused by Loops, Mesika eventually released 100ft spools of this superior quality thread for magicians to use for their own invisible thread work or with invisible thread reels like Tarantula 2.


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