Trick by Yigal Mesika
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Trick by Yigal Mesika ($24.95)

In stock. Order in the next 7 hours, 15 minutes and it will go out today!
Innercircle - magic
Innercircle Innercircle Innercircle Innercircle Innercircle Innercircle
"This is cool, instant, powerful magic! Anywhere, anytime right in your wallet!"Cyril
Innercircle is the most elegant and practical solution to the problem of carrying and setting Loops. I'm sure magicians will love it. I know I do." Luis de Matos
"Yigal Mesika's Loops made miracles possible. Now, the Innercircle makes those miracles possible ANYWHERE, at ANY TIME. It's a no-brainer." Justin Willman

For the first time ever, three groundbreaking items in one package: 

  • Animated Miracles
  • Loops
  • The Innercircle

You will receive:

1. The patented Innercircle Card, the official carrying case for the most astonishing and versatile tool in magic, Loops! This custom-made carrying case was specially engineered to look like a credit card making it extremely convenient to slip right into your wallet, not only protecting your Loops, but also making them easily accessible. You can rest assured knowing that the Loops in your Innercircle Card are 100% protected from any amount of force or direct pressure.

2. One pack of 8 Loops®: one of the most practical and versatile inventions in the history of magic. Loops are used by masters like David Blaine, Cyril and Criss Angel to create simple but powerful miracles.

3. The groundbreaking guide to Loops, Animated Miracles, now revised and fully converted into the digital format. Detailed explanations and illustrated diagrams make all of the effects easy to learn.

Learn 10 unforgettable effects that are easy to master, as well as full presentations, tips, and subtleties.


  • The Animated Fork
  • Phenomenon Fork
  • Kinetic Power
  • The Floating Card
  • Jumping Fork
  • Mystery Glasses
  • Matchical Magnetism
  • Mesika Haunted Pack
  • Invisible Touch
  • The Floating Ring

Perform these effects instantly anytime, anywhere, and completely surrounded!


Customer reviews for Innercircle



This just arrived and it's great! I always wanted something to carry with me with pocket change, and I found this really helpful.



I remember the first time I performed Yigal's Haunted pack. There was a very attractive young lady in the audience and her response was one of my favorites. She simply said "That's not a trick, That's magic". I still perform it to this day in my social sets and it never fails to bring down the house. Let me tell you what I know. I know that if you are not using loops you are missing out on some of the simplest, most direct and organic effects you can perform for people in the real world. The unfortunate problem with loops is that having them at your disposal was a burden. Personally I had to carry around those little yellow envelopes, we all know and love, between the pages of a book tucked in my magic bag. Now with the inner circle card you can have up to five loops on your person at all times. Do your audiences and yourself a favor and get this. Your gonna love it.



Love this. Keeps your loops safe, secure and ready to go anywhere. Nice accessory for anyone interested in loop work.



A good way to carry your loops. Compared to "Loops only" you will get the same amount of loops (I got 8 and not 5 like advertised). So you pay 11 £ for 6 more tutorials and the innercircle-card, which is not this well made. For me the "hinge" looks not very durable (but not hard to fix if comes apart).
If you do not need the downloads this is on the expensive side, otherwise it's a good deal.



This is THE way to carry around Loops. Around your wrist leaves them liable to break, with Innercircle you can keep them in your wallet and easily access them at a moments notice for some seemingly impromptu miracles. If you do magic with Loops, this is an essential item. Only complaint is I feel the card could be of a slightly better quality, but if you take card of it, it should last a long time.



Really not worth it:
1) the actual packet of loops is slightly too big to fit into the InnerCircle holder. So what you end up with is a magnetic holder that can't close and thus will pop open accidentally. Which pretty much defies the point of buying a holder in the first place
2) while the tricks would be amazing if the thread was indeed invisible, it in fact is more like a single strand of hair - which most people could spot from a couple of meters away. Yes, on your wrist it might not attract notice - but when you have an object floating in the air people only someone with very poor eyesight (or too many drinks) would fail to notice what would look like a two strands of black hair

So overall, a total waste of money. I will try to perform this at a children's party - but given my daughter's eyesight is excellent, I don't hold out much hope that this will fool them for more than a few seconds. But it might at least amuse those kids who have undiagnosed myopia.


Community questions about Innercircle

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  • Ellis asks: How many loops do you get with this?

    • 1. James answers: You get one pack of Loops. That used to contain five—now they contain eight.
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  • Steven asks: How do I get the "Animated Miracles" manuscript advertised with the "InnerCircle" set? I do not see the download link in my Vanishing Inc account.

    • 1. Tony answers: You should receive the link on the package.
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  • Danila asks: What is the difference between these loops and the $ 10 magic loops?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You get the specially made carrying case for the loops with this version. It makes carrying and accessing the loops very practical.
  • Howard asks: Is the case available by itself? I already have the rest of the set.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Unfortunately not.
  • Heath asks: Can you keep on topping up the loops in the case or do you have to buy a whole new case just to get the loops inside

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Once you have the case, you can buy normal loops and add them into the case.
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