Unseen Force

Trick by TCC Presents
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Unseen Force

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Trick by TCC Presents (79.95)

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Unseen Force - magic
Unseen Force Unseen Force Unseen Force Unseen Force Unseen Force

A powerful and compact levitation system that can be carried with you everywhere.

TCC Presents dedicated nearly four years to developing "Unseen Force" to ensure it provides the ultimate practicality and impossibility with every levitation. Using a one-of-a-kind super discreet hook-up, "Unseen Force" allows you to easily present a variety of powerful levitation effects using borrowed objects such as playing cards, rings, bills, etc. at a moment's notice.

This system greatly reduces the possibility of the IT getting caught on your body or other objects. It also greatly reduces the ability of anyone suspecting you're using invisible thread. As anyone who has ever done levitations knows, as soon as someone suspects IT, the power of the magic is lost.

"Unseen Force" is 100% mechanical, so you never have to worry about batteries dying. It is SUPER EASY TO USE and allows you to do everything from moving and animating objects to possessing the powers of telekinesis. With "Unseen Force", you can tap into the deepest depths of your creative potential.

Set up is easy. Once it is set up, the gimmick stays inconspicuous, secure, and out of the way when not in use. Providing peace of mind as you are able to go about your day normally while being ready to perform at any moment. The position of the hook-up allows you to obtain the gimmick in an easy manner and using a completely natural action. It is highly versatile and adaptable, allowing for flexibility when performing.

You an also use Unseen Force in a short-sleeved shirt. No jacket is required, meaning you can perform with it even in hot or humid environments. The fact it also takes up almost no pocket space and has no plastic clips that can break make it perfect for every situation from close-up magic to table-hopping magic, strolling magic, street magic or even parlor magic and virtual magic.

Each gimmick is handmade to ensure the highest quality. It's also super easy to use. Even beginners or magicians with no thread work experience will be able to use "Unseen Force". Each set comes an hour-long expertly-shot tutorial video that clearly explains the concepts and effects needed to help you start performing miracles.

Everything you Need to Know about "Unseen Force"

  • Super easy to set up and use
  • Discreet and innovative hookup offers infinite new possibilities and applications
  • Can also be used for any of your favorite classic IT effects
  • High degree of freedom and range of motion
  • Unique winding method allows you to dispense 3-5 cm of IT with just a 1cm hand movement
  • Can be worn on your body all day or set up seconds before your performance
  • Perform in any conditions, anywhere
  • No jacket required
  • 100% mechanical (no batteries required)
  • Handmade with superior quality materials
  • Comes with super-strong IT
  • Can be re-threaded with any of your favorite IT brands
  • Comprehensive video instructions included

Customer reviews for Unseen Force



Literally brilliant, this over any other thread system ive seen easily (and I suck at IT)



It's a really cool concept in ITR. I don't think the R is as quality as Venom. With that said it is designed to operate slightly different to provide you the ability of always being ready.

The thread it is supplied with is very fragile. I haven't been able to perform one effect with it because I have spent most of my time fixing the snapped thread. I am hoping with time I get better at knowing its limitations. I am contemplating replacing the supplied thread with my Vectra. I don't really do ITR effects but I own them all (spider pen, tarantula, Unseen Force and Venom). I guess I am a dreamer. Of them all I have actually used tarantula in a few live performances with great results.

If you have the money and the know how it isn't a bad concept and I'm sure it will last for many many performances. By no means is the R poorly made. Just takes some work repairing breaks.



Original (4 stars): This is a pretty awesome trick! The mechanism used is amazing, and close up the spectator will not notice what is going on. The reason why I didn't give it a full 5 stars is because it is a technically complex device, and while it comes ready to go out of the box, if it needs to be repaired it looks like it would be a major pain to do so (I watched the full video on how to make repairs and I just know that if I tried to do it it would take at least 5x as long as the guy in the video took). But overall, it is totally worth it because the effect is as good as it gets. It's a 5 star effect but an overall 4 stars due to the possible complications that might arise from repairs.

Revised (3 stars): Remember in my original review I called out the possible headaches that might arise to repair it? It was even more annoying that I thought it would be. The thread is just so thin and invisible it makes it extremely difficult to handle for repairs and is probably also what makes it so fragile (it's also what makes the thread so great in the trick - it's pretty much invisible). 1 star durability, 5 star effect = 3 stars overall.

Final Verdict: Really cool, but I'm scared to death it will break while performing. I was extremely gentle with it while practicing at home, and just like that, poof, it breaks. So...maybe save your money if you want to avoid what is almost guaranteed frustration. I'd love to see a review from someone who has used this over and over again live in a performance to see how it's held up for them.


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  • Carlos asks: is the explanation video in English? or mute,follow me as I do. Iam tired or videos with not english explanations or mute

    • 1. Jim answers: It is in English.
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  • Andy asks: Can you use Vectra with it?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Any thread will work
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