Covert Reel

Accessory by Uday's Magic World
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Covert Reel

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Accessory by Uday's Magic World (15.00)

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Covert Reel - magic
Covert Reel Covert Reel Covert Reel Covert Reel Covert Reel Covert Reel

With a totally redesigned housing and new multi-connection feature, the "Covert Reel" is very easy to use and even easier to reset.

Each unit has been handmade by expert reel makers and includes super strong invisible thread that will last you for many years.

Once you feel the difference, it will be hard to use any other reel.

"Covert Reel" refills available separately.


Customer reviews for Covert Reel



Very pleased, comes with a video starts with instructions, followed by several very good tutorials, he demonstrates with white thread so a beginner can see how it's used and to perform, and there's no crocodile clips, Hoorah, it comes with magnets attached to the reel then it connects to a plate, can also use a safety pin, the thread is super fine, I've given this a few tests and its very smooth and silent running the thread on mine pulls out and retracts very nicely. Been nice if it came with a decent storage pouch, Otherwise it's the best one I've come across. I also bought a back up spool, just in case. Others similar IT Reels I've used do not come with replacement IT Spools so very pleased with this design and as it's easy access especially if you need to get to the thread around the spool, and very easy to replace a spare spool too. Great design, they thought of everything, Good Job.



Now for its price and quality, it is perfect, a must-buy. But be warned, the reel isn't very powerful if you want to do vanishes, and it doesn't come with instructions for the haunted deck.



I ordered 3 of shelves. Good Price-Quality. I am very satisfied.



Uuuaaooohhh Perfect quality price. And just what I was looking for



I own both Spider Pen Pro, and Tarantula by Yigal Mesika as well as Loops. They're great and all but I was surprised by this little reel. After seeing what could be done with two reels in tandem like the discontinued Venom I figured, for the price I'll just get two of these cheapy reels and mess around with them. Don't be fooled by the price. These reels are great. And I was surprised at how invisible the kevlar thread is. More visible than Mesika thread, but way stronger. I've always avoided kevlar and have stuck to a thread that isn't available on this site because I was certain the visibility can be dodgy. But hey, that's just the nature of thread work. I've never had a mechanical reel before. The main difference between the motorized reels and the motorized ones is that the tension is the same no matter how much thread is pulled out whereas the mechanical ones like these the tension gets tighter the further you pull the thread so you want a good strong thread with these. The kevlar's not too bad. They are cheaply constructed but they work just fine. And I like the magnetic attachment as opposed the alligator clips. If you're just getting into thread work, give these a try.



I recently bought a Covert Reel and I'm very happy with it.

I've always had bad luck with ITRs. I could easily break the thread in the time it takes to fry an egg, and then find it impossible to retrieve the end. The Covert Reel is different: while I managed to separate the ball of wax from the end of the thread within minutes, I followed the instructions for recovery and was back in bidniss (sic) in about as much time as it takes to tell the story.

Part of the reason probably relates to the design. Rather than a closed body with a hole for the thread, this reel has an open back. The bobbin is exposed (although recessed enough to protect it). The thread runs from a slot to the front of the reel, where the wax ball can sit parked until needed. The reel attaches with small disc magnets, one at each end. The Covert is incredibly quiet. Hold it up to your ear. Now pull the thread out a foot or two and let it go back, briskly, over and over. It purrs like a cat. Do the same thing slowly and I doubt you'll hear a thing.

I haven't played with the tension adjustment, although it looks easy enough--ditto reel replacement. Having watched the video, I don't anticipate a problem with either. Speaking of which...

The video is short and to the point. It has subtitles, but is mercifully free of the dorking around one finds in most magic videos. I would prefer an over-the-shoulder camera position--I think audience view is only good if you're training to become an audience member--but with this device it's not critical to learning.

The "rising card in wineglass" looks as good in real life as it does in the video. So does the "haunted pack." And the thread, while really very hard to see, even in room light, seems strong enough for the effect. The "tornado pen" (my main reason for buying the reel) really looks great at arm's length, and is surprisingly easy to do--I expected much more get-ready. The "floating tissue ball," while not to my taste, has a good idea for body hook-up; one I don't recall seeing before.

In short (!), the Covert Reel is an elegant solution for someone who'd like a simple, light, small, quiet, reliable ITR--at what borders on an absurdly low price



Love it!!!!! So smooth!!! Gosh I remember how clunky the old ones could be. But this one?? Fantastic!!!



I am really impressed at the quality and lightweight of these reels. I purchased two because I think they will be great tandem reels. They are whisper quiet and so easy to alter the specifics of the reel. I just love the magnetic attachments. This allows an easy on-off attachment and can still be attached with a more traditional safety pin if you wanted. These come with an ample amount of IT. There is a link provided for a short video explanation with a few tricks added in. You will probably want to pick up a small amount of Magician's Wax. The reels come with a ball attached to the IT but you will want more for later use. Enjoy.



This reel looks very user-friendly. The video did a very good job showing of you all the parts. Everything is easy to get to. You need very little effort to fix the reel or to tighten/loosen the reel's resistance. Very smooth movements. All in all a very nice reel. I look forward to giving it a real test.



Great to see Covert Reel back in stock again. Although you may not be able to lock it as such like some, this simple mechanical ITR is a great piece of kit for the price. The video instructions also has a few useful applications for the Covert Reel.



I’m sold. I’m going to buy another now. At the price point and the efficiency. This is a must have.



i just played around for half an hour , one of the magnet came off .the thread snap ,i tried hooking up the thread many times but to no avail . and the putty is in such a bad shape .


Community questions about Covert Reel

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  • Alonso asks: Does it comes with video instruction and routines?

    • 1. Tod answers: Hi. The Covert Reel does come with video instruction and effects. It shows how to take apart and fix/adjust the reel as well. This is a short video, however, there are many, many videos available to learn the tricks in more detail and number. These reels are versatile and can be used in tandem. (They also have a magnetic attachment unless you want to attach it differently).
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  • Mateusz asks: Hello, I got this product over a week ago and I really liked the elastics that are used in the reel. Could I buy such an elastic band somewhere? Please link if anyone knew. And another question, how to tie the elastic back if it breaks? Because it is not shown in the instructional video. Please answer, I need it!

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You can actually buy refill reels here
  • Mateusz asks: I just need rubber bands. Is there any way to contact the manufacturer directly?

    • 1. Jim answers: Try: or or Phone 919972046434
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  • Martin asks: Hello I read that this reel can be used in tandem. Where can i get information about it and how to setup two reels in tandem? Thank you ??

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Unfortunately I don't think we sell a product that teaches how to set up multiple reels. Sorry!
  • Mark asks: My question is: how do I respond to the guy who wondered about setting up two reels? I bought a product from you (and I see that you still carry it): an ITR produced by Surya Kumar. It is a dual reel. I was going to refer him to that. Now I'll go back to minding my own business. (Which, in this case, is writing a review. Or two...)

    • 1. William answers: Reference this product page, write up your response and send it to customer service. Once vetted and approved, it will be forwarded.
    • 2. Mark answers: Thanks very much. This Mark seems like quite an intelligent, helpful fellow, from whom we can all learn a lot about magic. He really... Okay fine this is Mark. I'll stop.
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  • Jesse asks: I ordered this product and it was fine for the first couple minutes. Once I loaded the video to explain how to work the tension things went downhill. Now I can’t figure out how to tighten it. Is there A secret to this that the videos don’t explain? I’m struggling getting the tension right at all. I’m not sure which way to twist the caps or even how to put it back together. Is there a more beginner friendly reel?

    • 1. Jim answers: To be honest, no reel is beginner friendly.
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  • Chad asks: Does this still come with a multi-connection feature? The last one I bought only came with one way to connect. I need the clothespin method. If you delete my question again, please answer via email. I need to know before I spend the money on another. Thanks

    • 1. Ralph answers: Mine did not.
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  • Willem asks: How much thread is on this reel?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Around 100ft
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