Ambitious Card Omnibus

Book by Stephen Minch and Daryl
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Ambitious Card Omnibus

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Book by Stephen Minch and Daryl (60.00)

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Here's a welcome surprise! The Ambitious Card Omnibus by Stephen Minch was a slim but dense volume dedicated to all the best phases of the Ambitious Card plot. There are standard handlings as well unusual phases that have been largely forgotten since its 1987 publication. The book is written by magic's foremost author, Stephen Minch, so you can expect high-quality and detailed instruction. And Daryl is at the center of the book, thanks to his FISM-winning handling of the Ambitious Card routine.

What's interesting about this new edition is that it includes a new chapter on Daryl's "Ultimate Ambition," which is fantastic ending for the piece, in which the deck is wrapped in rope to "sleight-of-hand proof the pack," yet the card still manages to rise to the top. This phase itself is thirty years old, yet hasn't been described in great detail in print...until now.

The Ambitious Card is one of the most magical and compelling in all of card magic. It has progressed since 1987, when this book was published, but this book provides an essential foundation of knowledge on which to build your own Ambitious routine. Highest recommendation for serious students and beginners alike.

Contents of Ambitious Card Omnibus

Introduction by Michael Weber

About the Limits of This Volume's Ambitious

Section One: The Routine

  • Introductory Phase
  • Exemplary Phase
  • The Double Turnover
  • The Double Lift Build-Up
  • The Top Change
  • For the Unambitious
  • The Bluff Pass
  • Up the Falls
  • The Pass
  • The Paintbrush Color Change
  • The Pop-Up Card

Section Two: Alternative Sequences

  • Four Opening Gambits
  • The Center Double Lift
  • The Hofzinser Spread Pass
  • Signed with Suspicious
  • To Boldly Go
  • Chapter Two: Further Ascentions
  • The Push-In Change
  • Tabled Ambitious
  • The Outjog Change
  • The Ambitious Miracle Change
  • Layers of Conviction
  • The Tip-Over Change
  • Two Bluff Insertions
  • The Tiltless Tilt
  • The Daley Leaper
  • The Impromptu Duplicate
  • Four Fifths of the Truth
  • The Whole Truth
  • The Kagemusha Principle
  • Ambitious Movie
  • The Finger-Clip Colour Change
  • Rise, Rise, Rise
  • The Triple Whammo
  • The Screened Leipzig Pass
  • The Ultra Move
  • The One-Handed Side Steal
  • A One-Handed Sequence
  • The Transfer of a Card
  • The One-Card Double Lift
  • The Ambitious Double Deal
  • The Ambitious Twins
  • Double Quick

Section Three: Four Finales

  • Four Finales
  • One for the Money
  • Under Foot
  • Ambitious One-Way
  • The Ultimate Ambitious

Chapter Four

  • Ultimate Ambitious Improved

An Index To The Ambitious Card In Print


Customer reviews for Ambitious Card Omnibus



Wow this is an absolutely brilliant book. I would actually recommend this for a committed beginner as it contains an incredible amount of useful sleights that have prolific use across many card effects. The combination of Daryl and Minch is just killer. Love this! Honestly!



The best (and the most complete as far as I know) collection of sleight, ideas, subtilities of the classic ambitious card theme. Daryl was a true master and the precise and detailed writing of Stephen Minch makes this book a must have for every card worker (not only the ambitious enthusiast!). I regrattably sold my original copy many years ago and bought the dvd. May God bless Vanishing Inc. for having republished this classic (in a georgious edition, by the way!). Don't forget to give a look to the other Daryl books re-published by VI - same excellent quality for a super Daryl trilogy! I can only give my highest recommendations.



What a treasure! There's so many possibilities for how an Ambitious Card routine can go. This book provides routines and rationale, clear instructions for each slight, and resources to go even deeper. I find myself referring back to this book all the time.



Daryl is the Magician's Magician-really well done and the graphics are excellent and easily followed.



The ultimate resource for Ambitious anything. This hardcover's got it all! The only thing I struggle with is trying to cut my Ambitious routine down to less than 4 ways to do it... This books made it so much harder because I want to do them all!



For those wanting to learn from one of the best, Daryl's "Ultimate Ambition” is an excellent source of material and inspiration. This new edition is beautiful to hold and to read. The extra section on Daryl’s closing is more than a bonus, it is worth the price of the book itself. A great addition for all fans of the Ambitious Card routines with plenty of ideas to spice up your pet version. Highly recommended.



Daryl's contributions to magic are legendary. His F.I.S.M winning Ambitious Card routine still holds up after more than 40 years. However, since this was originally published the standard for books on magic instruction has changed. Today we expect more photos/illustrations for each explanation. I'm glad I own the book but his Ambitious Card video provides a better explanation of the routine and the sleights used.


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  • Thi asks: Will this book be hard cover, or soft cover?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Hardcover.
  • Philip asks: Is this book a first edition?

    • 1. Ray answers: This is an updated edition. The original debuted in 1987.
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  • Antonios asks: Does this book have many step by step detailed pictures for making it easier to follow?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: There are a lot of detailed photos. If you are familiar with card sleights at all, you should have no issues.
  • Marcos asks: How many pages is the book?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: About 127.
  • Corrado asks: Hi, has this book the same contents as the Daryl's Ambitious Card project on dvd?

    • 1. James answers: In general, yes.
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