The Best Card Magic Tricks of 2023

Welcome to this round up of the best card magic tricks released in 2023. When it comes to performing magic with playing cards 2023 has been a fantastic year for new material. In this article, we’ll run down our best-selling card magic. We’re also including a couple of magic books, a magic download or two as well as standalone card magic tricks.

Switch One

Christian Grace

This was such an immense release, it broke our website! Christian Grace is one of our favorite creators and this shows the way he solves problems brilliantly. A card is on display, folded into quarters. A color, suit and number are named. The card is unfolded to show it matches the named card.

But, it’s so much more than that. Yes, you learn how to do what we believe is the best switch in the business. But, you also get a fantastic index. This means you can do almost anything you can think of predicting. A drink, a holiday destination, a favorite take-away food. You can even do bill switches and a Torn and Restored card.

Oh just watch the trailer and you’ll see just how clean this looks.


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The Oracle System

Ben Seidman

We snuck this one in, although it’s far from a traditional card trick. It uses 10 tarot cards, and superficially is a card matching effect. But it goes so, so much deeper than that. It allows you to appear to be able to tell a stranger things about themselves that they may not even have realised. Using a clever mixture of special cards, cold reading techniques (fully taught with the help of Luke Jermay) and intuition, this can be a life-changing experience for your audience. It has reduced people to tears, and is so powerful it certainly isn’t right for every performer. But if you want to make your magic more meaningful, it is certainly worthy of your consideration.


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The Boy Who Cried Magic

Andi Gladwin

Vanishing Inc. co-founder, Andi Gladwin is responsible for publishing all of our magic books here. He’d never written his own book, until now. This beautifully designed tome contains Andi’s professional card magic repertoire. Every wrinkle, every nuance explained in crystal-clear detail and there’s performances included of every trick too. Oh, and the trailer was epic. If you missed it, you’re in for a treat.


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Max Lukian and Giacomo Bigliardi

This download contains many creative uses for the Overlap gimmick. Although you don’t get the gimmick, you’re taught how to make it perfectly and all you need is some scissors and glue. A child could make one up in about 3 minutes. It’s super easy and allows for some incredible, impossible visual card magic. It includes 10 complete routines using this oft-overlooked but amazing gimmick. Upgrade your card magic today.


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Roberto Mansilla

There are not many books devoted to card magic on a platform. We’re honored to bring this English translation of an incredible book to the market. You will learn how to take classics of card magic and bring them to life for a larger stage and parlor magic audience. This artful and clever book will literally elevate your magic to the next level. Partially worthy of your review are Roberto’s work on A.C.A.A.N and Out Of This World.


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By Forces Unseen

Stephen Minch

Unavailable for years, Ernest Earick’s book was selling for huge sums on auction sites. Now is your chance to get it for a reasonable fee. When it was first released, people questioned of the material could actually be performed because it was so hard. The answer is yes, but this will take a lot of practise. The original sleight of hand and creative new plots will set your mind racing. If you enjoy learning challenging, but exquisite, magic, you need to get this book today.


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Christian Grace

Two tricks from Christian in the same article? Why yes. Yes indeed. “Pluck” is a download featuring Christian’s wonderful thinking for a piece of card magic that can be performed with a borrowed deck. A card is genuinely freely selected and lost in the deck. You then dribble the cards and attempt to pluck their card out. But, no! You mess up and pull out two cards. Neither are the selection. But, all is not lost. The cards make a number. Say a two and a six, creating 26. Count down 26 and there is the selection.

Christian has created a card miracle that uses no gaffs or gimmicks, but rather a clever mix of a tiny little bit of math, a small bit of sleight of hand and some really clever thinking to achieve a surprising and entertaining piece of card magic you’ll love learning and performing.


[Buy "Pluck"](/card-magic-downloads/pluck/

The Devil’s Picturebook

Derren Brown

Derren Brown was a card magician before he set the world on fire with his mentalism. This was originally released on VHS and was being sold for vast sums of money. It covers his thinking on emotional and hard-hitting card magic plus his ground-breaking psycological card work too. We digitally remastered the files and are delighted to offer this as a download for the first time. You’ll love learning these routines over this amazing three hour download. This is a rare glimpse into the way Derren thinks, the way he approaches the feeling that magic can give an audience and is likely to change your approach to magic too.


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Max Lukian

Another release from Max Lukian makes the list. This very clever gaffed deck will allow you to perform the most visual and arresting Triumph we’ve ever seen. It’s practical and easy and will knock your audience for six. But the deck isn’t just for Triumph, you’ll also taught a super clean Oil and Water that starts with just a few cards, but ends with the whole deck.


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Experts At The Card Table 2021


We’d be remiss if we didn’t include our one day convention devoted to card magic, as each lecture is now available separately for you to enjoy.


John Galsworthy on card palming  

Jeremy Griffith on moves, mucking, controls and more  

Kyle Littleton on original, off-the-wall original card magic  

Paul Wilson on card magic he’s not taught online before  

Mark Calabrese on false deals.