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Book by Roberto Mansilla (35.00)

Possibly discontinued.
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Naypes - magic
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Translated from the critically-acclaimed Spanish edition, Roberto Mansilla's Naypes is a masterclass in parlor card material.

This book takes an artful, intellectual approach to what makes for compelling card magic for a medium-sized "parlor" audience. A mixture of essays and material, this book will redefine the way you approach your work.

In "Eureka" Mansilla explores the venerable Any-Card-At-Any-Number plot with a thrilling stage version. Many versions of ACAAN have been published, but very few have been considered for a parlor environment, with every aspect thoroughly thought through. "Eureka" is ready to go right into your show.

"Outstanding" is a handling for the classic "Out of This World" plot, and it's a treatment that gets everyone involved and is presented in a way that solves the problem of being able to see what's happening from afar.

"Card in Envelope" is exactly what you would expect. But what you might not expect is just how polished and powerful this routine is. Mansilla has, as ever, thought through every detail in how to amplify the power of a close-up trick when reapplied to a larger environment.

In total, there are a dozen routines and three major essays, including a fascinating interview with Helder Guimarães, all of which work together to help clarify your approach to parlor magic with cards. In his preface, the great Roberto Giobbi writes, "I’ve had the pleasure of personally seeing Roberto perform several of the pieces described in this book, and I can assure you to the best of my knowledge and competence that he simply “gets it.” He’s one of the few blessed who knows what he’s doing, and he’s doing it well. Actually, extremely well."

Contents of "Naypes"

  • Acknowledgements
  • Preface by Roberto Giobbi
  • Introduction
  • Parlor Card Magic
  • Eureka!
  • Outstanding
  • The Different Forms of Icarus
  • Card in the Envelope
  • Two and a Half
  • On The General Card
  • Everybody’s Card IV
  • Thanks to Diaconis
  • What Does Oblivion Look Like?
  • Karl Germain and the Wineglass Principle
  • Appearing Cards
  • Hi Germain
  • Sunrise
  • Interview With Helder Guimarães

""He’s one of the few who knows what he’s doing, and he’s doing it well. Actually, extremely well."Roberto Giobbi

"Gourmet card magic that is designed to satisfy even the most refined palettes."Kiko Pasteur

"One of the most memorable highlights from my visit to Argentina was watching Roberto pick up a deck of cards and effortlessly, elegantly, perform ACAAN. And another highlight was when he explained his ingenious, elegant solution."Jim Steinmeyer

"Roberto’s "Eureka" is perfect. It looks impossible and the impact is stunning. This is what I look for in all of my magic."Michael Vincent

174 pages | Hardback

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Customer reviews for Naypes



This is a small book but packs a punch. I have learned quite a few trick from this volume but my favourite is the ACAAN. Its really, really clever and not hard at all. Its developed for Parlor, but with some good misdirection this can be adopted for close-up. All the tricks in the book are really excellent, there is no filler here. The production value of the book is excellent, the drawings are clear and informative. I can highly recommend this book.



What a beautiful book! Wonderful and original ideas for stand up card magic. Highly recommend!!!!



Naypes by Roberto Mansilla is an intriguing and clearly written book of parlor card effects, primarily based on classics. A highlight, as several others have noted, is Eureka, an Any Card at Any Number (ACAAN) effect. Part of the Eureka methodology is based on Barrie Richardson’s effect from Theater of the Mind which Mansilla thoughtfully credits. An advantage to the Mansilla ACAAN routine is that any card suit and value are just named, not selected. On the other hand, Eureka requires a set-up, so there are clearly pros and cons for each routine. The book also contains several engaging effects with wine glasses and versions of the general / universal card that appear to be strong and worth the effort to study, learn and perform. There is also a practical essay providing guidance regarding some of the conditions for parlor magic and how it differs from close-up magic.



My first love has always been card magic and this book has quickly ranked among my favourite works on the subject. Roberto Mansilla's deep thinking about parlour card magic is evident in every effect - all of which are excellent. His takes on classic plots are practical and workable, and I can't wait to try them on an audience when parlours are available for magic again. Highly recommended!



Hi @Joseph,
Thanks for your words. Since you wrote a Review (and not in the Question box) I have to write a review of my own book (Lol) in order to answer. About the Half Pass: The idea is that the card case is on the table and that you are in front of the table collecting the cards. Therefore, when you go to take the case, you have the natural cover to turn your body and do the half pass with BOTH hands, on the short journey to the table. As I put in the first essay, the ability to use the whole body is an advantage of the Parlor Card Magic. Gracias!Roberto.-



Normally I don’t take the time to write reviews, but I just got to spread the word about this must read book. See what I just said back there? “Must Read” This is not a phrase I take lightly. Anyone who wants to perform card magic in a parlour/ stand up setting should think of Naypes as required reading.



This is a must have for card workers, parlor workers, and stage workers.

If you are a teen starting out, and want some solid stand up material within your technical reach for a school talent show, this is a gold mine.

The writing is clear, the effects are strong, and the methods are practical.

With socially distanced shows coming back, an effect like “Outstanding” is a treasure. Lots of audience interaction, and no one is needed to come on stage. This makes it perfect for virtual performances as well.

The book itself is beautiful, hardcover, with a ribbon bookmark. This illustrations are gorgeous & clear.

This is a steal for the price.



This small book is packed with information and truly usable effects for a parlor show. Even if you don't use all the routines, the principles explained here (especially in the opening essay) will enhance your performances if you apply them. I read through this as soon as I got it and found routines I could actually do without devoting hours of my life to a single sleight. Instead, most of the deception here relies on timing and fairly simple moves. "Outstanding" is my favorite routine in the book, even though I probably won't perform it as written. After buying a few books lately that I know I'll never use anything from, it's nice to find one that is worth the money.



Roberto Mansilla has much to offer that is extremely useful in his "Naypes." Mansilla has taken a series of ten rather classic card plots that would normally be thought of as close-up tricks and has adapted them to more of a parlor or stand-up presentation. In addition, there are essays and an interview with Roberto Mansilla. Although the plots themselves I would say are nothing new, the adaptations and even methods are unique and worth learning, especially if you are wanting to perform for parlor-sized audiences. The quality of the book itself is beautifully produced by Vanishing Inc. It is a hard cover book with well done line drawings and a built in ribbon book mark.



I think I'm going to like this book, even though I've only read the two introductions and the first trick, "Eureka!" First of all, the book is beautifully typeset and bound, as I am accustomed to seeing with any book published by Vanishing, Inc.

That first trick, "Eureka!", sounds like one I'd like to learn. However, I think there may have been a problem with the translation with respect to one key detail. The author says at one point to perform a half pass with the bottom 14 cards, and that it can be covered by reaching for the card box. However, the only half passes with which I am familiar require a two-handed action. In the standard half pass, for example, the top hand acts as a cover while the other hand does the dirty work under cover of the top card(s) and hand. The fact that the author says that reaching for the card box acts as a cover for the half pass makes me wonder exactly what this move is. Is there a one-handed half pass? Or is some other kind of move intended, which in some manner reverses the bottom 14 cards?


Community questions about Naypes

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  • Daniel asks: Who did the translation?

    • 1. Roberto Mansilla (creator) responds: Hi! Rafael Benatar did it.
  • Montana asks: What’s the difficulty like here? Stoked for this release!!

    • 1. 75553 Federico answers: It basically ranges through all of the difficulty levels. Some items are almost self working, and rely on principles, while others use intermediate to advanced sleight of hand. All of the effects are completely doable, no pipe dreams here! One of my personal favorites is Roberto's version of out of this world, and it is as easy as dealing cards!
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  • Jiaxin asks: I am curious is Mr. Roberto from Spain or Argentina? I have heard from both. Thanks

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Argentina. You can hear him talk about how his location impacted his journey into magic in our podcast on Monday!
  • Jerry asks: Naipes means "deck of cards" in Spanish... But what is Naypes?... Perhaps a play on words that is going over my head?... Please educate me, thanks!... (PS Book looks fantastic!) ...

    • 1. Roberto Mansilla (creator) responds: Hi Jerry! “Naypes” (nay - peh) is the old spanish way (XVIII/XIX Centuries) to write “playing cards” (now you must write it “Naipes”). I had chosen this way to write it for three reasons: my love for card magic, my love for old magic books, and to emphasize the provenance of this one. Hope this Help. Thanks
  • Ben asks: How does this differ from Standup Card Magic by Roberto Giobbi?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Great question. All of the effects are different and of course, both have their own theories on how to perform powerful standup card magic.
  • Taliesin asks: Hi, Just wanted to ask if these tricks can be gotten into from a shuffled deck, or whether there is prep that has to be hidden from the audience? (How impromptu they are.) In particular, I'm interested in his version of Out of This World. Thanks for the help!

    • 1. Roberto Mansilla (creator) responds: Hi! I think that is fair to say that almost every trick can be done with a shuffle deck. Some of them need some order before being shuffled. About "Out of this World" I would repeat what Federico said above: " it is as easy as dealing cards!" Hope this helps. Thanks!
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