By Forces Unseen

Book by Stephen Minch
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By Forces Unseen

49.95 usd

Book by Stephen Minch (49.95)

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Rarely does card magic come along as strikingly original as that found in this book. When it first appeared in 1993, Ernest Earick's name was little known, and some questioned if the ground-breaking sleight-of-hand described could be done deceptively. The answer, of course, was YES, and By Forces Unseen became an underground classic. Out of print for years, copies have been snapped up, fetching prices of hundreds of dollars.

Among the effects taught in this truly remarkable volume you will find chosen cards that fly from the deck when you clap your hands, cards that materialize at your fingertips when someone concentrates on them, selections that pop from the middle of the pack with a flick of your wrist...and 17 other extraordinary events.

Behind the shimmering veil of magic you will discover a rich body of innovative sleight-of-hand that includes motionless one-handed bottom palms, slow-motion fingertip card steals, indetectable palm-to-palm transfers, refined riffle-shuffle work and more.

Seldom does one find a work of such determined invention and artistry. If you delight in baffling card magic and exquisite sleight-of-hand—in magic that puts you a running cut ahead of your competition—you'll want By Forces Unseen.

Contents of By Forces Unseen

  • Claptrap
  • Proteus
  • Jack Syna(ps)ces
  • Lonely at the Top
  • House Guest
  • The Longitudinal Swivel Steal
  • Thought Manifest
  • Bureau d'Échange
  • Kato-nine-tails
  • Yours, Mine, Yours
  • Alone in a Crowd
  • A Flippant Triumph
  • Bottomland Aces
  • Double Damned
  • Cross Purposes
  • Lustig for Life
  • One Shuffle - One Winner
  • Poker Blind
  • Tandem in One
  • The Case of the Inconstant Player
  • A Little Bit Patter

Pages 216 - Hardbound, Illustrated


Customer reviews for By Forces Unseen



Such a great author is Stephen Minch. The author's writing style is engaging and easy to follow, making it a great read for both beginners and experienced magicians. The book is filled with practical tips and tricks that will help readers to improve their own performances and amaze their audiences.



After seeing an incredible performance of all the tricks in a very beautiful underrated video by Charles Hsu on youtube I knew I needed this book. I had heard about it, known that it can often have a habit of sitting in out of print for years and it can get incredibly high in price. I remember seeing it sit at $600 used and seething at that price. Now it's available, in print. It's totally worth it. It makes your magic better. When other "high level" tricks you learn from other magicians come along, there's a good chance you learned it, or learned a smoother method from this one. At least that's what I've found. One of the best magic books out there for sure. Do enjoy!



I had been waiting for what feels like forever for this book to be re-released. Just reading through this book is profoundly inspiring. In a sense, it is completely self-contained, as everything you need for the effects described, is in the book. Well almost everything, as patience and practice are quite necessary.



Yes, of course this book is a master piece and every card magician who takes the art seriously should have it in his library But... this is Not a beginners book. I am not that good in card magic, so I haven't performed any of these tricks Yet..I don't regret buying it though,by any means,it Is a fantastic book and I am happy I bought it. And, I am looking forward to be able to perform the tricks inside... practice, practice practice...

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A must to have in any magic library. But you have to know that it is not a beginner book… The stuff in here is pretty difficult but it could be a challenge



I have been waiting a long time to get this book. Let me tell you it was worth it. The tricks in this book are not for the begginer but if you are willing to put the time in you will end up with several card miracles. Just the one handed bottom palm is worth the price of the book, done correctly there is nothing to see. I still have a lot of work to do with this one, but enjoying it so far! A must thave for the move monkeys out there!



This book is one of the best books on card magic for sure. However, I should warn you: this isn't for a beginner. Most tricks on this require a lot of practice. This book has what I think is possibly the best card steal in magic called Longitudinal swivel steal, which just looks so smooth once you have got it down. The first half of the book is revolutionary visual magic such as Jacksynapses and clap trap, which is amazing, but the second half is also amazing as it has a lot of interesting work using rifflestacking.



Stephen Minch's writing is clear and concise. The illustrations are beautiful and helpful. The book is separated into magic and gambling routines. Both sections have excellent routines that will blow your audiences away. Buy this book and get to studying!



Great book, I bought it years ago. Was fortunate to see Earnest’s only two lectures, one at the Inn Event in Niagara Falls, Ontario and at the 52 convention in Buffalo New York. If I hadn’t seen him perform I would say the material was impossible to perform.




Something not often mentioned when reviewing this book is the 100% impromptu, gimmickless methodologies coupled with streamlined and angle proof execution. Each sleight you learn from this book is worth the price just in itself. In the right hands and given enough practice one can both bring their familiar and future routines to another level not often seen by layman.



Steven Minch is just pure gold! Everything is so well thought out and well put together! By Forces Unseen is awesome! It's a wonderful book to have in my collection!



This is the book that made me wanna practice card magic after having abandoned it for years.

The tricks in here are so innovative that even though they are hard you just feel like you have to practice them!!


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  • Steven asks: Does it teach you the sleights? Or are you meant to have that knowledge prior?

    • 1. Russel answers: There is very little you have to know beforehand in order to learn the material in By Forces Unseen. You'll find a plethora of new underground sleights in here taught in great detail. There is very little to know in advance.
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  • Raphael asks: Hi there! I was just wondering how many of the effects in this book are actually card tricks or card routines? thanks, Raphael.

    • 1. Jim answers: ll of them are cards, if I remember correctly.
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