Trick by Max Lukian
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Trick by Max Lukian (29.95)

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Petroleum - magic
Petroleum Petroleum Petroleum Petroleum

Impossibly clean and wonderfully direct. This hidden gem is finally available worldwide and has taken the magic community by storm.

"I had the luck of seeing this miracle, and I saw firsthand the impact this will have on your spectators. Bravo.” Dani DaOrtiz

"Petroleum" allows you have a playing card chosen, signed and lost in the deck. You then take the deck and shuffle it face up into face down, clearly showing your audience how its mixed on both sides.

Then, without any funny or suspicious moves, the deck is spread out on the table. Your audience's jaws will drop when they see that all of the cards are now facing the same way except one—which is revealed to be their signed card! Don't believe us? Watch the trailer to see it for yourself.

The classic Triumph plot has NEVER been this clean or practical. But, "Petroleum" is also so much more than that. This specially-crafted gimmicked deck enables you to also do a squeaky clean Oil & Water effect that starts with just a few red and black cards separating from each other before ending with a stunning full deck finale.

Creator Max Lukian is an innovative, up-and-coming star. Throughout his crystal-clear instructional video, you'll learn how to use "Petroleum" to your full advantage, including multiple handlings for each routine. For the first time ever, Max also shares his dual-reality Triumph routine that leaves audiences speechless and is his favorite way to use the "Petroleum" principle.

Each set comes with one Petroleum gimmicked deck in a Red Bicycle Maiden Back design. You'll learn how to use it quickly and it is destined to become the most powerful card trick in your whole repertoire.


Customer reviews for Petroleum



I think that, given enough performance, this could be mixed with another triumph like “Triumph and Triumph Again”. Perhaps they could serve opposite of each other at the beginning and end of a routine, or they could be performed together as a triple Triumph. The idea (and feel free to use it). Even the deck switch could be obvious. But this may be wishful thinking; I’ll try it, nonetheless.

Petroleum is an excellent version of Triumph. I think I, and most others, are probably interested most in the immediate way of turning a chaotic mess of up and down cards into an organized climax immediately.



This is hands down the best triumph routine I have ever seen. If magic were real, this is exactly what it would look like if you could actually do this in real life. It kills audiences, there's nowhere to go. The presentation is so natural with seemingly no moves. I put this on my social media and it immediately became the most popular video I've ever put out. I got more comments on this effect than any other I have ever posted online. Just a killer triumph routine, plain and simple. Highly recommended!



Simplesmente fantástico. É um baralho que anda sempre comigo. Depois de fazer um ou outro efeito com ele é só fazer a troca por um normal e a sessão continua. Muito bom, mesmo!



I don't have enough background in Triumph effects to compare. What I do know about Triumph is anything that makes even more impossible is the whole point of performing it. I honestly do not know to be sure, but the truth be known it looks just as impossible in my hands as the demo. The only negative it's not a magician fooler, and that's only because it's not a rider back. Fooled as they might be they will know at a glance its a gimmicked deck, otherwise laypersons will be amazed.

The deck does most of the work.


Community questions about Petroleum

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  • Thomas K. asks: How difficult is Petroleum by Max Lukian to perform? (What is the required skill level?) Thank you for your help! Tom

    • 1. Christen answers: I’ve purchased this and watched most of the video. The basic trick is very easy to perform and he gives options for using sleight of hand or not.
    • 2. Michael answers: I don’t understand how you can use a fully gimmicked $30 deck and have the spectator sign a card without ruining the deck. It going to cost me $30 a month to be constantly buying a new gaffed deck to replace the signed cards
    • 3. Lewis answers: Perhaps…( I don’t have this deck) but off the top of my head… when they select a card , you either can use a removable label for them to initial onto, then you stick it on the card face. OR (if the maker agrees with this), use a spare card to force and have signed. Then proceed. What do you think out there, Max?
    • 4. Allen answers: Sebastian Toca’s review on YouTube addresses this concern and he explains that all you need for ‘refills’ would be new ungimmicked packs of mandolin backs.
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  • Thomas asks: The ad says there is a gimmick. I think it's a trick resp. a bunch of gimmicked cards. What is correct?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It is a gimmicked deck.
  • Peter asks: Can the deck be inspected?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: No.
  • asks: Is it slight of hand or not

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: There is a minimal amount of sleight of hand involved. The deck does most of the work for you.
  • Alfred asks: This deck screams gimmicked.

    • 1. Dave answers: Of course this is a gimmicked deck? Why would you be sent a normal deck when all they would need to give you are download instructions? I don't see anything deceitful in the ad for this effect.
    • 2. Don answers: Of course it screams gimmick! It always will if you just throw it in someone's face right off the top. That's why its always best to lead into decks like this....I mean geez, start out with something simple like maybe, Larry Jennings "Close Up Illusion", then maybe a modest demo of "Oil&Water", then, and only then, do you hit them with some effects from the gimmick deck...think a little!!
    • 3. Sebastien answers: This comment screams you have been fooled. Well done, Max.
    • 4. Lee answers: Like several others who have asked before says a gaffed deck.... smh
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  • Mark asks: Does this deck allow you to do Bannon's "Play it Straight" kicker? Also: does the participant sign a stranger card?

    • 1. Don answers: If that Bannon trick is done with regular cards, then it probably couldn't or shouldn't be done with a gimmick deck...
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  • John asks: By signing the card selected (freely selected I assume?) how does this affect the rest of the deck? Are the cards to be selected forced so that after signing that card, it can then be replaced from a non gimmicked deck?

    • 1. Paul answers: That is correct
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  • Janes asks: Will this deck suit lefties as we spread the opposite way ??????

    • 1. Paul answers: It works the same way for lefties as it does for right handed people.
    • 2. Matthew answers: Great question! As a lefty, I've been burned by too many pre-orders that don't work for the likes of us!
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  • Robert asks: Is the selected card always the same with any given deck, or are different selected cards possible?

    • 1. Paul answers: Different selected cards are not only possible but probable.
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  • John asks: Is the instructional video a download or a DVD that comes with the deck?

    • 1. Paul answers: A link to a video
    • 2. Garry answers: A link to a STREAMING VIDEO ONLY
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  • Ben asks: Is this a gimmick that can be made at home?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Well, technically you could make any gimmick at home. But you'd certainly not want to make this one!
  • Jasper asks: I own Jim Krenz Victorious Triumph, this looks very very similar indeed, are there any improvements that mean I should buy this?

    • 1. Jim answers: The method is completely different. About half of Petroleum is gaffed, and you can't have them shuffled by the audience (in Invisible Triumph, the entire deck can be shuffled by the audience. This allows the entire deck to be casually seen on both sides, which mitigates any suspicion of the cards). Petroleum has some advantages, which makes it worthwhile to have in your arsenal. Responding to the other comment—in Invisible Triumph, you do show both sides of the deck as mixed immediately before showing them straightened. Neither of these methods is superior in this regard.
    • 2. Don answers: Sorry Jim...I was referring to your Victorious Triumph. I know nothing about an Invisible Triumph..
    • 3. Don answers: I got it just for the fact that the deck can be shown mixed on both sides right before the reveal...that's a huge improvement alone! least I think it is.
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  • Michael asks: How does this differ from Michael Muldoon’s Modern Triumph? Advantages? Disadvantages?

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    • Tim asks: Interested in knowing the differences between this and Charming Chinese Triumph. Can anyone briefly throw out some things? Thank you.

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Sure! The method and handling is different. You will also notice that the effect is different too. If you have further questions, please feel free to email us.
    • Mark asks: Can the spectator NAME a card, or does it have to be selected?

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: They could name a card that they see in the spread but it's better to have it selected.
    • Lorin asks: Love this handling and want to order. Question: I need my deck in Red Bicycle as featured in the video clip. Is this the default color/deck? Thanks!

      • 1. Lorin answers: Yes. Red Bicycle...I just answered my own question by reading the entire description!
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    • Jonathan asks: This question may seem obvious to some of you. I am only now becoming aware of the different types of Bicycle backs. My decks appear to be Rider backs while this effect appears to be Mandolin backs. Someone in the questions said they are "Red Backs" but didn't indicate which. Based on this information, I want to make absolutely sure, I need to buy the Mandolin backs, is that correct?

      • 1. Jonathan answers: Let me rephrase part of my question. The advertisement says Mandolin back. I assume that, but as I mentioned, I want to be 100% sure.
      • 2. Jonathan answers: I answered my own question. I misread but see it comes with the whole deck. I must stop misreading things.
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    • Bruno asks: Hi, Great product. Amazing. Do you know why the deck is in Mnemonica stack? Nothing on the video explain it. Thanks

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It's an added bonus! Max likes Memorized Deck magic.
    • Huawei asks: Can we purchase refill (gimmick cards only) with a lower price?

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Unfortunately not.
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