Haunted 2.0

Trick by Peter Eggink and Mark Traversoni
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Haunted 2.0

35.00 usd

Trick by Peter Eggink and Mark Traversoni (35.00)

In stock.
Haunted 2.0 - magic
Haunted 2.0 Haunted 2.0 Haunted 2.0 Haunted 2.0 Haunted 2.0 Haunted 2.0

"Screams, Gasps, Astonishment"

The World's Greatest Haunted Deck is back on the market!

Peter Eggink started it all with his bestselling Haunted. Mark Traversoni then experimented for literally hundreds of hours with the concept to dramatically alter Haunted's genetic code!

Here's what you can do minutes after opening the 2.0 box:

You place the spectator's signed card squarely into the deck, which is set on the table. You can WALK AWAY from the deck and even cover the deck with a clear bowl (Just like in Peter's original Haunted..there's nothing connecting you to the deck).

After a few moments of silence... the upper half of the deck eerily starts to MOVE... then slowly SLIDES away from the lower half! After the top half of the deck stops moving, there's a pause... then the CARD UNDER IT STARTS TO MOVE! This single haunted card slowly slithers and CREEPS away from the rest of the deck... then finally stops. Your spectator takes the card... it's the one she signed.

Special tips are provided for how to speed up or slow down the deck animation and the creeping card. Easy no-moves steal of the gimmick lets you finish with a normal deck. No palming or switches. Very easy to do. Gimmick is completely self-contained. Nothing attached to performer or table.

Complete with Hand-made Haunted Gimmick and supplies for hundreds of performances, plus the download of Mark Traversoni's Evolved 2.0 handling.


"As of date, Haunted 2.0 is the BEST hands-off effect that surpasses all the previous versions released thus far. IMHO, I don't think one can further improve (of course, in MAGIC there is no effect that can't be improved upon) the working of the effect. As of date, Haunted 2.0 is THE perfect hands-off commercial effect. I would highly recommend to those who are still thinking or are on the fence of purchasing the effect, to please do so now and I am sure that you will be happy that you made the right decision."
- Ustaad

"I love everything about Haunted 2.0 Extreme Edition. It works exactly as described which is rare. Easy to perform, consistent, reliable, creepy effect. It is the only Haunted Deck I use now. The ability to do other tricks with the deck before and after gives it a powerful advantage. Love it! Also... Contains everything you need to create your own with your favorite deck."
- ZoOpDog

"I still amaze myself how the gimmick can do what it does. This is truly something I do at every booking I perform at, in fact it's now the only card effect in my main set! The effect really does hit people hard. Putting a deck down, having it move like it does, and then to have the chosen card come out gets screams, gasps and looks of astonishment!"
- Mark Traversoni


Customer reviews for Haunted 2.0



I simply LOVE Haunted 2.0. Worth every penny. It’s something I carry with me all the time. Setup is basically nothing and people’s eyes buggin out of their heads when the deck starts moving is awesome to watch….



I really enjoy performing this trick. It's easy to use and get's great reactions. The instructional video was easy to understand and follow. You can truly use any deck of cards.



I have been using Haunted 2.0 for over a year now, for special guests, in table hopping situations. I have used a number of methods for the haunted pack effect over the last 40 yrs, and this is by far the eeriest, most convincing method for me. I very highly recommend it.


Leopold JR

Absolutely one of the best highly visual card tricks. For the price you are paying you get a tool to perform this amazing effect. No force. The selected card is normal. At the end you can get rid of the gimmick and let the spectator examine it. In the download they teach you how to repair it or make a new one. those were all the pros and now the cons: it looks a little bit awkward when you are inserting the selected card in the deck. You have to practice that action.



I am older and have arthritis. so doing small movements with my hands won't work. This should be a disclaimer on the ad. Don't want to mention the gimmick, but doing maintenance cannot be done by me, so after just a few performances, the trick no longer works. But, it was a great effect when it did work.


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