Stand Up Monte

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Trick by Garrett Thomas ($30.00)

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Stand Up Monte - magic

This is quite possibly the most commercial, useable monte effect ever created!

In this fantastic effect using apparently just three cards, you cause the "money" card to appear, vanish, and transpose multiple times. You end clean, it requires no table, and it has more than SEVEN visual phases. You can carry it in your pocket or wallet and perform it absolutely anywhere. There are no difficult moves and the routine can be learned quite easily from the clear DVD included.

Draw them in with an intriguing story about games, gambling, scams, hustlers and cons.

Then add the strength of magic that happens in the spectator's hands, combined with the visual power of the classic Wildcard effect.

  • This easy-to-do routine happens all in the hands, yours and the spectators, No Table Required. Best of all, it automatically resets.
  • Truly Audience Tested
  • This routine has been used professionally by Garrett for the last 15 years with over 15,000 performances! This effect has been an underground favorite with many of the top working magicians today.
  • All Necessary Tools Provided

Running Time Approximately: 90min


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  • Michael asks: Could I pay extra for specific cards to be gimmicked in this manner? Or is this DIY-able once we get the product?

    • 1. Tony answers: You can make the gaff card by yourself if you want. There is a plenty tutorial on YouTube
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  • Neven asks: What does "As seen on 'Penn & Teller: Fool US" mean? As far as I remember, Garrett performed his ring routine on Fool US, not Stand Up Monte.

    • 1. Tony answers: I think you are right and Vanishing should fix it
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  • Lovre asks: Is there gaff cards included?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes.
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Customer reviews for Stand Up Monte



This is just great



This is my go to opening effect. It's one of my favourites and always gets a great reaction. Despite having very minimal sleight of hand it is not an easy effect to learn. It's easy to get the sequence wrong and screw the hole thing up, however it is totally worth the effort. The thought the DVD was very good and the instruction was fine. It's a difficult effect to explain but I think it's done well on the DVD.
Get this and put the effort in and thank me later. One of the best effect's I've ever bought.
If your still on the fence watch David Blaine perform this on real or magic and see the reactions ??



This is absolutely exceptional i mean exceptional the best three card monte that i have ever seiner done and the routine is just great. The teaching is not the best but after half an hour you will get it and then you have the most beautiful effect

trust me this is the best monte ever and the pest packet trick if you count it as one cannot recommend this enough



This is a really fun trick people are amazed and it only involves 1 or 2 moves for 10 min worth of Magic!



This is a great effect but it gets a below standard rating because the instruction video is "horrific"! Garrett is an excellent magician but a horrible instructor. He is fidgety as fuck and includes many many many many extraneous, superfluous, redundant moves in his explanation. So much so that it becomes almost impossible to follow and learn. The instruction is incongruous and incomplete. I had to use the slow motion X16 to learn the flustration count at the end that he does not teach. Be prepared to spend many, many hours using the pause, rewind and slow motion features of your DVD to learn this one.

Stand Up Monte by Garrett Thomas