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Magic download (video) by Paul Wilson ($7.00)

From a borrowed, shuffled deck of cards one spectator is asked to think of a card while another spectator is asked to name a number. Could it be that the selection is now at that position in the deck? Yes it can! In as fair as can be the magician deals down to that number to reveal the chosen card.

The actual performance has been omitted from the preview as to us magicians the method might be perceptible. A layman, however, will be fooled over and over again.

As part of our Community Captions project, the explanation video for this download has optional English subtitles.


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Customer reviews for YAMFACAAN


When it comes to easy, quick and in-the-hands Any Card at Any Number routines, this is by far my favourite method. Invisible for spectators or even magicians, this effect is a reputation-maker.



Standing for Yet Another Method For Any Card At Any Number, this trick is not just YAMFACAAN. It is much more. It is my favorite in the hands ACAAN and is one of my go to tricks for on the spot situations.



This is the easiest yet most effective acaan I have come across in ages! Thanks Paul and Dan and Dave for delivering this awesome easy method. This really is ANY card at ANY number! The move used it natural and undetectable and could be used for other plots in your personal magic.



Want an ACAAN but want to do it with a borrowed deck or shuffled or just without a gimmick? This is great method. It is NOT a magician fooler but so far it is a great lay man fooler.

The handling is a a great idea but for certain moves and justifications I have replaced them with my own to make the effect more cohesive and to my style. My only suggestion that is to replace the d**ble u**er c*t with a single card SWE c*ll

I like the effect and the method is great and simple to perform.



This is the most simple and easy ACAAN trick I've ever seen. No small rules for spectator to choose. It's really ANY card at ANY number. The best part of this trick is it's impromptu, you start clean and end clean. Spectator could recount the cards after the effect is done. This tutorial is not long (less than 10 minutes) but covered all the things you need for the trick. And in spite of how amazing the effect is, this is easily done even if you are a beginner. The move is invisible and blended within the effect itself.



The method used here is easy enough to understand, and the effect is fine.

The teaching of the trick, however, leaves a lot to be desired.

The performance, which actually takes up the first part of the explanation video, differs in method from the actual explanation. Overall, the video does not have enough content (Paul misses good opportunities to talk about common pitfalls and how to deal with them), and ultimately suffers from lack of editing (verbal stumbles left in, for example).

The trick is solid, and if you are looking for an easy ACAAN to add to your routine, this is a fine one, but be aware that the video will not take you all the way to a consistently performable trick.

YAMFACAAN by Paul Wilson