Top 10 Card Tricks Sold On Vanishing Inc. This Year

Since everyone on the Vanishing Inc. team is a professional magician, we love magic tricks just as much as you! One of the coolest things about being the largest magic store in the world is the fact that we have had a chance to test and stock nearly every card trick in history!. It's not just playing cards though, sure, we'll help you with card magic basics, prop bets, money magic, mentalism, card magic, sleight of hand, playing cards (we recommend Bicycle cards, or Zoom magic too. As the world's largest magic store, we can help you with everything from flash paper to magic books. And even magic conventions! We'll show you the right way to learn magic tricks and how to learn card tricks.

While great new card tricks are released almost every day, some innovative effects tend to stand out from the rest. Here’s a list of some of the most popular card magic tricks sold on Vanishing Inc. this year.


Pluck is an easy card trick brought to you by super creative magician Christian Grace, creator of the best-selling card magic trick Level One. Using a genius blend of basic sleight of hand and some sneaky subtleties, Pluck is sure to fool both magicians and laymen alike.

After a spectator freely selects a card and then loses that card in the deck, you show that it’s not the bottom card or top card. You then dribble the cards between your hands and “pluck” two playing cards from the middle of the deck. These cards ultimately indicate where the spectator’s chosen card is located in the deck. The spectator then deals down to the card themselves!

Christian Grace performing Pluck

Gypsy Queen

Developed by professional magician Asi Wind, a trusted friend and consultant for David Blaine and one of the magic community’s most respected creators, Gypsy Queen is an amazing prediction card trick that should be in every table-hopping or close-up magician’s repertoire. This shocking card revelation takes place in your spectator’s hands and allows you to give away an impossible souvenir with every performance!

Each Gypsy Queen set comes with a pack of special gimmick cards made from Superior Playing Cards and a matching regular deck so you can start performing right away.

Thought of Cards Across

The Cards Across plot is one of top card tricks that intermediate to advanced card magicians should learn and Morgan & West’s unique version is quite possibly the most practical Cards Across routine ever made.

Using a specially-made set of Phoenix Playing Cards, Thought of Cards Across allows you to make a mentally-selected playing card travel between two packs of cards held by your spectators. This amazing card trick does not require any advanced sleight of hand and is a true reputation maker for any parlor or stage magic performer.


New York City Magician Max Lukian burst onto the scene this year with his first-ever release for the magic community. Toaster is a super fun beginner card magic move that allows you to make a playing card visually appear between two other cards. This is a great way to enhance any sandwich or card transposition routine.


Get Out

Timothy Paul followed up on his popular card magic download Tidal Change with the introduction of Get Out. This simple new card magic trick uses an innovative handmade gimmick to create a visual moment unlike any other “Pick a Card Any Card” trick.

Get Out is a fun and hilarious piece of parlor or close-up magic based on the “Magician in Trouble” plot where the audience is convinced that the magician may have actually messed up the magic trick. After multiple failed attempts to locate a spectator’s selected card, you introduce a “Get Out of Jail Free” card (like the one found in a Monopoly game). The audience will think this is just a joke until you visually transform this card into their selected card for an unbelievable finish that they’ll never forget!

Andrew Frost (@sleightlyobsessed) - Download Bundle

Andrew Frost, better known by his Instagram handle @sleightlyobsessed, is a card magic superstar on social media that has built a reputation around his buttery smooth sleight of hand and card manipulation.

While his debut release—a beautifully visual color change known as The Window Change—was a major success, he really made his mark this year with the launch of an exclusive card magic download bundle. Andrew’s expert card handling was on full display in this special trio of downloads that featured a mix of card tricks and card sleights, including an easy false cut, a super quick two-card transpo with a sneaky card reversal and his unique version of Paul Curry’s Curry Turnover.

Ernesto Melero - Download Bundle

Underground card magic legend Ernesto Melero’s first release in over a decade was filled with some of his most powerful card tricks and sleight of hand to date. His unrivaled creativity was on full display in this jam-packed bundle that features his surprisingly easy impromptu invisible deck routine and his extremely fair signed card to impossible location effect known as “Card in Glass”. Combined with an amazing two-card transposition, a unique riffle shuffle card control and a clever deck switch, this bundle is a must-watch for any serious card magician.

Ernesto card magic

Double Exposure

Asi Wind makes his second appearance on this list as his modern classic effect Double Exposure received a boost in popularity after being featured on a recent David Blaine TV special. This mind-blowing take on the classic Triumph card magic plot allows you to alter reality by making a selected card appear as the only face-up card in a deck of cards held by a spectator in a photo on THEIR phone.

Despite the fact that this magic trick looks like it would use a trick deck or video editing, it is actually completely impromptu. With a little sleight of hand practice, Double Exposure can be performed with any ordinary deck of cards like Bicycle Playing Cards or even one these stylish custom playing cards.

Asi Wind performing a magic trick


Intersection is a truly one-of-a-kind magic trick where two playing cards impossibly melt though each other. While this effect looks like it might use CGI or camera tricks, the clever gimmick from Hondo ensures any magician can easily perform it exactly like it’s shown in the trailer.

While Intersection is clearly a great visual magic trick for social media, it was also designed to be practical for real workers and professional magicians. In fact, you’ll even learn a simple switch that allows you to hand out the cards to be examined at the end of the trick.

Truffle Shuffle

A false shuffle—a sleight of hand move that allows you to look like you shuffle the deck but don’t actually disturb the order of the cards—is one of the most essential card sleights a magician can learn. Building on Derek Delgaudio’s beloved Truffle Shuffle, Karl Hein’s, Truffle Shuffle 2.0 is arguably one of the most deceptive false in the-hand’s riffle shuffles ever created.

Implementing a variety of small, yet extremely important, subtleties, Karl has developed a method that provides a compelling illusion which will truly have your audience believing that the two halves of a deck are being shuffled together. While this reliable and convincing false shuffle will take some practice, once you learn it, you’ll want to incorporate it into all of your favorite card magic routines.

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