Magic download (video) by Max Lukian
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Magic download (video) by Max Lukian ($12.00)

Everyone has a favorite sandwich routine--a way to trap a selection between two mates. "Toaster" is the perfect add-on to your favorite routine. Using this stunning sleight, you're able to cause a card to visibly appear outjogged between two mates. Whatever your favorite sandwich routine is, "Toaster" makes it better because you're able to delay the production of the card and cause it to appear, on cue, visibly.

You'll learn five applications for the move, along with step-by-step instructions of every facet and variation.

Max Lukian is a New York-based magician with a knack for visual, polished, and understated magic. This is the first, we hope, of many Vanishing Inc. collaborations.

Running time: 12 minutes 29 seconds


Community questions about Toaster

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  • Steve asks: Looks like a spring load gimmick, but none of the comments mentioned arts and crafts. Pure sleight?

    • 1. Max Lukian (creator) responds: There are no gimmicks involved. It’s pure sleight of hand.
  • Sean asks: Can you do any Ambitious card routine and produce a signed card in this way by doing the toaster move? Does it require set up? I understand that there are no gimmicks involved?

    • 1. Max Lukian (creator) responds: Sure you can. The card can be signed and any two sandwich cards can be used. There are no gimmicks used.
  • Bill asks: does it involve rough & smooth thanks

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: No, pure sleight of hand.
  • Norman asks: Is it easy enough for a beginner ?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It's more of an intermediate move, a beginner would need to practice it a lot to get it down, but you could do it.
  • Robert asks: I have extremely dry skin. Would this be a problem for this sleight?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Without tipping too much, the "move" part is much more concerned with your fingernail than your skin. I think you'd be fine.
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Customer reviews for Toaster



This is so cool! I love cool, clean visual moves to add to my card routines and this is perfect! Makes a great addition to any card routine and Max does a great job explaining how to do it. A must buy!



Great video! Super clear instruction and fascinating explanations. Great for magicians at all levels and can be used in any context. Highly recommend!!!



This is so awesome! Super cool, clean, simple effect and nobody had any clue how I did it, and if you ask me, that’s the perfect recipe for an outstanding magic trick. Clever name, too!



Concise instruction video and fun performance overall. Great flashy effect that will wow an audience but also serve as a great addition to any routine given it’s versatility.



Awesome trick! The instructions were easy to follow and the effect is extremely fooling.



Highly recommended! A simple, yet powerful move that every magician should have at their fingertips. Wish I thought of it myself. Elegant and visually dazzling. Props to Max Lukian and the Vanishing Inc team for an impressive release.



I got to meet Max earlier this year when you could still, well meet people. He's a friend and so I am definitely biased.

That's being said Toaster is fantastic! Max explains multiple ways to use the move and you can tell this is something he's been working on for a while because he makes it look easy. Toaster isn't hard per say, but will take some practice to make it look as good as Max does.

Definitely pick this up even if it's only to hear Max talk more because she has a fantastic voice.



Toaster is fantastic! It's pretty easy to learn and is a perfect addition to any sandwich trick. It's quick, impressive, and is definitely a shock moment for the spectator. It's incredibly clean for a strong visual that doesn't involve any gimmicks! The video is very well produced and Max goes through each step in perfect detail. I'm looking forward to adding this to my repertoire!



Toaster is Amazing!
It is a simple method and very easy when you have got it down! If you haven’t got this I highly recommend it. Max and Vanishing inc are basically giving it to you for free. It’s so good!



This is an amazing effect. Max goes into great detail of this amazing move. The quality put into the instructional video is amazing. You will be able to learn this with a days practice. Great effect 100% recommend!



Toaster is one of those moves with enough practice, will immediately go into your Repertoire, it’s visual, looks effortless, and is everything you could ask of a sandwich effect. I can’t rave about it enough, and this move should be a staple in every magician’s Arsenal, do yourself a favor and pick it up!



This is great! You'll learn a super visual move that's very easy to learn and execute. This is definitely something you will add to your repertoire. Great job!



Amazing. Simple and amazing. This is one of this moves you say “wow I can’t believe I never thought of this”. You may already know how it’s done but trust me you need Max to be explain it to get the correct finger positions. Makes a huge difference. So fun to do.



Great move and great instruction! Phenomenal way to spice up your current sandwich routine with a flashy reveal, which is far better and simpler than most of the pop-out moves I've seen before. At the price and value this can add to your repertoire, it's no question.



Great effect, well taught and definitely worth the download ??
You'll get the moves down in a couple of hours



Fantastic little move! Very impactful addition to any sandwich routine!!!



I'm sure you have seen videos of moves claiming to look like special video effects. Some do and, unfortunately, some don't. Some advertising can be very deceptive. But not in this case. Watch the demo video and you will swear that it was done with a camera. Max has created a move that I predict will be added to the repertoire of a lot of those who make this purchase.

For a mere $10.00, Max teaches everything you will need to know to perform this and all its applications in a 12 minute download. He gives very detailed instructions and it is a great quality video. One of the things that I do is have a deck in my hand while watching television in the evenings (and, yes, I do watch way too much television, especially with the lockdown in place.) Working on moves like this keeps me from totally just wasting my time. This is the perfect lockdown video. You will want to play with it over and over until you get it just where you want it. Once you do, you will have a reputation maker in your arsenal.

Unlike some companies that offer very visual effects, this requires no arts and crafts. You could use a borrowed deck but I would suggest you make sure that it is good condition. When you do the move, watch their eyes pop out of their heads. It is that strong.

In short, I love this move. It is not that hard to accomplish and it is pure eye candy. At only 10 bucks, you need this and you will not regret it.



5 star. I have to say that the method is really simple, to the point that you may actually know it already, but Max does it SO well that it simply baffled me. A well-taught arsenal for your sandwiches.
Love form Cyprus <3



What could be better? The effect is simple, surprising, and very magical!


Bro. Paul

Well done! This is a great, visual and easy effect to master. The ones that put in the time will have a gem. The ones that don't will not know what they are missing, and that's just fine. It's the way of Magic... Thanks!



Great production quality and good explanation, but could have done with an extra camera angle (underneath) to see what was happening, to make the tuition easier.



Max Lukian’s instruction is thorough, thoughtful, clear, and concise. The move is not difficult, but takes a little experimentation to get the feel right for you. And when that happens… it looks fantastic. Like real magic. Kudos!



Very good and useful.



Really useful move to improve sandwich routines, especially impromptu routines. The explanations are clear and easy to follow, and the camera angles for the explanations help you not to get confused in the most tricky sections. In a nutshell: amazing move, amazing explanations. If you´re not sure whether to grab it or not, do it!



Great explanation.











A really nice finesse on the sandwich plot! A little bit of a knack but not really "difficult" to do! The hard part will be that "one degree" to ensure it looks like it is really appearing rather than poping out. the video is not super long but he defiantly covers everything that is needed to learn efficiently. A worthy investment!



What you see is exactly what you get. Max teaches it just how it should be taught. I appreciated the calm atmosphere. It made for an enjoyable watch.





Great teaching ??