Magic by Hondo

Intersection Trick
Trick by Hondo - 49.95

This unusual effect is so visual, so strange, and so seamless in appearance that we wondered, "What's the catch?" But here at Vanishing...

Open Warp Trick
Open Warp
Trick by Hondo and Zoyu - 20.00

Card Warp is a classic plot in card magic. It was first introduced by Roy Walton in 1973, visual and powerful. Now Zoyu brings you his variation,...

Zeus Trick
Trick by Hondo and Les French Twins - 50.00

A slow-motion visual color change that comes to life in front of your eyes. Created by Les French Twins and handmade to perfection by master gimmick...

Crystal Card Press Trick
Crystal Card Press
Trick by Hondo - 24.95

Crystal Card Press, which is made of touch panel materials, can make used cards return to be flat and resilient. It can also extend the life of your...

Classic Pass Trainer Accessory
Classic Pass Trainer
Accessory by Hondo - 40.00

Pass Trainer can train your hands to be stronger. A normal deck will fell like a sponge after training. It makes doing the pass or other...

Sleight Trainer Deck of cards
Sleight Trainer
Deck of cards by Hondo and Magic Soul - 40.00

Improve your sleight of hand with playing cards with "Sleight Trainer." These steel playing cards have been carefully constructed to...

Pop Vanish 2 Trick
Pop Vanish 2
Trick by Hondo and Sultan Orazaly - 34.95

Sultan Orazaly improves upon his popular mind-blowing illusion with "Pop Vanish V2". This incredible effect is now more powerful than...

Aroma Trick
Trick by Hondo and Magic Soul - 29.95

Imagine for a moment that you give someone a small spray bottle of unscented water, and tell them to hold it close. You ask them to close their eyes...

Drunk DVD
DVD by Hondo - 25.00

"Hey, Hondo, are you serious? Revealing such useful tips, you must have been bloody drunk!" - Hanson Chien"The top confidentiality that the fans of...

Infinitum DVD
DVD by Hondo - 39.95

Infinitum:Infinite comes from the Latin word, Infinitum.To name this magic Infinitum is to show that a connected rubber band looks like the...