Magic by Magic Soul

Modern Flap Card Trick
Modern Flap Card
Trick by Magic Soul - From $24.95

First introduced in 1922, the Flap Card has become a staple in the routines of magicians worldwide to produce all sorts of stunning effects....

Touch Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Magic Soul and Hanson Chien - 24.95

Looking for some fresh rubber band effects to destroy your spectators? Look no further than Touch by Hanson Chien.In this stunning collection, Hanson...

Super Elastic Thread Accessory
Super Elastic Thread
Accessory by Magic Soul - 14.95

Super strong, super durable elastic thread. This specially-coated elastic Lycra thread can stretch up to 5x its size. It is longer and more durable...

Sleight Trainer Deck of cards
Sleight Trainer
Deck of cards by Hondo and Magic Soul - 40.00

Improve your sleight of hand with playing cards with "Sleight Trainer." These steel playing cards have been carefully constructed to...

Bandonfire 3+ Trick
Bandonfire 3+
Trick by Magic Soul and Bacon Fire - 29.95

Mind-boggling and visual rubber band magic like you've never seen before. "This project is just... Wow! Thank you so much for this...

Band on Fire DVD
Band on Fire
DVD by Magic Soul and Bacon Fire - 19.95

This DVD presents rubber band magic that will amaze you and your spectators. Rubber band magic has evolved! The author, Bacon Fire, is...

Band on Fire 2 Trick
Band on Fire 2
Trick by Magic Soul and Bacon Fire - 25.00

Magic soul's brand new product - Band on Fire 2 by Bacon Fire. "Inheriting the visual shock of the first episode, the new six strokes of rubber...

Aroma Trick
Trick by Hondo and Magic Soul - 29.95

Imagine for a moment that you give someone a small spray bottle of unscented water, and tell them to hold it close. You ask them to close their eyes...

Infinitum Refill Trick
Infinitum Refill
Trick by Magic Soul - 12.00

Included are 20 sets of refills. These bands are the same as the ones included in Infinitum by Hondo.

Stungum DVD
DVD by Magic Soul and Johnny Kang - 29.95

Looking for some incredibly visual close-up magic? How about something completely examinable at the end? Then Stungum is the effect for you!Stungum...