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Magic download (video) by Christian Grace ($18.00)

The effect is the stuff of legends: a GENUINELY free choice of any card is hopelessly lost in the deck. The magician then cascades the cards to the table and "plucks" just two cards from the cascade...but neither are the selection. Instead, the plucked cards form a number--a Two and a Six, 26--and the selected card is found at that position in the pack! The spectator can deal the cards and the two cards plucked from the middle really are caught from a cascading spread. No breaks or special cards are required.

  • No gimmicks
  • Easy to do
  • Perform remotely

Christian Grace has developed a concept that is part subtlety, part basic sleight-of-hand, and part mathematical, and the combination is a perfect blend. This effect takes some knack but can be learned within minutes and mastered with just a minimum of practice. Taught in careful detail by Christian Grace, "Pluck" is sure to fool magicians and laymen at your next performance.

Running time: 12 minutes 39 seconds.


Community questions about Pluck

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  • Robert asks: Is there a version that requires no sleight of hand.

    • 1. Christian Grace (creator) responds: Yes, There are other suggestions in the tutorial if you are uncomfortable with the ‘pluck’ although the selection procedure has to stay the same! It’s an achievable trick for a beginner
  • Larry asks: Will the numbers always be a two and a six?

    • 1. Christian Grace (creator) responds: It’s can be 26 or 28 with the main explanation or using the same methods with your own numbers if you like
  • Stuart asks: Does this require a 52-card setup?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It does not.
  • Dan asks: I am a beginner card magician, how challenging would you rate this trick from a card handling perspective? Is there prep work / setup with the deck before it can be performed? Thanks

    • 1. Christian Grace (creator) responds: There is a small setup! The procedure is very simple and clearly explained. There are suggestions of other ways to accomplish the reveal for the trick which range from beginner to intermediate!
  • Peter asks: Does this use a normal deck

    • 1. Christian Grace (creator) responds: Yes any regular deck can be used!
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Customer reviews for Pluck



How did I miss this?! Any new Christian Grace trick gets my vote. I bought Level One last year and have loved playing with it. I was just scrolling through the list of downloads and came across this. I was really fooled.... so I had to pick it up. I'll be honest, I was worried that it was going to be really difficult... but it's not! I can already do it!

Good trick. Great price.



Really great trick. Clear instruction too.



This is genius, the explanation is super clear and easy to understand. The trick is so clever, you will not regret picking this up!!



This is unbelievable! Christian has done it again.



I believe that Christian is the most underrated talent in the magic community.

Pluck fooled me badly when Christian first showed it to me, and, like all of Christian's original effects, the method is brilliantly thought-out. You should buy this. Really, you should buy anything that Christian releases.



Really clever effect, Christian teaches some very cool, very practical principles that can be applied in other work too.



This is a great effect. The explanation is very thorough but still concise. There are several moves, but none difficult. The deck is ungimmicked, and examinable at the end (although there's no reason the spectator would care to). Bonus: Christian's instructions literally include him saying "Keep Calm and Carry On." It might become my new ringtone.



Erm right ok... buy it enough said already!!! Excellent download! Ok more than enough said!!!



This is amazing and is sure to leave a lasting impression on your spectator!

There's a known principle in magic where when it appears that even the magician is out of control of the situation, it makes magic that unfolds even more impossible.
The effect allows you to orchestrate just that. A seemingly random and unforeseen situation that allows you to twist it around the spectator's story creating an absolute miracle!

The method is very clever too and Christian gets into every detail too! This should surely be in your arsenal!



This is so amazing and not that hard to learn ... Christian is a amazing person and all he’s releases are unique!!!! Thanks my friend ... peace Philo



I'm basically going to give Christian all the money for anything he releases. His tutorial videos are so intricate and detailed; and he is such an approachable gentleman for help/future ideas of tricks.
Keep it up, Christian!



This is an amazing effect! A fantastic concept and has a super clever structure going on. Christian has done it again with this one / I have used Level One many times and this effect is definitely up there with that it my opinion. Just buy it, do it and you will blow your audiences away. Love it!



This download is very good, clever method, clear instruction and a lot of options could be applied here. Well done



Absolutely perfect, its quite easy to do and while it says it involves maths, all the math is basically self working and doesn’t involve any calculations you could mess up, it is truly genius and once you learn the method you can customise it to your liking if you dont want it to be appear at 26, and even though there is a little set up it can be done in front of the audience member and takes less than 10 seconds, if you are considering buying it, dont wait just do it, you will not regret it!



Saw Christians clip and thought no way. Bought it immediately. Sneaky bugger strikes again. This is fantastic. Well worth the money. If you have any of his previous releases you what a fantastic thinker he is. Instructions are clear and cover every eventuality.

Just buy it.



A real gem! What an amazing trick. I have been performing it and it gets such amazing reactions!



With some basic card control this is a miracle - I especially like magic goes wrong effects and this is a disarming and charming version.

Lots of thought has gone into this to allow all scenarios which gives confidence to perform quickly too.

Great work.



Awesome stuff yet again Christian! It is hard to come up with a trick that is this much fun to practice!



This is a great trick!! When i discovered how it worked i was actually slightly worried that i wouldnt be able to do the "pluck" but with about 5-10 minutes of practice i got it down quite well ( I am an intermediate sleight of hand person ), the effect is stunning.



Christian did it again! Another Gem from him!
He came up with a really amazing routine for pick the card out of the dribble combined with card at a number. This is one of the magic pieces are going directly into my reportoire. Thanks Christian.



A great card trick, just do a very easy part deck set up, just using severall cards, follow the method, as this is explained in the video tutorial.
Its a full proof card trick, even if the trick goes wrong, the spectator will not realise this, and you can carry on, and you still do the trick, as there are severall variations in the method.
Its Brilliant.



Brilliant and full of ideas to create multiple variations! Very well explained and simple to make.



Amazing trick! More amazing is the fact that most of the time I take the right card haha



GREAT effect. Love his thinking. Just wish he had spent more time on the actual "pluck" move.



Great idea, it works a treat with half hour practise, 1 thing chris didnt mention and its happened to me twice after only half hour of practise is that i have plucked the 26th card as a single, so i reckon in this situ to miss call it wait till they say its wrong then ask them what it was as you slowly slide it under there dribbling chin, great effect after a little practise looks impossible well
done mr Grace .

Pluck by Christian Grace