Trick by Harapan Ong
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Trick by Harapan Ong ($49.99)

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Opticks - magic
Opticks Opticks Opticks Opticks Opticks Opticks Opticks Opticks

The long-awaited sequel to one of our all-time bestsellers has finally arrived.

Harapan Ong is one of the most creative card magicians in the world. He was an underground legend for years until his instant classic book Principia exposed his genius to the community. Filled with some of the most creative card magic we’ve ever seen, Principia was our best-selling magic book for nearly two years.

To this day, Principia is a perennial bestseller that we struggle to keep in print. Magicians clearly cannot get enough of Harapan Ong's card magic. So, we are thrilled to finally bring you the much-anticipated sequel—”Opticks”. Instead of a book though, Harapan has gone digital. No, he’s not an NFT…yet. But this is definitely the next best thing.

When Principia launched, we heard from many of you that the accompanying video performances really helped with the learning process. Harapan’s card magic is so innovative that seeing it in writing often doesn’t do it justice. So, ”Opticks” features everything you love about Harapan—entertaining, unique and amazing card magic. But, this time, in an easy-to-digest video format.

26 effects in total are jam-packed into this incredible video release, including a ton of exciting new effects, improved handlings for very hard to find underground gems from his early days, as well as updated performances and explanations for some beloved favorites.

The access code to your digital library comes packed into an eye-catching collector’s case that splits down the middle to unveil a gorgeous custom, limited edition deck based on Sir Isaac Newton that was designed by Stefan Eriksson and printed on premium USPCC crushed stock. A nod to Harapan’s career as a physics teacher, these stunning playing cards handle like a dream and are a worthy addition to any playing card collection.

You’ll also receive a special pack featuring all the gimmicked cards needed for some of the routines. As a special added bonus, anyone who buys from Vanishing Inc. will immediately have the videos added to their account so you can start streaming or downloading instantly.

“Opticks” at a Glance:

  • 26 crystal-clear performances and explanations filmed on location in the UK
  • Special gimmicked cards needed for some of the routines
  • Previously unreleased, limited edition "Newton Playing Cards" deck printed on premium USPCC crushed stock
  • An imaginative, mechanical collector’s case

Contents of "Opticks"

  • Kaleidoscope Production
  • Royal Explosion
  • Perspective
  • Followers of Christ
  • Choices
  • Dunbury Clues
  • The Famous 8 Card Mystery
  • Filter Triumph
  • Percolacetion
  • Prospectus
  • Twisted Choices
  • Solvedzinser
  • Plot Twist
  • Centre of Attention
  • Progressive Flush
  • Daley Express
  • PunchBack
  • SpreadShot Transpo
  • Slap Me Silly
  • Utterly Mental Reverse
  • 3 Degrees of Separation
  • Opposite Day Oil and Water
  • Scattered Sandwich
  • Fatty Mayo
  • Forgetful Collectors
  • Transpollectors

Just like with Principia, there is genuinely something for every skill level and every type of performer in “Opticks.”. Everything from complete card magic routines to snappy color changes and sleight of hand moves. This is super practical material built to slide right into your close up magic set.

Whether you’re already a member of the #HaraFam or this is your introduction to the Singapore Sensation, you will love “Opticks.”

NOTE: Included gaff cards are designed with Bicycle Playing Card backs, with both red and blue backs included.

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Community questions about Opticks

Have a question about this product? It's possible others do too. Ask here and other Vanishing Inc. Magic customers will be able to respond with assistance! Alternatively, email us and we can help too.

  • Aaron asks: Do you get the video link immediately after order or do you have to wait for the product to arrive and get the code there?

    • 1. Charles answers: As a special added bonus, anyone who buys from Vanishing Inc. will immediately have the videos added to their account so you can start streaming or downloading instantly.
    • 2. Aaron answers: Thats cool!
    • 3. Charles answers: I copied and pasted right from their description.
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  • Brett asks: How many of the effects require the use of the gimmick cards vs regular deck?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: A little less than half
  • Caleb asks: Looks great! Not a big issue, and I don’t know if there’s anything you can do, but you may want to double check the subtitles of the trailer, as some words are incorrect. Unless he really is performing for “real organs”…

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Those subtitles are likely being auto-generated. If you click the settings on the video in your browser, you can probably turn them off.
  • Claire asks: Hi, I was just wondering what the difficulty of these tricks are, does it vary?

    • 1. Oliver answers: Just like with Principia, there is genuinely something for every skill level and every type of performer in “Opticks.”. Everything from complete card magic routines to snappy color changes and sleight of hand moves. This is super practical material built to slide right into your close up magic set.
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  • Evan asks: Just out of curiosity, what's the approximate total runtime of the videos?

    • 1. Jim answers: There are over two dozen videos, and they range from 5 minutes to 20 minutes each.
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  • Benoit asks: To save shipping costs, is there a download only version?

    • 1. Jim answers: Only the physical product is available.
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  • amit asks: Are all the tricks in Principia included in this release ?

    • 1. Oliver answers: No
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  • Gareth asks: Just a quick question, how much crossover is there in material from principia and opticks? Thanks in advance

    • 1. S. Leslie answers: None that I am aware of.
    • 2. Harapan Ong (creator) responds: Hi! Harapan here. There are in fact some tricks that are from Principia that are also in Opticks. There are seven tricks from Principia, and one trick from Principia, but with a much, much better and improved handling.
    • 1. S. Leslie answers: None that I am aware of.
  • Jordan asks: Does the pack of cards come with the gimmicked cards? And if so are those printed for bicycle. Thanks.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You get the custom Newton deck, and the gaffed cards needed for some of the effects yes. And yes, they are printed for bikes.
  • Gustavo asks: There's 26 effects in this download...how many are repeats from his original Principia book?

    • 1. Harapan Ong (creator) responds: Hi! Harapan here. There are seven of the best tricks from Principia that I've included in here. These are what I'd call the "essential" tricks from Principia - if you had to learn only seven tricks from Principia, these are the seven. And I've put all of them on video for you learn easily. Hope that clears things up!
  • Derek asks: Hi! I got an email that said the packaging was "a mechanical marvel that doubles as a display case." What is it a display case for? Decks of cards? If so, how many can it display? If not, what? Thank you! Derek

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The case displays the deck of cards that comes with it. There is only room for one deck.
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Customer reviews for Opticks



Nice performance and explanation of the kaleidoscope ace production. This video is a perfect companion to the Principia book description. The not so obvious false cut aspect is a definite plus. I had planned to open my magic fellowship performance with Kaleidoscope but had a stack effect also. So I didn't perform Kaleidoscope at the fellowship... if only I had known!

All of the videos I have watched so far are excellent. Eager to dive in and master these.

I didn't read the product description closely. I thought Opticks was also a book. But I am very pleased with the videos, and since we get the physical gaffs and the custom deck that is a nice plus.

Very pleased.





I watched the videos they are fantastic. Harapan is a great teacher, as you would expect. :-)
I am looking forward to receiving the accompanying physical products.
The routines are varied with some very interesting plots plus a mixture of differing levels of skill, so something for most magi here.
Highly recommended





WoW 26 grest card magic videos you can stream Or actualy Download.
The deck comes first in a nice slide draw presentation box, then on opening this is the cool looking newton triangle Deck Display case, then the deck itself, which is shown in the add, the deck has a nice mirrored back design with a cool ace spades, plus within the deck are some Gaff Cards matching the deck back design, Also comes with a separate pack off Bicycle Gaff cards too, Great video productions, nice clean back drop on the tutorials, they all start with a demo, followed by the tutorial, a great teacher, great routines, Harapan goes over the tutorial routines a couple or so times on each one, breaking them down,
This is card magic thats really worth getting into.
Harapan & Optricks is In My Top Three favourites In Card Magic.
Optricks is just excellent and refreshing card magic.



While I generally prefer books over video, Opticks is a worthy successor to Principia. The routines from Principia and the many others included in Opticks come alive on the screen. For example, I passed over Kaleidoscope Production in the book – seeing the rhythm of the ace production on video encouraged me to take a second look at learning this very visual ace production. All the effects, at least those I have so far viewed, are thoroughly and thoughtfully taught, perhaps building on Harapan’s teaching ability. Excellent selection of card material performed and taught.









I love the concept of Optics with the video lessons and accompanying cards that Mr. Ong provides. I am a fan of Harapan Ong and bought Principia when it first came out. If Harapan put something out I buy it fast before it sells out. He is a truly gifted magician and teacher and I am grateful that he is associated with Vanishing Inc. The top magic company in the world.



Harapan's done it once again. He's not only one of the best living card magicians, he's also one of the most inventive creators of new card magic material as well as one of the best teachers of card magic. He knows exactly how to explain every step of his routines in a clear and succinct manner without the excess glut. It's almost like he does this for a living.







This product is an excellent addition to principia and with the video format makes learning some things that were difficult to understand reading more digestible.The cards are excellent and I just found out they are fully marked.Absolute must if you like good solid card magic.recommend highly


Jeff L

I emailed Harapan to let him know how elegant “Kaleidoscope” was as the first effect in Opticks. This set of effects is worth every bit of the hype that it received on release. They are practical, creative and and fun! The sleights are useful, the extra gaffed cards are a bonus…



Beautiful presentation on a self working trick





Harapang is great. The videos are well done and easy to understand . It was a nice collection of 26 different tricks . It comes with the Newton deck and gaff cards for that deck. It also has gaffs cards for The bicycle deck both blue and red . This is a must for card magicians. There are some of the common card tricks with harapang twists and changes to them to keep them fresh.









TL;DR - I'm rating this only 4*s for mere nits. Overall this is a really good book-that's-not-a-book.

At first I was rather miffed at the price: $50 for a deck of cards in a box in a box in another box, plus a few standard gaffed cards?!? Oh, and the gaffs don't match the included deck? Ridiculous!
Then I watched the first half-dozen or so vids and I've changed my mind.
Several if not all of these could have been sold separately as single-trick in the $5-$10 range. Thus, if only a few of them are worthwhile, it's actually good value for dollar. Well, the good news is there are several effects that I consider worthwhile, and I suspect I won't be alone thinking this. I've already gotten a couple of tricks that I'll likely use. E.g.
- "Perspective" is a nice non-pick-a-card trick with a lot of opportunity for humorous byplay with the spectator. Nothing earth shattering, but a decent enough trick to warrant the 8-card setup.
- The Dunbury Delusion handling here is again, rather satisfying, and tho it has a 10-card setup, it can be done essentially under the spectator's nose provided you have a half-decent cull.

And remember, I haven't watched the remaining 20 or so vids, so the prospect of finding more cool stuff is essentially assured.

My only (minor) complaints? The packaging is pretty but also pretty ridiculous. But it's also right in line with current trends toward sticking a deck of cards in a box that an iPhone would be happy to occupy plus a URL for a video that could just as well been a 16pp pamphlet.
And I suspect I'll find few if any FASDIU tricks, which are my preference.

Final observation: judging from the vids, Harapan knows several attractive young ladies. Is it him or the tricks?

Make a mark if you've read this far. ;-)



I'm a big fan of Harapan's work. Principia was my favorite magic book of 2019 (released late 2018). I followed Harapan and purchased Spellcheck and The Four Treasures when they were released. So I was super excited for Optricks when it was announced. It is billed as the sequel to Principia, sadly it is not. The project is a collection of effects from Principia and other published work, with a few new effects. The packaging is top notch, the deck of cards and holder that come with the purchase are very cool. The gaffs are nothing special that any magician should not already own (or have from Principia release).
If this is your first purchase of Harapan's work I would recommend it, but only if you don't like magic books, otherwise purchase Principia and get far more then is included here.

Opticks by Harapan Ong