Magic by Juan Tamariz

Juan Tamariz is regarded as the greatest living close-up magician. It’s not hard to see why. He has created some of the most influential material in the last several decades, and his performance style is unequaled. Juan’s zany humor combine with his strong magic, and the result is nothing short of brilliant. He has released very little, but you should really study ALL of it!

The Magic Way Book
The Magic Way
Book by Juan Tamariz - $47.00

Updated, expanded, freshly translated! In The Magic Way, Juan Tamariz teaches you not just great tricks, but a way to make every trick you do better and more magical. From the moment it appeared in 1987, The Magic Way was recognized as one of the world's great books on magic. It has been long out...

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Lessons in Magic Download Magic download (video)
Lessons in Magic Download
Magic download (video) by Juan Tamariz - $15.00 each

What if you could take a lesson right now, in your home, from Juan Tamariz? Sign up for that! We regard him as the greatest living magician! And in a way, now we can. We’re very happy to announce that we now have ALL THREE VOLUMES of Juan Tamariz’s Lessons in Magic available for instant...

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Mnemonica Book
Book by Juan Tamariz - $65.00

Before this book was released, Juan Tamariz's memorized deck stack, "Mnemonica" became a legend with card magicians throughout the world. Now you can learn why.In this book Tamariz reveals the complete workings of his stack, along with over 100 tricks that use it. So long as you invest the time to...

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Five Points In Magic Book
Five Points In Magic
Book by Juan Tamariz - $35.00

Discover the Five Points- and the Secrets of Using Them Long out of print and widely sought after, The Five Points in Magic is Juan Tamariz's highly regarded study of the physical and psychological secrets that use the body to fool the mind. He shows in detail how each of these five possessions-...

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DVD by Juan Tamariz, Dani DaOrtiz, Miguel Angel Gea and Gene Matsura - $149.95

Landmark products only come to market rarely which is why it is such a treat to present the MOST anticipated DVD of 2016... "LAP" by Dani DaOrtiz and Juan Tamariz. On this five (yes, five!) DVD set, you will be given a MASTERCLASS in lapping by some of the best magicians in the world. Here are...

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Verbal Magic Book
Verbal Magic
Book by Juan Tamariz - $40.00

I've just spent the last few days fooling myself. Well, I guess Juan Tamariz has been fooling me through the pages of Verbal Magic; a collection of magic that Tamariz has performed on the radio. Using only a few playing cards, pieces of paper and other common objects as props, Juan Tamariz and...

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Lessons in Magic DVD
Lessons in Magic
DVD by Juan Tamariz - $79.95

Put simply, the greatest living close-up magician. There is only one Juan Tamariz, and he is astounding. On this series, he explains many of his signature routines, and unlike his live lectures, he is able here to explain more complex principles and more close-up oriented magic. He teaches very...

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Mnemonica Miracles Box Set DVD
Mnemonica Miracles Box Set
DVD by Juan Tamariz - $149.95

A priceless record of Juan's personal approach to this incredibly powerful principle in magic. Join Juan Tamariz at the table in this personal lesson of over twenty routines complete with essential tips and valuable advice. Juan also includes a volume filled with essential tools for the mem-deck...

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Juan Tamariz’s Second Lecture DVD
Juan Tamariz’s Second Lecture
DVD by Juan Tamariz - $45.00

One of the great opportunities you have at Vanishing Inc is that we can make specific, helpful suggestions to you. Take Juan Tamariz. Arguably the greatest magician alive, you have lots of options on how to learn from him.  The best is seeing him live. The next best is this DVD. There...

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Royalistic Trick
Trick by Juan Tamariz - $25.00

You freely display a mediocre Poker hand with blue (or red) backs. You square the cards, make a magical gesture (if you like) and immediately show that the five cards changed into the best possible Poker hand--A Royal Flush. For an unbelievable ending you now turn the cards face down to show that...

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