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Book by Juan Tamariz (80.00)

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Simon Aronson’s stack was the only game in town, so to speak, for many years. There was always talk of Juan’s stack, but until this book was released, it was never readily available. It made an enormous splash in the marketplace, and there has been a huge surge in popularity with memorized deck work, based on the contents of this book.

Juan Tamariz, arguably the finest magician in the world, explains in great detail his own stack, how to memorize it, and many tricks with it.  

I don’t use Tamariz stack, and I’m quite happy I memorized Aronson stack. But as you’ll soon discover, memorized deck magic is not usually stack dependent (meaning you can use ANY memorized stack for most of the tricks in Mnemonica and Simon’s books).  

Which stack should you learn? That depends. The main feature of the Aronson stack is that it has many useful, built-in features that outweigh the built-in features of the Tamariz stack. The advantage of Mnemonica stack is that you can get into it (and out of it) with new deck order. This makes a colossal finish, or allows you to get into the stack when you open a fresh pack. 

You shouldn’t make this decision without reading both Bound to Please and Mnemonica. BOTH are modern classics, and BOTH contain magic you will use, no matter which stack you choose.

Tamariz teaches you how to memorize the stack-forever—in as little as three hours. Our friends have given mixed reports on whether this has worked for them, but it is still definitely worth the effort. At worst, you'll be able to learn the stack with a month's work.

Whether you're new to memorized deck work, or whether you already know a memorized stack, we think you'll enjoy Tamariz's great work.


Customer reviews for Mnemonica



A great book, there's plenty of magic routines in this book, Had this before got badly damaged, but its such a great book, so looking forward to carrying on learning from this.



A must for every magician nor artist. A masterclass in loving the art form of card magic.



The holy grail of memorized deck work. Can you memorize the deck within 3 hours? I haven't met anyone that has and I certainly couldn't. I actually paired this with a memorization technique system that helped me learn it in about a month. That's knowing it cold and knowing the entire stack. Meaning being able to recall a certain card dead just given a number... It's important to know that you'll really need to memorize every card at a position but also all the relative positions. Just being able to run through the stack from 1-52, is not the goal here.
It's a lot of work but once you have it, the benefit is immeasurable.



I have just received the mnemonica book, it came sealed in cellophane wrap, this is a very good quality hard back book, with an outer sleeve. And although im more of a person who preffers magick downloads. But i have started to read this book, and ive got to say, this is very easy to follow, very well explained, and therefore very enjoyable to read, Starts with an index, followed by an introduction, contributions then history of how it arrived to the mnemonica stack. Followed by the structure, explanning methods on how to learn the mnemonica stack, with lots of amusing tips, then lots of different routines on card magic. I look forward to reading the rest of this book, of course it will take time to learn and master these, but it will be so worth it.



This was the first magic book that I ever bought years ago. I wanted something powerful to be able to fool magicians and what I got was the best resource of magical knowledge to ever exist (yes, it's that good).
It will take some time to get it, but if you put effort in it, it will be worth your time. (it took me 2 full days to master it)
Be aware that this is something that will use great part of your memory, so you have to decide if you want to put your time into this, because once you learn it, it will stay for ever with you.


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  • Timothy asks: Is this the stack used in the marksman deck?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes
  • Mark asks: How my effects are featured in the book?

    • 1. Mark answers: *how many
    • 2. Dr. Joaquin M. answers: There are dozens upon dozens in this book, some using half the deck, others the full deck, and others using all manner of varying features related to this stack and others. Plenty to choose from once you get started with memorization.
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  • Robert asks: Could use the effects in this book with another stack e.g Aronson's?

    • 1. Jim answers: Some, yes.
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