Letters From Juan - Vol. 1

Book by Juan Tamariz
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Letters From Juan - Vol. 1

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Book by Juan Tamariz (24.95)

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Letters From Juan - Vol. 1 - magic
Letters From Juan - Vol. 1 Letters From Juan - Vol. 1 Letters From Juan - Vol. 1 Letters From Juan - Vol. 1 Letters From Juan - Vol. 1

You can’t have a conversation about the greatest magicians of all-time without mentioning Juan Tamariz. The renowned magician is an A-List megastar in Spain and his seminal texts and magic theory changed the landscape of magic forever. Now, after 50 years of performing and writing, Juan reflects back on his life in magic by crafting letters to his dearest friend...you!

Letters From Juan is an innovative new approach to learning magic. Instead of being laid out like a traditional magic book, Juan presents everything as a letter to a close magical friend. This is the debut release in a remarkable 6-part series.

These love letters to magic contain captivating close-up magic and stories, as well the closely-guarded secrets to some of Juan Tamariz's most amazing card tricks that have never been published anywhere else. This includes invaluable insights about how to present each effect, as well as a look at the history and variations.

Designed to be easily-digested and enjoyed, there is no space wasted on fluff here. The amount of value Juan packs into Letters From Juan - Vol. 1 is unparalleled.

So much so that we could never properly summarize it ourselves. Which is why we're going to hand it over to Juan to help you best understand the merit of this remarkable offering.

"These letters unveil the secrets of the tricks and routines I have been planting in moonlit nights throughout the past fifty years, prompted by the whispers of my friends, the Muses, and that I have been nurturing and grafting, year after year, since their birth as magical plants and trees, striving to improve their taste, their scent, and the appetizing presence of their already ripe fruit.

These ideas and near secrets that I keep in a cabinet, which I've owned almost since my childhood, are the ones that I want to reveal for the first time to you. I will be sending them along with these letters. Aside from presenting them to lay audiences, they are the tricks and routines I have used for making even the most knowledgeable magicians experience the wonderful and powerful effect of the impossible, as well as the emotion of the fascinating and the magical. As you probably know, it's a specialty that Maestro Ascanio so rightly named "magic even for magicians," which I have cultivated with love and passion.

I hope you enjoy them and make others enjoy them!” Juan Tamariz

Contents of Letters From Juan Vol. 1:

  • Letter from Juan
  • The Shovel
  • Color Separation Finale
  • The Rainbow Knife
  • Pure Olive Oil and Water
  • Postscript

"As a wise friend sharing love and guidance, Juan brings you into the fold with charm and warm words: showing his heuristic voyage with deep insight into some astonishing routines and philosophy. Each letter arrives with laughs and diverse ideas for the practical wonderworker. Having a pen pal has never been so exciting!" Paul Vigil

"Just when you think Juan has given us his all, a new project appears and it is extraordinary! Letters from Juan allows Juan to share more of his ideas with everyone he loves. A wide variety of Juan's magic is covered in these letters. Juan’s letter on “Secrets” was a real inspiration. I won’t spoil it, but I hope you enjoy it as much as I did." Gary Plants

Perfect Bound | 44 Pages | Translated from Spanish by Rafael Benatar


Customer reviews for Letters From Juan - Vol. 1



The reading of this book is pretty easy. The descriptions of the effects and very clear pictures in this book will help in adding new magic to your shows. I went over the book twice because the quantity of effects are not many but the quality of the effects does show through. First time I read the book I went through all the of tricks to see what captured my interest made notes of the tricks I would like to learn. The second time I pulled the tricks I was interested in and I studied them in more depth. Because the size of the book I was able to study more and then use what I learned and apply to my magic. Plus these effects are from Juan Tamariz. Like the adds say it's like having him next to you pointing out what you can do better.


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  • Chris asks: I couldn’t see an answer on the publisher’s page - it’s been stated that these will not be reprinted, but is there any word on if there will be an collected edition of all 6 later down the line? That would be very annoying for those of us who purchase the individual issues

    • 1. Kento answers: Don’t know, but: 1. You’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you got the original and most likely to be the most collectible/valuable version. 2. You can start right away, not having to wait for many months, or even years, for the “collected edition” (assuming there actually is such a thing!)
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  • Adrian Brenes asks: Will the Spanish version of this letters be published?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: We believe so, yes!
  • Richard asks: OK, I can't find the answer after a more than cursory if less then exhaustive perusal of the book. What are the included gimmicked cards to be used for?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: They are for an effect in Vol.2. It seems a small number of orders had these cards included in Vol. 1 where the trick using them is not explained. Keep 'em safe and wait for Vol. 2!
  • Sydney asks: I heard that there are effect that use Mnemonica, which I have never used; thus, is the book still worth getting?

    • 1. Mason answers: Yes, I’d say it’s definitely worth getting even if you don’t use Mnemonica! Only one of the pieces uses Mnemonica so you should still be able to get something out of the rest of the book!
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  • Walter asks: Can All 6 Books be ordered?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: As long as they are in stock, they can be ordered individually. There is not a button to add all six to your cart at once.
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