The Magic Rainbow

Book by Stephen Minch and Juan Tamariz
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The Magic Rainbow

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Book by Stephen Minch and Juan Tamariz (149.95)

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The Magic Rainbow - magic
The Magic Rainbow The Magic Rainbow The Magic Rainbow
"I've waited more than twenty years to read this book, and the wait was worth it. If you've spent years looking for magic but have only been finding tricks, this book may contain the secrets you've been searching for. Michael Weber
"The brilliance of Juan Tamariz, the greatest and most influential card magician alive, is the reason I can't wait to read this book, cover to cover." David Blaine
Forty years of experience, thinking, study and scrutiny of magic from the Maestro himself, Juan Tamariz. The man almost every magician considers the greatest living magician in the world. Tamariz wrote The Magic Rainbow to help magicians elevate their magic. Believing we can all do better than merely delivering the impossible. And explaining how to create amazement, fascination and wonder. To give the audience the feeling, albeit fleetingly, that what they are seeing is real magic. 

In 1988, The Magic Way was published. A book in which Tamariz shared his amazing methods to make the magical method impossible to detect. Inside the pages of The Magic Rainbow, Juan elevates his readers’ magic beyond that.  He helps you create emotions of amazement, wonder and fascination. The feeling that what they saw actually had to have happened. As impossible as that may seem. 

The Maestro shares his incredible and original methods to erase the spectators’ memories. Making the chances of them being able to back track to a method impossible. He provides techniques to create memories that heighten the impossibility of the trick. Not only now, but also in the future. He shares his own strategies for coping with mistakes that can happen during a performance. He teaches you how to combine comedy and drama in ways that make your magic better. He also highlights areas these two areas should isolated to make them stronger. 

This book is the most important theory text Tamariz has shared with magic community. Possible even the most important magic book on theory every written. It combines essays, insight and analysis drawn from over forty years of thought by the most loved and respected magician in the world. 

Beyond all that, The Magic Rainbow is a ballad to magic and magicians. With lyrics that will steer your performances to heights you had never considered achievable. 

Let your audiences join you, somewhere over The Magic Rainbow

594 pages. Hardcover. Translated to English by Rafael Benatar.
"This is the most difficult book on magic you are ever going to read, and it might upset most of your beliefs about magic, and maybe even change your life. It is only for those who believe that magic is an art and a science, and who are willing to use their head and open their hearts. But if you do so, you will be rewarded with the love and the insight from someone, who is possibly the most important and influential magician that has ever lived. Never before has a book on the theory and philosophy of magic contained so much practical guidance and artistic vision as Juan Tamariz's The Magic Rainbow." Roberto Giobbi
"The Magic Rainbow is an awe inspiring look through the eyes of a true master, the depth of thought and understanding is that of a genius. Juan's passion for magic leaps off every page. We are lucky to both have this book and that Juan chose magic as his passion." Joseph Barry

Customer reviews for The Magic Rainbow



An absolutely beautiful book!



What can I say that some of the giants of magic haven't already said? This is the magnum opus of a genius who has spent almost his every waking hour--and likely many non-waking hours--thinking about what makes magic transformative, transportive and transcendental. This isn't a book on how to fool or even amaze; this is a book on how to elevate the souls of people with magic. Until the moment I started to read I thought that Darwin Ortiz's Strong Magic was the summit of performance theory. The Magic Rainbow didn't just take that peak, it raised the entire mountain.For those waffling over the price, go look at your Drawer of Forgotten Props and tally up the waste. This will be peanuts in comparison. It will make you a better magician, a better artist and possibly a better human being.



Don't let the price put you off. The content of this book is priceless. Tamariz has done it again with his whimsical personality and outlook on the art of magic. I will be re-reading and studying this for years to come. It should be on every magician's shelf!



The best book I have read on magic. It will elevate your magic to a whole new level. It might seem a bit expensive but this a treasure. I can't recommend it enough.



So, some people have been dismayed that this isn't a book with "tricks" in it, and that it is "theoretical". However, listening to people in magic I have huge respect for, I have heard them say again and again that you have to know who you are when you are performing. More, magic is without question a theatrical art, and so there are definitely ways of doing things that work well and others that don't, and, in fact, this is all "technique" and not just theory. Juan Tamariz is an acknowledged master of this art and has spent decades studying with the very best in the world and thinking about the craft, so this book is a valuable tool in the kit for anyone that wants to go to the next level.

Beyond that, this is a beautiful book, beautifully written and beautifully produced. Just a hint: get it while you can.



It's Juan Tamarez! In Spanish the word "Tamarez" that means, "You must read this!" Okay, maybe not, but there has never been a trick, book or video that Mr. Tamarez has ever released that wasn't worth studying over and over, and "The Magic Rainbow" is no exception. If you want to learn the how and the why behind the performance success of one of the best magicians in the world, then read and re-read this book.



We have been waiting for this volume from Tamariz for many years. It does not disappoint. Although some might say it is a theory book everything we do in magic is based on theory. This is a book you will read over and over again.



Pure poetry!


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  • Randy asks: Hi, Is there a deluxe or signed edition available? Thanks, Randy

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: There is just this edition available.
  • Ricardo asks: Hi, Does it come in the same format as the Magic Way; theory that then is explained with some tricks, or is it just pure and hard theory?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: There are no tricks taught. The book details Juan's incredible theory.
    • 2. Sixuan answers: It makes no sense to me to buy a book pure of magic theory.... at the price of 149$
    • 3. minootodiwala answers: Are there any close up tricks taught in this book and approximately how many ?
    • 4. Robert E answers: For Mr Sixuan: A thought to add to your statement: "When your performance ability is equal to your technical ability....then you have reached your potential!" This is why the Tamariz book is so important. bob Fitch
    • 5. Jason answers: I'm interested in buying the book because it IS theory. Armed with the theory, it up to me where & how I apply it! Do I need another "Ambitious Card Routine"? No, but MAYBE the understanding of Mr. T's theory will make me a more interesting & entertaining Entertainer.
  • Lovro asks: Is reading his other 2 theory books required before getting to this one?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Not at all. All of Juan Tamariz's writing is required reading, but you do not need to read his books in chronological order.
  • ERIC asks: Is this the 1st Edition still?

    • 1. SGKYDUYEN answers: Until now Aug 16, 2019. It's 1st edition
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  • michal asks: Does The Magic Rainbow contain everything that has The Magic Way and Five Points in Magic?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: No, they are three completely different books.
  • Zacharias asks: Will this book come out as an audiobook? Becuase I love listening to magic theory!

    • 1. SGKYDUYEN answers: Unfortunately, we have no idea about it as it's not our product
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