DVD by Juan Tamariz, Dani DaOrtiz, Miguel Angel Gea and Gene Matsura
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DVD by Juan Tamariz, Dani DaOrtiz, Miguel Angel Gea and Gene Matsura ($149.95)

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LAP - magic

Landmark products only come to market rarely which is why it is such a treat to present the MOST anticipated DVD of 2016... "LAP" by Dani DaOrtiz and Juan Tamariz. On this five (yes, five!) DVD set, you will be given a MASTERCLASS in lapping by some of the best magicians in the world. Here are just a few: Yann Frisch, Lennart Green, Miguel Angel Gea, Gabi Pareras and MORE!

Here is just a sample of what you will learn on each disc:

Disc 1 - PHILOSOPHY - Learn Dani DaOrtiz's complete philosophy on lapping, from theoretical to the practical, he covers everything. Learn effects, techniques and pick up on some of Dani's weird and wonderful ideas for how you could apply lapping into routines that you already do. In the "Perspective" section, Juan Tamariz shares his thoughts on lapping, beginning with Slydini he will fry you with some ideas that have NEVER been published before!

Disc 2 - BALTASS - For the first time, Yann Frisch explains, in detail, his Gran Prix FISM act. Ideas, techniques and construction. The "Perspective" segment features Lennart Green, who hares some sensational coin and card techniques.

Disc 3 - TECHNICAL - Yann and Dani discuss ideas, concepts and techniques for using lapping to switch and retrieve objects. For us, this disc is the most valuable for a performer who has not experimented before with this technique. In the "Perspective" section, Miguel Angel Gea offers some fantastic theories, techniques and tricks.

Disc 4 - PRACTICAL - A live show with TWELVE effects performed and then explained in detail! Gabi Pareras is in the "Perspective" hot seat and shares his approach to lapping. This will REALLY make you think and spark some ideas.

Disc 5 - AND MORE - This DVD is worth the price of the set alone. Yann Frisch shares over EIGHTY techniques with a cup and ball: Color changes, transformations, vanishes, appearances and more!. In the "Perspective" segment, Gene Matsuura gives a facinating insight into Slydini. This is not to be missed!


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  • Robert asks: Does the LAP set show HOW to configure your lap to hold objects that are dumped there? My lap doesn't hold that stuff, it slides off onto the floor!

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It sounds like you need a new lap as yours is not functioning properly. But yes - the DVD set does talk about ditch management in quite some detail.
  • Sihyeon asks: Are English subtitles included?

    • 1. Tony answers: Nope! it does not have English subtitle but the artists speak English
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  • Joseph asks: Does this DVD set explain techniques for getting items into your lap in the first place, items to then be loaded into a cup, for example?

    • 1. Tony answers: It does
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  • Philip asks: Are most lapping techniques able to be done standing with a table servente.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: While it is possible, the techniques taught are mainly done with just your lap in a seated position.
  • Michael asks: Anyone know where to get the type of flexible juggling ball that Yann uses in his routine? I'm looking for something like these (heavier than a sponge ball) but only about 1-1/2 in diameter.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Your best bet is to find a local juggling shop and ask. Something like this is what you might be looking for
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