Five Points In Magic

Book by Juan Tamariz
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Five Points In Magic

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Book by Juan Tamariz (40.00)

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Long out of print and widely sought after, The Five Points in Magic is Juan Tamariz's highly regarded study of the physical and psychological secrets that use the body to fool the mind. He shows in detail how each of these five possessions


can be marshaled to create entertaining and seemingly impossible happenings.

In The Five Points in Magic, Juan Tamariz teaches magicians that it is not the hands alone that deceive, but also the feet, the body, the eyes and the voice. It is only through a full understanding of all five of these tools of nature and communication that the conjurer can spin a complete web of illusion that traps and then transports his audiences into the astonishing realm he has prepared for them.

These five tools are essential and invaluable to the stage conjurer and the close-up magician alike, and they are clearly analyzed and taught by Tamariz from his vantage point of years of successful professional performance in both venues. Tamariz enhances the clarity of his ideas and explanations with solid examples drawn from his own repertoire. As the reader learns seminal principles, he also learns these professional effects and techniques-

  • The Appearing Card on Handkerchief
  • Crossing the Gaz
  • Double Crossing the Gaze
  • The Ribbonspread Force
  • Al's Topper (a book test)
  • Protean Poker
  • Upper Cut (a Tamarisian study of Larry Jennings's 'Coin Cut')

There is no other book that so quickly, efficiently and entertainingly puts into the reader's hands the tools required to raise his performances to a level of true professionalism and draw his audiences into the world of magic.

The text and design of this new edition have been revised to provide added clarity for readers of this valuable modern classic of magic.

Pages 94 - Hardcover


Customer reviews for Five Points In Magic



I enjoyed this book thoroughly. It's been in my library for pretty much since I started my professional career in magic. It's not a book you read once and put it back on the shelf to look pretty. It's a book worthy of study over and over again.

It's a dated book. No doubt about that. Since it was written, there are many more books on the theory of magic but I find the content in the 5 Points In Magic extremely relevant to me in pretty much every single performance, stage or close up. The book is short, yes, but it covers everything it needs to and why waffle on unnecessarily? Short doesn't mean rubbish. It's concise.

This is a book every magician who is serious about bettering their performance needs to have on their shelf.



Wonderful book! Highly recommended!



Everything you have heard about this book is true. Never in so few pages has any book offered the performer so effective a way to improve his or her performance. Some people balk at the price given its physical thinness. If they would buy it and open it they would see that El Maestro Tamariz has manage to squeeze the ocean into a thimble. My advice is, skip the next couple "hot props" that the cool kids are buying and buy this instead. Read it, learn it, apply it and profit.



'Five Points In Magic' is a must have for any fans of the great card wizard, Juan Tamariz. You learn the five points in magic, (Eyes, Voice, Hands, Feet & Body) and a trick at the end of each point.

With it being printed and published by Hermetic Press, you know you're going to get fantastic quality and design in its hardcover binding. Take the dust jacket off and you see yellow boards with Juan Tamariz's signature in metallic blue, with a maroon cloth binding that features blue metallic wording on the spine. It is currently (at time of review) in its fifth printing and this is the printing I received in 2021.

Opening the book, take a moment to enjoy the 'new book smell' and then proceed to read all 94 pages in one sitting. It features the typical wit of Juan Tamariz, as well as many photos and humourous drawings to demonstate the techniques described. At the back are some personal further reading reccomendations from Juan Tamariz, many of which the avid magician will have heard of.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and reccomend it to any fan of Juan Tamariz with a little money burning a hole in their pocket and all magicians that can wait for a sale.



Way too expansive.
I like Juan, really do and I also wanted to like this book.
But this book just feels cheap (but not its price ??), short (about 70 pages) and way way overrated in my opinion.

Organization: It's arranged as a list of bullets and filled with cheap funny hand drawn doodles which, to my opinion, give an overall feeling of a draft of some lecture notes that someone casually took in a lesson.

Almost all of the information I valued can be found in other sources much better explained, with much more details. For example in "Strong Magic" which I highly recommend as well as the theory part in the end of "Card College 2" which is also very good IMO and "Magic and Showmanship".
If you already read them all or plan to read them then I don't see a reason to read this book, plus those books contain many other important magic theory topics that are not covered in this book.

I'm not sure, maybe it was a breakthrough when it came out back than, but today I think we have much better sources with much higher content/price ratio.


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