Juan Tamariz’s Second Lecture

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DVD by Juan Tamariz ($45.00)

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Juan Tamariz’s Second Lecture - magic
Juan Tamariz’s Second Lecture Juan Tamariz’s Second Lecture

One of the great opportunities you have at Vanishing Inc is that we can make specific, helpful suggestions to you. Take Juan Tamariz. Arguably the greatest magician alive, you have lots of options on how to learn from him. 

The best is seeing him live. The next best is this DVD. There is a forthcoming book on his magic that, we’re sure, will be great. But his older books are unavailable (except for the EXCELLENT Five Points in Magic), and his other DVDs are not quite as enjoyable as this one.

This live segment captures Juan at his best: spontaneous (in appearance), funny, captivating, and FULL of great theory. You’ll learn two phenomenal tricks that will fool EVERYONE, but most importantly, you’ll get a GREAT feel for Juan, his magic, and his mind.

More Information:

This is the 2nd lecture for the MacMillan family by world famous card expert Juan Tamariz. In this Juan Tamariz presents a full 100 minutes of entertaining and totally baffling card magic. 

The lecture begins with ‘Four Card Prediction’: This is an excellent effect whereby 4 predictions are written before 4 cards are selected (no force) yet all four predictions match the cards. Next is an extremely entertaining routine entitled ‘Same Trick Twice’: In this Tamariz claims he’ll perform the exact same trick twice (breaking the magicians rules), he then proceeds to do just this accompanied by roars of laughter (you have to watch to see why) and a surprise finish! There are mind blowing versions of ‘Oil & Water’. An excellent ‘Estimation’ effect, during which Tamariz does more than estimate the quantity of cards removed from a shuffled deck, he predicts how many are face up and face down and then proceeds to name each card. ‘Hypnotic Cards’ is a routine where different spectators choose different cards yet all see the same card, then the whole pack is shown to be an entirely different card, blink your eyes and they change to another card, snap your fingers and all 52 cards are back again – watch this and you’ll feel he’s hypnotised you too! Then there’s ‘The Three Coincidences’: A trick involving two spectators with two packs of cards, watch as incredible coincidences take place between them. Finally, he performs ‘Follow The Leader’: With much hilarity, ten red & ten black cards change places one at a time. 

‘Follow The Leader’ & ‘Same Trick Twice’ are both fully explained. But, this is much more than just a performance and explanation of magic, there’s an in-depth teaching on Comedy in Magic. Here Tamariz delves into how to make Comedy, various levels of it and more importantly, when to use it! All this plus details on Theory & Misdirection in Magic. 

An incredible lecture by one of the true masters of Magic, Juan Tamariz.


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  • Dwain asks: on this dvd does Juan explain the ‘The Three Coincidences’ card effect?

    • 1. James answers: That is listed in the description.
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