Bad Luck

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Bad Luck

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Magic download (video) by Juan Tamariz ($8.00)

Juan Tamariz brings us another phenomenal effect. The spectator chooses four cards from a shuffled deck - red are good luck and black are bad. Card after card is turned over and revealed to be black, to the shared chagrin of the magician and the spectator. As the trick culminates, the magician visually changes all the black cards to red, bringing good luck to everyone.

Bad Luck is an excellent example of the importance of presentation and routining. The possibilities for presentation are incredibly diverse, and the potential for intimate audience interaction makes this trick an amazing treat.


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I really enjoyed Juan tamariz effect, love his style and presentation. He really brings you into a journey that's memorable you forget it's a magic trick



Absolutely love this release. Juan goes into great detail and, although it’s not aimed at the beginner, it gives great food for thought for those of us who like to work toward a higher goal in our mastery of the art. This routine fits me to a tee and I’m glad to get the chance to practice this amazing bit of magic.

HIGHLY recommended.

Bad Luck by Juan Tamariz