Mnemonica Miracles

Magic download (video) by Juan Tamariz
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Mnemonica Miracles

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Magic download (video) by Juan Tamariz ($114.00)

The memorized deck has evolved into one of our most powerful principles and Mnemonica, by Juan Tamariz is recognized by many as the most important book on the subject. Shortly after its publication, Juan began a personal project to document some of his favorite effects on video. Using his own cameras he recorded live shows and spent hours revealing the methods, principles and ideas that he uses to turn ingenious card tricks into unforgettable miracles.

These homemade videos are more than just a record of Juan’s thinking on the memorized deck - they are a priceless record of his personal approach to this incredibly powerful principle in magic.

Juan explains over twenty routines complete with essential tips and valuable advice. Juan also includes a volume filled with essential tools for the mem-deck performer.

This represents a treasure trove of secret information. If you have ever wanted to master this principle, it’s easily worth its weight in gold.


Customer reviews for Mnemonica Miracles



This download covers great card magic, with so much of a great variety, that it is so worth putting in the time to learn the mnemonica stack. The more i understand the stack the better it becomes, and its so much fun learning the stack, and so enjoyable to be able to perform this card magic using this stack method. And you really can do any card at any number once you understand this stack, and so much more.
Just wish these routines went along side the mnemonica book, as there is no video index either.
This stack has endless posssbilities. Its Awesome.



This is absolutely amazing all the tricks not to hard not to easy it’s the perfect way to use mnewmonic



This bundle of Juan Tamariz is a must have for people interest whith Mnemonica works. It’s the perfect addition with the book and you can feel how all of those effect are magic. From the end of the master, a peace really important for me in my magic culture !





These videos are fantastic. They helped the pages of mnemonica come to life. The magic that can be done with the mem-deck is absolutely incredible and to have the man that created this stack teaching it is truly a gift. Highly recommended. Imagine reading about an effect that sound impossible in the mnemonica book then being able to see the creator perform it then teach it what a treat I hope they find more of these early recordings.



I purchased the Mnemonica book years ago. I learned the stack, but found some of the routines in the book a bit confusing, or hard to understand. These videos have opened my eyes so much. Many of the routines I remember reading about come to life now. Seeing them performed to a live audience is amazing.

If you are just getting into Mem deck work, any stack, this information is invaluable. I know its pricey, but well worth it.





Great material and quite a bit of it. If you own the Mneumonica book, this is quite useful in understanding how some of the effects actually play in the real world to help you decide if you want to learn them or not. But it is also extremely helpful in helping understand the wide range of affects you can achieve with Mneumonica.


Community questions about Mnemonica Miracles

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  • Troy asks: I have already memorized the mnemonica deck.Do you recommend I purchase the Mneumonica book or the Mneumonica Miracles video?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: If you truly care about using the stack in performance, yes, both are recommended.
  • Michael asks: Are the videos in English?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes they are in English
  • Michael asks: Can I get the stack instructions Mnemonica Miracles on DVD? (instead of a download) Michael H.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You should buy the DVD box set.
  • Bailey asks: Is this download the exact same content as the box set of DVDs?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes
  • Michael asks: Is "Memonica Miracles" stack dependent (Memonica stack only) or can all or some of the materials stack independent and able to be applied to other memorized stacks (like the Aronson stack)?

    • 1. John answers: It is a mixture of both.
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  • Simão asks: Does he explain and teach the mnemonica stack?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: While he doesn't explain the stack, you get so many great routines using it.
  • Miguel asks: Aren’t the original videos in Spanish? Are they dubbed to English or is Tamariz speaking in English? Is there a choice of language for these videos?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: These are all in English and have been re-filled.
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