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Book by Juan Tamariz ($100.00)

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Sonata - magic
Sonata Sonata Sonata Sonata Sonata

One of the most sought-after books is finally available again after years out of print. Sonata influenced generations of magicians and contains some of the finest material Juan Tamariz ever created.

The Vanishing Inc. team is not shy about how much we respect and love Juan Tamariz. We truly believe he is one of the best magicians to ever live. His contributions to magic changed the art forever.

By the time Sonata was released in 1989, Juan Tamariz was already a major celebrity in his home country of Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries. His previous books Five Points in Magic and The Magic Way had also introduced the international magic community to his genius. Building on this foundation, he released Sonata and cemented his place as a true master of magic.

Sonata features many of Juan Tamariz’s most cherished effects. It’s some of the finest card magic we have ever seen. Tons of incredible routines plucked directly from his professional repertoire.

It was first introduced as part of the “Bewitched Music” series that also brought us the groundbreaking Mnemonica. By the time Mnemonica was released though, Sonata had been long out of print. Trying to find a copy on the secondary market for a reasonable price was a nearly impossible task.

That is why we are so thrilled that Sonata is finally back in print. This newly-edited version fixes some errors and omissions from the original while keeping the core ideas the same. You’ll be amazed at how relevant everything in this book is, even all these years later.

The material in Sonata has aged like a fine wine. Today's magicians will love diving into these practical routines and using them to give their audiences a feeling of genuine amazement.

As an added bonus, each book also comes with a reproduction of a fantastic booklet that was originally released alongside Sonata. It’s called The New Mini-Symbolic Method, and it teaches you a system of symbols that was developed by Juan Tamariz to help magicians better read, interpret, and document new tricks.

Any serious magician cannot afford to miss their chance to get a copy of Sonata before it sells out!

271 Pages | Hardcover | Standard Version


Customer reviews for Sonata

VI Monthly


Let's be honest. Books like this deserve to be studied. So when you review them, you can't review the caliber of tricks, insofar as their effect on an audience. But you can review the writing style, the clarity, and the initial impression you have to the cleverness of the thinking. With all that being said, I can say that this is my favorite book of Juan Tamariz's material to date. And I have all of them, except The Magic Rainbow, which I don't intend to read. This book contains the Tamariz Perpendicular Control, some good work on the Mexican Turnover, and some good tricks. I think Tamariz's treatment of the Mexican turnover really exemplifies how his thinking (and thinking like his) can take a quotidian move and elevate it to something that is special. The book is all cards, with the exception of some color changing knife moves. At the end of the day, you know Juan Tamariz, and you know his stuff is good. Indeed, some of this stuff is so good, you might have learned it from others and not have known where it came from. The book's production values are nice - I'd say an 8 out of 10 - with Vanishing Inc. setting the standard for what a "10" looks like. The book has clear instruction and clear, but not artistic, line drawings. Respectfully, the price tag is too high. It is a $65 book, but I assume the publishers justify the price tag because 1) Tamariz's reputations and 2) Sonata's hard-to-find status prior to this reprint. Overall, I knew what I was purchasing, so I can't complain about the price. But other than those two enumerated things, there is nothing to justify the price tag. Those interested in Tamariz's work won't mind.

VI Monthly


This is one of the best books in magic that needs to be studied because when you purchase something by Juan Tamariz you just know it is going to be very good and this is no exception I have had a look at a few of the tricks so far and two that stand out for me are total coincidence and neither blind nor silly and I really like his work on the perpendicular control which has many applications so if you are a fan of Juan then this is a must buy highly recommended.


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  • Mark asks: Hi VI Team Is this book mainly mem deck work Thanks Mark

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: No, there is plenty of non mem deck work in this book.
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